Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 253: Stunt

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Chapter 253: Stunt

Soon after the domineering voice spoke up and old man in full black robes appeared in the skies above the camp. He looked around and then sent a palm swing forward into empty air.

The impact from that simple-looking palm strike into the empty air was soon revealed, as the entire top of a mountain got immediately decimated as a palm print attack shot through it razing it to the ground.

The blow was so mind-bogglingly powerful that I envied it. It was a single swing, a single attack and the power behind it was more powerful than my strongest explosive weapon.

Though to be completely fair, this man was clearly at the half ascendant stage. So his power was to be expected.

However, a part of me wanted something like that. Most of my skills and spells are strong, but they're only strong against the weak, this man's palm was enough to decimate what I personally would have had a hard time destroying.

However, as long as he breaths…

Suddenly the man gripped his chest, and spat a mouthful of blood.

"Poison?" he wondered as he looked at the blood on his palm.

"POISON CULTIVATOR!" the man spoke and immediately the camp went into an uproar. The cultivators suddenly began sending their divine sense everywhere to scan the area and perhaps detect the poison that I had already released in the camp.

But that'll only work in my favor, as immediately many cultivators began suffocating.

I was mainly using a Breath Sealing poison, and it would work wonderfully soon…

"Stop using your Qi!" the old man said.

But it was too late for the majority of the cultivators, him included.

The breath Sealing Poison has already invaded their bodies, and now was the time to go into the second part of the plan.

I exhaled then opened my mouth as wide as possible then sucked in the rest of the Breath Sealing Poison.

This immediately revealed the preparator of this attack and most cultivators that noticed me doing so, went for the a.s.sault.

However, with the breath-sealing poison already integrated into their bodies, they were no stronger than a toddler trying to take down an adult.

  A ma.s.sacre began as I began cutting through the enemy with a sword, gun, and more poison.

The cultivators trapped in the camps had already figured out everything and were actively meditating trying to gather as much Qi as possible.

"Wu Di, Xiao! Back me up!" I called and then jumped up towards the old man.

With the ma.s.sive cultivation difference and the absence of Y, it would be nothing but suicide trying to attack a half-step ascendant.

However, with the Breath Sealing Poison acting up, I have a slight chance, not at killing him, that's not even close to possible. But a chance to make this whole cl.u.s.terf.u.c.k of a plan work.

I headed as fast as I could towards the coughing cultivator and tried to land a palm strike at him, with the White Plague hand active, a single touch will incapacitate, or outright take him out if I'm lucky.

But I was soon proven extremely wrong.

"YOU DARE!" the old man spoke and raised his leg up then stomped down.

A ma.s.sive ethereal foot manifested from the skies high above and was about to crush me down.

I took another deep breath and spat even more Breath Sealing Poison, causing the already shaky looking foot to tremble and lost potency as the impact of the Breath Sealing Poison was capable of highly disrupting Qi however, the blow still connected, and I was stuck into the ground with more force to kill a man a hundred times over. As the very ground around me broke.

However, my bones didn't break, yet it felt like they did.

The body of a cultivator is far st.u.r.dier than that of a mortal, and it can take a beating, however, the pain is still there, and this blow was enough to eject the breath out of my lungs for a long moment.

The cultivator, once again coughed more blood as he realized that using Qi will further hamper his ability at using Qi.

I stood up, popped healing… more like a poison pill to replenish and then jumped up forward.

The old man, realizing that I wasn't easy to kill scuffed.

"You vile poison cultivator!" he spoke then swung his hands around him as I could see the Yin Yang symbol manifesting in front of him then he spoke.

"BE HONORED! For you shall see a domain like never before! Be honored to die at the hands of the great Yun Ougwai" he said.

"Ying Yang! World's Truth!"

Suddenly the world itself turned gray, a mix of black and white where I was trapped standing in the middle of a ma.s.sive Yin Yang symbol on the ground.

The half ascendant cultivator hovered in the skies high above and behind him three Tomoe symbols appeared rotating slowly.

"WHAT LIVES DIES!" he spoke, and immediately I felt my soul about to be wrenched out of my body.

The old man snorted as he looked at me, with my soul about to leave my body.

"It is your greatest fortune in life to see this before you die, now perish for you have tried to eat more than you could chew!"

However… I'm a cheat.

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I smiled then closed my eyes, immediately, afterward I opened them and I was back in the real world.

The trapped cultivators, with more qi than before, were finally able to move, and they didn't even miss a chance to escape.

Most flew in the skies in different directions away from the weakened cultivators and the rest who could fly were aided by those who could.

The sudden split of the captured cultivators threw everything in chaos and the old man, wanting to capture them again made a hand grasping motion.

A ma.s.sive hand appeared from the skies attempting to grab the runaway cultivators, yet the poison I had spat out earlier was more than enough to disrupt it, not to mention with all the poison already desperately trying to infiltrate into the cultivator's body it was close to impossible to capture them, and as the icing on the cake.

I made a two-finger hand sign and spoke, "Explode!" 

Immediately, the cultivator realized that something was wrong when heat began surging into his chest as he finally realized that there was a talisman placed there from when I connected the White Plague Palm with him.

The explosion would have been easily managed if he was still in top shape, yet now, it was more than enough to blast him off from the air.

With the cultivators running away, Wu Di spoke, "Shen Bao! Where are you!" he called out.

"Just leave! Don't worry about me!" I called.

I was still stuck in the d.a.m.n mountainside and was barely able to pull myself out. And just as I went out, realizing that most of the camp had already escaped, I knew it was my turn to dip, because the breath Sealing Poison will not be working for long and the cultivators here will regain their ability soon.

Many cultivators moved my way, though blood spilled from their orifices they still moved towards me, vengeance in their eyes.

I on the other hand was panicking, because the repercussions of doing such a stupid stunt of trying to eat up a half step ascendant's Qi began a nasty kickback, and my Qi reserves seem to deplete rapidly, it was like my nascent soul, for having absorbed so much in such a little time transformed from a bucket to a net, and everything was now leaking.

I couldn't even harness the energy to escape anymore.

"f.u.c.k…" I muttered as pain from my broken ribs became more and more glaring.

"Catch him!" one of the cultivators said and the group went toward me like an angry mob with pitchfork and vengeance painted through their eyes.

I'm f.u.c.ked…

Suddenly, loud explosions in front of me surged up, killing and decimating most of the approaching cultivators.

"Lord!" spoke X, as he flew in.

He grabbed me from under my shoulder and flew up releasing even more canisters that exploded in his wake.

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