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Chapter 259: Objective

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Chapter 259: Objective

We headed to the main hall of the current City Lord's manor and found a ma.s.sive table where many people from all around the city, the top bra.s.s, workers, and craftsmen waited patiently for me.

There was an empty seat at the other end of the table, which was clearly set for me. Seeing that Wu Fan had calmly taken the seat to my right and Wu Di took the one to my left.

I walked in and sat on my chair and waited for Wu Fan to speak.

"Thank you all for gathering here today. I'm sure you all know who this man is, but just as a reminder. Shen Bao, more than a century and a decade ago had arrived at Lucid Springs town. And in a few months turned it upside down." Wu Fan said and began retelling details of days long gone.

"Though the disappearance of Lord Shen Bao had been too sudden, it was thanks to him that we still managed to thrive for years to come, and when we were facing calamity, Lord Shen Bao came back and helped us thirty years ago. He saved our ailing city, and carried it in its entirety to this heaven-like place." Wu Fan spoke with pride in his eyes.

"We have lived in peace for a long while, our bodies grew accustomed to this magnificent place and we managed to gain longevity and power no mortal should have." Wu Fan said.

This elected a few cheerful cheers from the people sitting here.

"But this banquet here isn't just to praise our lord Shen Bao. Because all good things must come to an end." Wu Fan said.

Which made me frown, what is he talking about.

The words that Wu Fan had spoken however elicited a few disgruntle whispering.

"Calm down. We have lived here for a long while, we have taken advantage of a world that wasn't ours, and what did we do in return? Nothing. As I come to understand, Lord Shen Bao is going on a journey, and us, as guests have long since overstayed our due…"

"What do you mean, city lord?" asked a man who seemed to be the most well-dressed person in the room. From head to toe, he was dressed in high-quality fabric, jewelry all over him, and wore more rings than any person should have on his fingers.

"To be completely blunt, it is time for us to leave." Wu Fan said.

Hmm, this will make things simpler.

"What do you mean leave? We have done nothing wrong to be evicted, Lord Shen Bao, if you wish I could even remunerate you for having my family stay here, if it's a matter of 'rent' I'm more than certain I can pay you for it!" the man dressed as a n.o.ble spoke.

"Quiet Han Yul!" the City Lord said.

"Do you honestly believe, that what you have to offer is of any value to the lord? All you own is from the Lord's own lands, riches!  In fact, even the clothes and gold you're wearing is technically the lord's so are you that dense to think you can pay the lord with his own money?!" Wu Fan spoke, with utter dejection.

This was enough for the man to quiet down, as he began realizing the truth about this place.

"Wait," I spoke.

"It is not that I want to evict you because I want the place back, if it was just that this wouldn't have been a problem. I'm letting you leave because the place I'm going…even I can't guarantee my own survival. And if I were to die, or something happen to me, whoever obtains the token will take it, and what do you think a cultivator will do with a bunch of mortals?" I asked.

"Wait, what do you mean? Where is the lord going?" asked another person.

"I'm going to the Southern Domain," I spoke.

The words were confusing to them. But then I explained.

"The Black Tower had put a bounty on my head, if I were to be discovered I will be executed. Not only that, the reason why the planet of Si Xue was a.s.saulted was the Fire King, a ruler among the four rulers of the Vast Expanse. Me and him…we have an enmity between us that can only be resolved with the death of one of us." I said.

The words I spoke were heavy, and I was about to make them heavier.

"The Fire King, in order to slap the Face of the Wind King had decided that the whole planet we lived in to be enslaved, just because I saved the Wind King's son's life. For kings, the destruction of a planet is not worth mentioning, we're of less value than the pebbles the king walks on." I said.

"But… why does the Lord wish to fight the Fire King? If what you spoke was true, and the Fire King is a ruler of an entire domain, doesn't that mean that he is pretty strong? Isn't this suicide to attempt to get your revenge on someone that can rule over a part of the galaxy?!" the merchant spoke.

I snorted.

"So what? So what if he is a ruler? What if he is at a stage that is so absurdly high that even Ascendants have to tremble in fear and terror at the mere mention of his name? So what?" I spoke.

"He was the reason for the destruction of my sect. The reason for the destruction of people I cared for, for people that risked their lives for me, for people who suffered indescribable torture and didn't speak or reveal my name to anyone. You think I'll just give them up? No. I'll grow strong, strong enough to be a threat to a ruler. And I will bring him under my foot. However, the chances of me succeeding in doing so are minuscule and close to impossible," I said.

I then drank a toast.

"For those who have treated me right, I drink," I spoke.

And the rest followed me.

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But I felt that I needed to add something else.

"Ah…I didn't want to ask, but why didn't she come over? I'm sure she knows I'm here," I asked.

"You can be pretty dense sometimes Shen Bao," Xiao Lang spoke as he was munching over a piece of meat.

The words he spoke, were pretty 'blasphemous' for the people around him. And it caused many shocked reactions to hear someone calling me dense.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, anyone could have easily realized that Yuzehan had a thing for you, but you went away for a long time, she couldn't wait. So…she settled for the next best thing." Xiao Lang said.

"Saying it like that is pretty hurtful you know," Wu Di said jokingly.

"Welp, it's the truth. So, her not wanting to see you is pretty obvious, she doesn't want to spark something that took her thirty years to snuff. Woman stuff, you know." Xiao Lang said.

"Euh… I don't know, but still, congratulations. Wu Di. Also, this might be late, but here is a wedding gift, I said as I handed Wu Di a pouch for his eyes alone.

There wasn't much in it… at least for me.

But the reaction on Wu Di's eyes after he realized the content, the pills, and the manuals inside.


"Yeah, use that to rebuild your sect," I said and then drank another toast for Wu Di and stood up.

"I'll have to leave now, I'll steer the board towards the nearest planet. And once we arrive, we'll part ways once again. If fate brings us together again, we'll celebrate once again," I said.

The atmosphere turned drearier.

But Wu Di stood up and said, "G.o.dspeed Shen Bao. I'll make sure to treat Hwa'er well. Though I wanted to take her in as a disciple, I don't think my cultivation is suitable for her. But with the manuals you gave her, I'll make sure to guide her properly." He said.

"Good, I'll leave her in your care. If I ever am able to come back, I'll find you guys again. For now… good bye." I said, then teleported away from the city and out back into s.p.a.ce.

Looking at the familiar scenery, and matching it to some of the spatial maps I have memorized I was able to find the direction I needed to head to. And so, I pressed the pedestal and the hoverboard bore through s.p.a.ce with magnificent speed.

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