Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 278: Twist

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Chapter 278: Twist

We shot over the flowing lava-like a comet, leaving a trail behind us.

The pod I was on was designed for one thing and one thing only, Speed.

It was fast incredibly so and was on the cusp of breaking the speed norms of Qi and reaching Saint Qi.

But the threshold and difference between the Qi from regular crystals and Saint crystal is both a quant.i.tative and qualitative change. The speed I gained now is probably at least three times faster than before. And we were zooming the f.u.c.k off.

For a wyvern to think that it could reach us, was nothing but a hopeful dream. As we flew past them like lightning bolts.

Soon we arrived to the entrance of the first red zone, far back, and I slowed down.

"You're seriously taking that path? It's full of high-tier beasts, and we won't have the flags even if we reach the end," she said.

"Don't worry about that, we'll not use our own flags," I said as I twisted the pods and then stomped the accelerator again.

We flew into a separate area, a direct path to the Black City, bypa.s.sing all and every red city that we should go through.

As we flew forward, I was surprised to see several pods of several cultivators along our path, they too were desperate, however, my speed left them all in the dust.

It didn't take long before we encountered the first hurdle.

This path wasn't a valley but was an open field with incredibly wide swaths of burning land.

The ground was cracked and broken, full of magmatic and lava currents.

While the skies had drakes, and these things were far stronger than wyverns.

We were noticed, but they won't be able to catch up to us.

The drakes hunted after us but there was no way they'll reach us in time. Soon, the front of our pods began reddening, from the acc.u.mulated heat and our speed.

I then used my own Veridian Flame to cover our pods, and we looked like a flying green fireball that was shooting through s.p.a.ce.

"There is a pouch next to you, grab the Top Grade Spirit Stones in it and replace the cracked ones on your panel", I said.

Liang Yu understood and began doing as asked.

This way we won't lose speed, but at the same time, our current consumption of Top Grade Spirit Stones was heavy, I should have enough to arrive at the final city, but I'm sure that the pod will be in catastrophic shape.

This wasn't the issue, however, as long as we arrive.

Our flight continued, among the many beasts that rose up from under the ground, and the beasts that flew from the skies, but we were fast, too d.a.m.n fast for them to do anything.

My greatest worry was the explosive torrents of magma that rose up without prior notice, and I had a couple of close calls that made my own pale face paler and almost caused Liang Yu to faint from fright.

However, we kept moving, we kept increasing our speed and decreasing our distance to the end game.

Several creatures, of great size, scaled bats came at us, but with a spin of the steering wheel, my pod began spiraling forward dodging them acrobatically but at the same time dangerously.

We came out unscathed thankfully.

Soon, we arrived to a new area, it was a ma.s.sive volcano area where we had to cross right through a falling lavafall.

The path forward needed us to cross right through the lavafall as it was a long large cave inside that will allow us entry and exit from the other side of the mountain. It was pretty similar to the ice mountain area, but I decided against entering.

I can't control the pods as accurately as I did before in the ice mountain since this pod was too fast to be able to drift around, so I took the longer route.

Going to the side of the mountain. With my current speed, it would be irrelevant for us to go right through the mountain as we will only lose time there since we'll have to slow down. But here in the open, I'm the king of speed.

We blasted through all and everything in our way, and with such a ma.s.sive Qi signature we alerted everything to our arrival, but nothing could stop or chase after us.

"Shen Bao, you're a crazy man!" she said.

"The Crazy man is getting us to the finish line, keep a watch on the stones!" I said as I maneuvered difficultly through several ridges that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

But once we went past them, I sent my divine sense and had to gulp, those weren't some ridges, but it was the back of a turtle that had an incredible size.

The turtle noticed us but soon decided to ignore us, something of that size would have probably had the ability to eradicate us if it wanted to.

Sooner than I expected, the magmatic areas seemed to be lessening more and more.

Which caught me by surprise.

"Can you locate our position on the map?" I asked as I kept moving forward.

"Right, one moment," she said.

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Then soon, "Oh my G.o.d," she said.

Just as the pod owner was about to change direction, the information I had set up sprung up to action.

A ma.s.sive wall of laws shot from the ground and began wrapping around the three pods. It wasn't meant to destroy his pod, but to do something else completely different.

The speed of their pods began decreasing incredibly so it was as if their speed was irrelevant against the law lines.

I was actually not slowing them down, but removing all friction and negating the pus.h.i.+ng power from his pod. The first of the cultivators who shouted in my ears, cursed and then somehow managed to rip through the laws I made.

The other two, however, weren't as lucky.

He flew forward towards the city.

But I didn't care much.

I flew towards the other trapped cultivators and busted through their pods breaking them.

Then spat a large quant.i.ty of Breath Sealing Qi, causing their entire cultivation base to collapse. They were no stronger than toddlers without their Qi and then s.n.a.t.c.hed both their bags.

I didn't take anything but the flags and left towards my own pod.

"You know that you'll be putting us in a lot of trouble, do you know who that guy was?" she said.

"I don't really care, it was his crew that ambushed me, I'm only repaying the favor," I said, "Then how about we get to first place?"

"First place? Even with your speed, I think we won't make it, he is already almost at the end." She said.

"Trust me on this," I said then we both entered the pod, "Brace up, this is going to be fun," I said and then pressed once, twice, and thrice on the accelerator.

This was an option I added, not only will it exhaust the crystals, it will completely suck them dry for one single push.

The pod rattled then blasted off like a meteor, shooting forward at incredible speed my head was stuck to the back of my seat on the pod.

The pods creaked and began tearing, rattling against the air but they still shot forward.

Parts began ripping from the pods from the incredible speed, and a moment before the cultivator at the front was even able to go through the finish line.

We flew past him leaving him shocked and stunned at the blast of speed that surpa.s.sed him.

We came in first!

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