Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 246: A Craftsman's Resolve

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Chapter 246: A Craftsman's Resolve

The dragon didn't understand what plagued it, as it came in contact with things far too alien for it. 

The pesky rockets shooting from all over the place seemed like small nibbles at their ma.s.sive size, but an endless army of a fire ants can kill an elephant if they're numerous enough.

And my army is only limited by how many pills I can eat. And believe me, I have a lot.

More of my battles.h.i.+ps moved forward to intercept the dragon as many other jets shot at the creature endlessly.

I also added more to my mental a.r.s.enal, as I sat on the throne of my sea of consciousness's tower. 

There was a lever I created and pulled on it, which opened up the ceiling of the tower.

From where I sat, the entire floor turned to a platform and rose up to the top of the tower where two ma.s.sive spinning miniguns, appeared from the side of the tower, the caliber of the rounds within the miniguns was so huge they were closer to tomahawks than regular bullets and oh did it rain lead and pain upon the incoming dragon as the tower shook with every bullet shot from the ma.s.sive miniguns.

The dragon couldn't understand how it was being hammered with so much lead and pain.


The dragon howled in pain as its ethereal body seemed to be more and more damaged.

"Like I'd tell you," I grinned as I pressed on another lever that appeared right under me.

"Eat this!"

The lever I pulled this time manifested two gigantic rods from the base of the tower, the two rods zapped as electricity sparked between them.

More and more electricity charged up and acc.u.mulated as the two ma.s.sive rods began vibrating and turning redder.

"Epitome of mankind's knowledge is here. Enjoy it, you'll never see anything like this ever again!" I said as I pulled the lever once again.

Causing the electric current to charge up even stronger.

For a fraction of a second, the world turned silent.

As the two rods released a supremely fast, incredibly destructive and inherently powerful metallic slug towards the enemy.

This was a rail gun.

And oh was it so beautiful as it shot. Was it so beautiful as it came in contact with the dragon, and oh was it so beautiful as it made a clean ma.s.sive hole in its body, penetrating it without a hitch or problem and went into the far distance disappearing from sight?

My mind was racked in excruciating pain, as I had to pay for the cost of the Rail Gun using my mental and soul force which was already heavily taxed from the last test.

I could feel, that if I had added a bit more of my mental energy into that attack or that if it hadn't taken down the dragon, I would have probably died.

The dragon couldn't speak anymore as it fell down into the ma.s.sive sea and began disappearing from my world and turned into a ma.s.sive soul power that slowly began funneling towards me.

Immediately, I felt rejuvenated as my already exhausted soul and mental reserves began replenis.h.i.+ng and I became more and more aware of my surrounding as I no longer felt the blankness' in my mind.

Looking above me, where there used to be a core, there was a smaller version of me, it is the nascent Soul.

It was sitting in a meditative lotus position and now, with the dragon's energy funneling towards it, it began absorbing it and making it a part of it.

As I could visibly see some scales growing on the soul's avatar and disappearing afterward.

It doesn't seem like it's harmful so I left it to absorb the energy, I couldn't use it anyway so might as well feed the nascent Soul.

I woke up from my stupor and was back at the top of the Laughing Slaughterer's tower.

Looking around the gauntlets seemed to have disappeared. But the moment I thought about it, it appeared over my left arm.

It was sharp, st.u.r.dy, and very very light. I couldn't feel its weight over my hand, and could actually still feel and touch using my left hand.

Though I have no idea what's this. 

I need to do more research on this thing. But for now. To a more important matter.

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"Congratulations on subduing what many couldn't. You have cleared my tower and as a gift you can use the tower to help you fight. Grasp it by the hands, and laugh as you slaughter your way through h.o.a.rds of enemies.

Once I was back in Lucid Springs, I began working on three projects.

The first, reviving X, which thankfully I still had one arm of him left and that's all I needed to transfer his consciousness back to a newer st.u.r.dier, and stronger body.

I went inside the lord of lords paG.o.da and went into its workshop.

I had several other puppets I got from the Laughing Slaughterer's domain. So I could easily replace his destroyed body with a new one.

I began cutting carving and replacing, reinforcing, and remaking many, many parts.

X had several issues and among them was his inability to fly though I fixed that he was still too heavy and too slow compared to Y.

But now, with the knowledge, I gained from the s.p.a.ce manuals and the gravitational laws I understood how to manage his overall maneuverability, balance, and weight. But to do all of this, he can't be using the same system I had for him before of spirit stone schematics.

I had to rebuild a new reactor, and since I thankfully 'stole' the original reactor from Y's body, I still have a prototype to build on, and I can also use the original reactor for another more important purpose.

It took me a d.a.m.n long time to finish up working on X and placing a reactor inside his chest.

Not only that, I had to update him again with even more weaponry and so much more a.r.s.enal that it was outright stupid. But seeing the power of Master Rain, having X become Overgeared is never a bad thing.

"My lord, may I help you with anything?" X asked.

"Get out of the paG.o.da and keep a close watch on the city, inform me if any cultivators approach," I said.

X nodded and moved through a spatial doorway outside.

Once I was done with X, it was time to work on my two other projects.

The first of them was the formation I'll need to make to protect Lucid Springs.

The second… a s.p.a.cecraft that can enable me to fly through s.p.a.ce, powered by Y's original Saint Qi reactor…

It's gonna be fun.

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