Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 251: Friends in need

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Chapter 251: Friends in need

The group looked at me unable to fully discern the meaning behind my words but I still further explained.

"I have a few friends battling somewhere unknown to me, and I thought I could find their location to go and a.s.sist them in the battle," I said.

"You can ask the Black Tower, they should have more information regarding the whereabouts of cultivators, though wouldn't it be very hard to get them, I mean you could easily be confounded to be a spy wanting to know the location of a specific person for a.s.sa.s.sination." The closest cultivator said.

Before I could reply another answered in my stead. "Do you really think that the highest contributor to this war will be a spy? He singlehandedly killed more than our group combined and has more points ahead of the second place that I would be a miracle if the second place could catch up, think before you speak!" the cultivator said.

"We can help you find your friends if you wish," the cultivator added.

"That won't be necessary, I'll just need information regarding their location. Would you do me the favor of obtaining that information for me?" I asked. "I still have a few other places to visit."

"Okay, I was heading to the black tower anyway," the cultivator said.

I then handed him a jade with the name and profile of each of the people I'm looking for and left while saying, "I'll patrol around the area, in case more cultivators are hidden close. Just send me a jade once you have what I'm looking for," I said.

"Will do." The cultivator said and then he went in a different direction from where I headed.

I didn't necessarily need to patrol, as there will most definitely not be anyone nearby since we chased off the scouting party, but I needed to leave the area in case the Black Tower finds my questions and snooping shady, I might as well not be there for questioning.

After a couple of hours of flight, an object came flying towards me. Which I grabbed immediately.

The object was a small jade that had the information I was looking for.

Apparently, since I was missing for some of the fights, I didn't realize that the planet had set up squads and squadrons to move about on the planet. And Wu Di and Xiao Lang have been a.s.signed to a squad that was patrolling an area not so far from where I am.

As for Meng Hao and his sweetheart, they have been a.s.signed to a platoon that has been decimated. Which is something I find hard to believe. After all Meng Hao's MC aura is too strong for him to die out just like that.

Nevertheless, I'll head out for Wu Di and Xiao Lang first, they should be close and hope alive.

It took me a few hours of flight before I arrived to barren land, though I doubt it was this scorched a few days ago.

The ground was turned upside down, small mountains have been wrecked and caved in, and a few more forested pieces of land have been set aflame, charred, and coaled from the intense heat.

A few cultivators struggled for areal domination, but the battle seemed almost over and only those with incredible stamina seemed to be able to fight.

Looking in the distance, I noticed the blood-covered Wu Di, barely able to stand still, though wounded and blood stained most of his white robes, and even his fan was now in tatters. He still held himself as dignified as ever, against three cultivators of a higher cultivation rank than he was.

Xiao Lang looked far worse however, he was tightly grabbing his stomach trying to stop a deadly wound from bleeding him out.

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The rest of Wu Di's squad seemed to have ran out of luck and only a few were barely able to stop the incoming a.s.sault.

"Dumba.s.s, never do that s.h.i.+t again," I said then rushed the incoming cultivators.

Grabbing one with the White Plague hand immediately decimated the cultivator, then I followed after the two others, using sword and spells alike, they had no way to escape the ma.s.sacre. Especially after being completely exhausted by Wu Di and his friends.

I then turned to Wu Di, threw him a pill, and said, "Give to Xiao Lang, I'll come back soon, the rest of you, follow me!"

I took on the job of leading the rest of Wu Di's platoon that was still able to move and chased off the rest of the cultivators.

It took us a while before we routed the enemy but it was still more time than I needed to spend, as many cultivators succ.u.mbed to their wounds, cultivators I could have saved, but unless I chase off the others, there would have been no time to save anyone.

I went back to Xiao Lang who seemed to be more stable, I gave him a couple more pills and handed some healing pills to the cultivators that survived.

"Thank you for your a.s.sistance, could you please tell us who it is that saved us?" a cultivator said.

"I didn't save you, you saved yourselves by surviving this long. Don't worry about who I am." I said.

I didn't want them to know who I was right now because I used too many skills that 'Shen Bao' used, and if I tell them I'm the one-eyed serpent then I might as well expose myself here and now Afterall, the one-eyed serpent asked the black tower for the location of these very people here, and it wouldn't take a genius to connect the two.

I need to finish up what I have to do and dip out of this planet. I have a feeling that s.h.i.+t is going to get ugly very soon.

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