Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 247: To the Workshop

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Chapter 247: To the Workshop

I began working on the inscriptions as I needed to not worry about the town while I'm focused on other matters.

The basis of the formation needed to be a protective one to enable people within it to not suffer at the hand of a random cruel cultivator. So I had to begin by writing the strongest defensive Qi formations I could think of. 

The idea was to use master Rain's own inscriptions to lay the foundation of the inscription. I hardly doubt anyone would be able to disable this formation if it has the layout of Master Rain's work, however, if I'm unlucky and someone with actual knowledge of his work comes by, it'll all be for naught.

So, I had to mix and shuffle more complex formations into the final work. This way it will be a dozen times harder for even a disciple of Master Rain's teachings to breakthrough.

I began working on one of the most complex and convoluted formations I could ever hope to create.

From gravitational restriction to s.p.a.ce interference, heat and cold, vibration, and even illusionary inscriptions, I added all of it to thousands of talismans that I wrote on the ground.

After I piled a stockpile of talismans with each of them having their own function, I was finally done after six days inside the lord of lords paG.o.da, which barely accounted for a few hours on the real world.

Thankfully, X never came to alert me of any incoming cultivators.

Once I was done, I left back to the real world and there didn't seem to be any change in the livelihood of the people outside.

However, one could still hear the faint sounds of battle in the high skies as cultivators fought for their lives.

The mortal world rarely was ever affected by the battles of cultivators, but the fate of the immortals is tightly linked to the mortals.

If the cultivators of Si Xue were to lose, then everyone will be enslaved and at the mercy of the fire lord. Mortals included.

So, for Si Xue cultivators, they had only one option, win, or die trying.

I walked up to the center of the town where I found my sons working. I felt a slight pang of regret for their miserable state, but it was still far from over for them, they haven't paid enough for their sins.

Lu Bao looked at me pitifully while Xiao Bao didn't even dare look me in the face.

I didn't want to talk to them, so I ignored the two and let them remove the rubble and pave the road.

Once I was in the middle of the town I opened my pouch and the talismans flew from within it like migration birds all spreading in a different directions.

The kids in town enjoyed the sight of the flying talismans as their innocence and lack of knowledge protected them from the dangers of what was actually happening outside.

But some of the seniors and oldest of the people could read the moods and understood that things were about to change.

Once all the talismans had arrived at their designated destination, they began to glow. A string of light split from every corner of every talisman to link up with the closest one to it.

Then a dome manifested from the linking of all talismans, a dome with a single purpose, protect, defend, and kill if necessary.

Though the energy cost of setting up something like this would usually be incredibly high, it wouldn't matter to me much as I'm actually not using my personal expenses.

I've already read through the entire planetary system and know how to funnel the planet's own Qi into this small area and use it to reinforce the formation, which I greedily did. Since the planetary formation is already destroyed why waste the extra energy.

Suddenly, a ma.s.sive Qi surge spread out in the distance as the formation finally stood and was fully operational.

This should be more than enough to stop many, many cultivators and give me a wide breadth of time to work on the next project.

Once the formation was done, I turned to the people and said, "No one leaves the rims of this formation."

Then I left back to where I came from and left the rest of the people wondering what was going on.

Once I was back into the lord of Lord's paG.o.da I felt a huge surge of mental exhaustion as I've been working non stop since G.o.d knows when.

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I took a few hours rest as I meditated regaining my energy and relieving some exhaustion, then began on my other project.

However, the speed of the vehicle is tightly related to the user's own energy, the higher the cultivator the more speed the vehicle can output.

As for higher-level cultivators, they need even better material to support their own qi expenditure thus there are even grades of s.p.a.ce Stones and grades of shuttles.

I found another book explaining in even more detail the value and size and even shape of the spatial stone and how it affects the speed of the shuttle.

And surprisingly among the Lord of Lords paG.o.da's manuals, there was a book that detailed the structure of one of the Black Tower's shuttles.

Looking through the manual I was surprised to find that the very stone I had, and the one that the black tower in the manual had been of the same grade and size.

I was slightly staggered to realize that the stone in front of me, though it was barely over three feet in length and two in width was able to move a shuttle that was as big as a ten-story tower.

But I'm not building a tower, nor do I have the will or power to make something that big. However, if I can use the whole of this stone on one single small and really fast construct, I should be able to make something pretty d.a.m.n good.

I began by making measurements and thinking of the best design to finally finish up a perfectly futuristic and fascinating-looking design on paper.

I settled on a ten feet length and five feet width hoverboard with two jet thrusters at the back.

This was the primary idea I had drawn on papers.

The hoverboard will be bulky and be host the s.p.a.ce stone in its belly. While at the back on each side will have a jet engine thruster that will be powered by Qi, not mine because I still can't use it, but by the very same reactor that used to belong to Y.

The materials I'll need to use however need to be st.u.r.dy to support the potential speed of the hoverboard and I was planning on using the materials I had obtained from Master Rain's workshop in the celestial realm.

The materials he didn't use or sc.r.a.pped to the side as he made Y, are pretty st.u.r.dy and very powerful pieces, I didn't have any use for them earlier, nor could I use them for upgrading X because I thought I might need them for something else, and I'm glad I didn't.

Now for the next part, and the hardest part, the creation of this shuttle. This is clearly not going to be easy since I'll be dabbling in materials that are far higher than my own cultivation grade.

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