Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 289: Holy Water Palace

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Chapter 289: Holy Water Palace

"What's the meaning of this?" Liang Yu asked.

"Think about it, do you honestly believe that this test was fair?" I told her.

She didn't seem to be able to pick up on what I was saying, so I had to explain it, loudly.

"This test, is basically a test of luck, taking opportunity and wits, the cultivators who realized the essence of the test were smart enough to get other cultivators to give them their Pieces of Information just as they got into the prison, and then they snitched making sure of their own survival and victory…"

"The luck part is whether you're lucky enough to be a guard or prisoner. A guard basically had to do nothing but capture a few prisoners who couldn't fight back, and they'll be able to succeed in clearing the test. It wouldn't require much effort to do that, especially if the guards work together," I added.

And finally, "Wits, which is the hardest part, is if you're slow on taking opportunities, or unlucky to be a guard. You have to use your head to get out of this scenario, but wits, in a situation where everything is against you, is rather hard to pull off," I said.

"But we did pull it off," Liang Yu said.

"Well, we did, but that doesn't mean that everyone else will," I said as I pointed, "Not a single prisoner group had succeeded and only those who did were snitches," I said. 

Soon, more portals appeared and all of them without an exception were guard groups.

The attention on our group began increasing bit by bit, and it was nothing but a matter of fact, we did something that none of them were capable of. And this is bound to bring some annoyance towards us in the near future.

Several hours later, as we waited in the open field, the last group came out, and once again it was a group of guards.

My eyes however were peeled for one person, the same sc.u.mbag that snitched and made our test a pain in the a.s.s. I couldn't find him anywhere nearby, so he probably has some brains when he decided it was best to leave the place.

But I don't forget nor forgive such treacherous b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. They think of their own selfish needs first and foremost before even doing the slightest attempt at helping out. Greedy and selfish p.r.i.c.ks are worth not even the value of dirt.

"With the last group here, I'm glad to declare that all three hundred of you have managed to succeed in the test," the man in purple said. as he, once again, appeared out of thin air.

He seems to be enjoying this ability a tad too much.

"Now, usually there would be a ceremony and some awards for all partic.i.p.ants, but not this time, you'll all get a week of rest before the start of the next and final trial to join the Heavenly Academy, rest well, and make sure you're prepared for your worst fears," the man said and disappeared leaving an empty feeling of futile achievement after all these tests.

"Shen Bao," spoke Liang Yu, "What are you planning on doing right now?" she asked.

"You're not bothered by what that man just said?" I asked her.

"Oh, yeah, it's always like this every Heavenly Academy trial, the last test isn't something we should bother with worrying about, it's going to be something new, like every time, so might as well not dwell on it. Anyway, about your…people," she said.

"Oh, right, let's leave this area for now, how about we talk over a drink?" I asked.

"I'd like that," she said, blus.h.i.+ng even.

Did she think that I was inviting her on a date or something? I was just craving some alcohol.

I shook my head, old man, you're too old for someone like her, get your s.h.i.+t together and worry about the people of Lucid Springs.

The two of us left the group and we headed back towards a city in the distance. We flew using our Qi and got to Black City in no time.

Once we got in, the two of us headed to a small inn where they served food and alcohol.

The taste wasn't as good as in Chun Lun Lang Xi knew the stuff he drank, and now I wonder what that guy is doing. He basically financed this whole Heavenly Academy Entry, and he is nowhere to be seen. But I doubt he'll make it all the way to Black City.

The two of us sat in front of each other and had our fill, and after a few drinks, she spoke first.

"So, can I ask, what is up with the people with you, I mean it's not illegal to have people from outside the planet over, but its frowned upon, even if they're mortals," she said.

"I have my own reasons, but let's just say, they no longer have a home to return to," I said.

"Right, like I mentioned before, I have a fiefdom under me, I can have them stay there, and as long as they make no trouble no one is going to bother them, especially since they're mortals, cultivators are forbidden from harming or interfering with their lives," she said.

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"Good to hear, so when are you heading to the Holy Water Palace?" I asked.

The two of us walked through the gate, finding ourselves in a large tunnel of light that seemed as if it was zooming under us.

There were a lot of laws within this tunnel, and I could see most of them, a highly compact formation of spatial laws that would allow the literal folding of s.p.a.ce. This wasn't physical displacement or teleportation per se, but more a tunnel that linked two points in s.p.a.ce together. We weren't the ones that moved, but rather the s.p.a.ce itself was folded to allow us access to another point in it. It was an interesting concept.

As I was amazed by the law lines all over the tunnel, the journey ended before I could grasp fully how this tunnel works and we appeared in a ma.s.sive open prairie where the mere air in it was so refres.h.i.+ng one could feel rejuvenated by just breathing it.

Looking around, I could see a dozen or so high white peak mountains all over the area. A calm river that seemed to slither through the terrain and a lot of fruit trees all over the place.

The clouds seemed to hang low and the air was slightly light. We were higher than the sea level.

"Nice place," I said as I looked around.

"This is basically the front garden," Liang Yu said, "Let's get to my place first, I have a few matters to tend to, and we'll get your people settled first," she said.

"Right then," just as I was about to ask her about the means of transportation, something shrieked in the skies.

Looking above, a giant eagle swooped by, coming towards us at incredible speed.

I readied up for an incoming fight, before Liang Yu moved forward, a wide smile on her face.

The eagle soon came down and stopped right in front of her, it cooed as it snuggled its ma.s.sive head, rubbing it against Liang Yu.

"Xiao Xiao, how have you been," Liang Yu spoke to the animal and it seemed to understand her as it squeaked back.

"This will be our ride," Liang Yu said, "Hop in."

She then jumped on the back of the eagle and I followed after.

The majestic bird swung its wings and we all flew through the clouds.

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