Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 254: Resolve

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Chapter 254: Resolve

We managed to escape the camp relatively safely, as the longer, it took for the Fire King's cultivators to catch up to us, the more the now released prisoners are able to gather their Qi and would be more able to protect themselves.

However, things weren't looking too good for Si Xue.

It was a simple factor that I didn't take into account from the first moment this whole thing started.

Where are the cultivators at the Formation and Transformation stages?

I've barely seen any one of them, and those are apparently the bulk of this invasion force.

The weakest I've seen were Nascent Souls, and the strongest was half-step ascendants, and from the rumors at the camps, every slave camp has one half-step ascendant protecting it.

We got extremely lucky here since we managed to escape, it was all thanks to the fact that I cannot be affected by domain for some reason, if he continued using his regular spells I would have never been able to find an opportunity to get closer.

Even after all the damage I've dealt with him, he didn't die, though he looked close to it, it was far from enough to take him out. 

And that was just one.

the whole of the planet Si Xue has only three half-step ascendants. While for the enemy forces the reports speak of double-digit.

It's impossible to survive a full-on a.s.sault, there is no ifs and perhaps, it's clear fact. There is no way this G.o.d-forsaken planet can survive the upcoming trial.

I popped a few pills to help regulate the turbulent Qi in my body, but it was clearly not enough to get healed up in a short time.

That cultivator did a number on me, and I'm lucky to have survived. But luck will one day run out, and I can't have it running out on me while I'm still on this planet.

Soon I arrived to the perimeters of the city we left off from.

Many cultivators were in bad shape, they got healed up using pills and herbs.

I looked around until I found Wu Di and Xiao Lang, both sitting behind Yuzehan pouring their Qi into her back to help her regulate her own Qi.

I waited for them to finish before I looked at the three saying, "What are you going to do from now on?" I asked.

"Who is that?" Yuzehan asked.

"Take a guess," Xiao Lang said.

Yuzehan took a closer look at my monstrous-looking form and said as her eyes beamed with joy, "Uncle Shen-" but her mouth was immediately locked from finis.h.i.+ng the sentence by Wu Di.

"Good guess, but think before you speak someone's name out loud…" Wu Di said."

Finally, having recognized the fact that she almost exposed a 'fugitive' from the Black Tower, she quieted down.

"Anyway, I've already spoken to them about your offer. Though it feels wrong leaving everyone here, we have to do what we have to do…" suddenly as he finished his words.

Something felt different, and the whole d.a.m.n world felt as if it was shaking.

Looking at the distance, the top of the black tower had smoke rising from it then the shuttle surged up in the skies.

Even more, shuttles began moving away from all over us.

"s.h.i.+t… it already began," I said.

The look of the cultivators around us was affixed on the shuttles before they finally began realizing what happened.

The black tower had decided that the fate of this planet is doomed and there was no need for them to stay any longer.

The cultivators realizing what was happening all began panicking and most of the ones capable of flight surged up to the skies trying to follow after the shuttles.

But it wasn't that easy.

Hundreds of thousands of cultivators began pouring down the skies like rain.

And then a slaughter began.

"Get in," I said as I used the Lord of Lords paG.o.da token and warped all three of them inside.

I can't headfirst into the skies now, not with so many cultivators coming down at once.

I turned and flew away from the city, with my bones in such a bad shape I couldn't muster much strength to fight not in this condition, I needed to dip out of here.

Soon the first crash happened and the incoming cultivator mowed the weak cultivators to the ground. All that hard work saving them went to waste when this s.h.i.+t happened.


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I continued moving until I arrived at a creva.s.se that led deep into the ground.

I guess it's time I leave, even if I'm not fully healed, I should be strong enough to drive the hoverboard. Hopefully.

"Right now," the automaton said, "The Fire King's army is too focused on creating the formation, if you manage to escape while they're still finalizing it, they won't have the opportunity to stop you."

"Right, it's time to leave then," I said as I disabled the formation blocking divine sense.

I then flew up from the creva.s.se and headed into the high skies.

I sadly couldn't find anything about Meng Hao even when I sent people to ask about him, but I doubt he'll die. Not with his aura.

For now, I need to leave.

It's sad that I can't do much to help here, and it feels sc.u.mmy to leave everyone and escape myself, but it is the only way to survive.

There is no way I can fight against people who are far higher in cultivation level than me. I've been shown how much I'm lacking, and I've been shown how outcla.s.sed I am.

I have to work a hundred times harder to become stronger. 

Tools and trinkets are pretty powerful in stopping weak opponents, however, explosive canisters won't do much damage to a truly powerful cultivator, like Master Rain.

Anything I had was nothing but a joke compared to his power, unless I'm as powerful if not more, I won't feel satisfied.

Now, we leave this planet. And once I have enough power, I'll make sure to pay a few people back, ten…no a hundred folds more.

I hate being oppressed…

Never again, never will I be oppressed again like in that cave, this is a vow I vow to myself not the heavens. 

I looked up at the skies and saw ma.s.sive red inscriptions materializing in front of me.

A stench like nothing I've ever smelled before a.s.saulted my nose.

It was coming from far up high in s.p.a.ce, from pots of incense that a lot of cultivators were carrying.

I've been noticed, but it's okay, most of the cultivators were to busy chanting s.h.i.+t to intercept me. However, those people chanting weren't the only ones outside as a group of cultivators noticed me and came rus.h.i.+ng towards me.

'Never be oppressed, never again!" I grinned as I dashed towards them with even faster speed.

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