Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 248: Finished product

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Chapter 248: Finished product

Melting super metals from a higher cultivation realm is no joke, I've read that some of these pieces needed to be in the heart of a smoldering volcano for thousands of years before they could melt, which is an option I really don't have. But the majority of the leftover pieces from the making of Y were not so annoying to manage.

Using my Veridian Heart Flame and the lord of Lords forge, I was able to create several st.u.r.dy metallic boards of the size I wanted.

I began by welding the boards on the frame for the hoverboard to take its final shape, once it was all perfectly weld together, I pulled two cylindrical frames and welded them to the sides at the back of the board.

Now the frame and the exterior was done. All I need to do now is to place the s.p.a.ce stone within the hoverboard, which wasn't difficult as I left a large area that can be latched opened and closed in the middle of the hoverboard where I'll be working on the more 'technical' part of the work.

After setting up the frame where I'll be inserting the more elaborate stuff, I turned to the second part of this work. The jet thrusters.

More like Qi thrusters but tomato 'tomatho' 

The idea was pretty simple, I made something like this for X, only now, the Qi released will not be just regular Qi, but saint Qi supplied from the Y's own reactor.

I pulled the reactor that still had a large piece of Saint Qi crystal inside it and began studying it again.

In Master Rain's journal, this reactor didn't work even if everything looked to be setup properly. So where was the problem?

I began studying the reactor once again from scratch. Though I had created something that looks like this and function as intended, it was a far too diluted copy for it to match the technical and delicate nature of this Saint Qi reactor.

So I began by disa.s.sembling the reactor and slowly tried to understand what the inscription on every bit an piece of it was meant for.

I could swear it had taken me days to finally figure out the problem. It was so simple, and very easy to dismiss. But at the same time detrimental in the process of function for this reactor.

It was the very subs.p.a.ce inscription that Master Rain had written within the reactor that was stopping it from working.

Though he had used the subs.p.a.ce inscription to stuff in as many commands as he could, a few of these subs.p.a.ces ended up overlapping and harming the overall process. It was like putting a piece of sand in a Switzerland watch.

It is very hard to notice especially if someone is as masterful as Master Rain, simply because, they would never think of it this way.

Not even the greatest masters are without flaws. Though I hate to admit it, even if he is an a.s.s and took Y away from me and ruined all my work trying to protect this G.o.d forsaken planet, he was d.a.m.n good at his job, as vexing as it is.

But this mistake he did was more of a lack of attention. Perhaps this was made as he first began creating the reactor. If I remember correctly, not everything in the forbidden kingdom at the celestial realm was fully inscribed. Some pieces were missing a few important details and some had broken spatial laws.

Perhaps when Master Rain first started on this reactor he hadn't fully grasped the spatial inscription technique and made a mistake that he hadn't realized back then. Perhaps now he would instantly solve the problem, but this reactor was made when he was probably still new at this.

For me, I dare not say I'm as capable or as smart as him, but what I do know is, if it's regarding s.p.a.ce law I'm more than enough to see a mistake, because it is one of the two laws I'm currently attempting to master. 

I then began by adjusting some of the already written inscriptions.

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I modified a few and carefully added a few more, then began trial and error to see if it would function. It took a few more tries before the formations began to light up and I was able to confirm that everything was in order.

The function of this part was to draw saint Qi from the main reactor, and boost the hoverboard forward, and with the shutters at the end of it, the tighter the exhaust the faster the hoverboard will be.

With everything done and finished, the flying hoverboard was done and finished, but it still felt lacking something.

I then began making spatial pockets on the sides of the hoverboard where I added incendiary rocket launchers and other pockets that carried several hundreds of explosive cannisters that I wasn't using and only had stored.

With the offensive function of the hoverboard setup, I needed a defensive measure.

And thus, I began adding more inscription on the face of the board. Thanks to it being wide enough, I was able to make an inscription that would create a protective dome around the whole of the hoverboard. This should be able to stop any attack from anyone that can't use Saint Qi. Since it's the same formation that was around the planet and stopped an entire invasion force for days before Master Rain even came.

With everything done and finished, I was tempted to paint the hoverboard as it looked rather rugged, but I didn't have time for this, because X had come to inform me of something critical.

"Master! Enemy up ahead!"

I immediately left the Lord of Lords paG.o.da and went out back to the center of town.

Looking up ahead, right outside where the formation I had set up several days ago at lucid springs, there came many cultivators.

Things were about to get messy.

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