Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 270: Soul Harvest

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Chapter 270: Soul Harvest

  A moment before I could even withdraw my divine sense, I heard.

"Idiot! Now you'll just die!" she spoke, and then took off.

Huh, that's not how you should thank someone who saved your life…

While I was desperately drawing my divine sense in case I would pull something even worse than the c.r.a.p I already called, many ghosts had already arrived at my pod.

One, two, ten, and hundreds, of ghosts, began funneling right into my body. As if I was a sink sucking in all the unwholesome evilness of the world to me.

My current predicament was visible to many cultivators who pa.s.sed me by, thankful for my 'idiocy' at pulling the aggro of almost every unholy creature in this area.

Cold sweat drenched my body as I was spasming like I was in the middle of a seizure.

My consciousness was pulled into my sea of consciousness were the same fog from outside began manifesting within my sea of consciousness.

What would happen would be easy to predict if this was a normal situation.

The ghosts will infest this sea of consciousness and only the strongest will take control and possess this body. And eventually, eject or consume all the weak ghosts here.

From what I've sensed due to the divine sense from earlier, I could already guess who the strongest soul was here. It would be the low tier earth dragon. However he has yet to enter here, and is still on his way.

For someone with such a big soul power, it would be a shame to invite him here where it's still too shabby looking. I mean a good guest needs a clean guest room, right?

And thus, my soul, no, my Nascent Soul began work.

A wide grin spread across my ethereal mini-me and it dove after the ghosts that wanted to eat it.

Prey became a hunter, and the ghosts that wanted to consume the Nascent Soul were surprised by the opposite happening.

My Nascent Soul opened its mouth wide and chomped on the closest ghost, consuming it in a single bite.

Then it went after the second. Third and fourth.

It didn't take much time for the rest of the trapped ghosts to realize that they have been actually led into a trap.

And thus, a ma.s.sacre was issued with a single preparator and thousands of victims.

There was a traditional saying I heard when I was back on earth. Entering a Public Bath isn't the same as leaving it. It might sound corny, but it is a perfect scenario here.

You don't enter a situation like this and expect to leave the same. Here, in a world where I am basically G.o.d, all that enters is at my mercy, and for ghosts that want to possess me, my mercy is found lacking.

Death, a true death happened upon anything that my Nascent Soul laid eyes on. And as a bonus, the wounds on it healed up, and retrospectively, my physical and spiritual wounds were healing at an incredibly rapid pace.

It came to me at first, that I was doing the same thing I did before with the Half Step Ascendant Cultivator, however, I realized a big difference immediately.

Then, I tried to consume his Qi, his spiritual energy, something that I, as a vessel, a lowly Nascent Soul was incredibly unfit to consume.

I suffered major vessel and bodily damage. My spiritual veins and Poison Meridians received incredible damage from trying to take his Qi. It was so unbearable that my Nascent Soul bloated and almost blew up.

A Nascent Soul uses Qi to grow, however, at the end of the day, it is a 'Soul' so the best nutrition to it isn't Qi, but Souls themselves.

And here, I could have a feast.

Yet, wouldn't I blow up the same as before from trying to take too much?

The answer was clear as day.


For some unknown reason, my Soul Power, something completely different than Nascent Soul, was absurdly powerful.

I don't know why, nor do I completely understand the reason. But it was the same thing that enabled me to leave the Domain of Zhang Tian, the son of one of the four kings, a power beyond power, someone who can decimate entire planets with his mere divine sense.

And I didn't even struggle to leave his domain, all thanks to my stupidly overpowered Soul Power.

Where does it come from? I have not a single clue. However, what I do know is. My Soul Power is so broken, that I'll never be possessed, no. More like, I cannot be possessed. Perhaps it is something I gained when I transmigrated or reincarnated here in this world. But it is here with me.

And for this very reason, my Nascent Soul was eating the souls of the ghosts and growing incredibly strong at a disgustingly fast pace.

My body's condition began turning for the better at every pa.s.sing moment. And the souls that were entering my body couldn't leave, whatever that came only died forever.

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And then just as the whole area was cleared out of ghosts, something powerful managed to shove itself into my body.

The majesty of a dragon, oh, so easily broken thanks to a soul.

Immediately after the dragon was consumed. My nascent soul seemed to writhe in pain.

This was a bit strange, but immediately afterward I realized why it didn't pain from consuming the souls. But evolution.

Something that I had absolutely no idea about how it happened or why it is happening. My Nascent Soul began gaining a different attribute. At first, it was subtle, the eyes and the tongue were a clear giveaway. But now it was obvious.

The skin on the Soul, if that is even a possible thing to have, began turning to scales.

My Nascent Soul was transforming, and for some reason, I didn't like it.

The pain it was suffering was so much that even my own overpowered soul power began feeling it.

What the f.u.c.k is going on? I panicked.

However, I didn't need to worry much, as immediately afterward the Nascent Soul took a deep breath and the scales on it subsided. Leaving it back to the way it was earlier.

The Serpentinian eyes were still there, but there were no scales. And now, no more wounds. The soul floated up and went all the way to the main tower of the city, the sat on the 'throne'.

It closed its eyes and entered meditation, to digest all the souls it has eaten.

I opened my eye back in my pod. And anywhere I looked, was empty, not even the fog remained.

There were no more souls around me. However, I didn't take in all of them, in the distance away from me there was still fog. I apparently consumed all the souls that my divine sense had been able to pull in, it was however nothing but a drop in the bucket for this region. Thankfully I didn't take in more than necessary, not for the fact that I couldn't consume it all, but it would be very suspicious if no more souls remain here in this testing area.

I then took my pod and dove forward.

I apparently lost more time here than I should have. Which sucks but it's good I gained some benefits.

After all, my wounds have completely healed up and I was overflowing with energy.

I replaced the almost broken Top Grade Spirit stone and flew forward.

I needed to gain more time, and the best spot to do so is right after this region. Once I hit the Poison Swamps, I'll be in a more comfortable situation.

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