Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 244: Big Brain

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Chapter 244: Big Brain

Explosive collisions continued happening all around me and I could barely do anything but dodge as best as I could. Not to mention, I am no longer able to fly or teleport in this enclosed room.

There doesn't seem to be any exit, so this means that I need to find a solution to this problem I'm facing.

Destroying these ma.s.sive spinning pinb.a.l.l.s of death is out of the question, the mere contact they're making with each other is far more destructive than anything I could produce and they're not even being nicked or cracked.

The problem was that the longer these collisions continue the higher chances I have of messing up and turning into a meat paste. 

How can I get out of this situation?

Looking around, nothing seemed to catch my eyes besides something on the farthest side of the circular room.

It was a circle on the ground, and if I remember correctly each and every ball here when I came was comfortably sitting inside those circles.

My divine sense was still spread to cover the entire room and after a moment I realized something important, whenever one of the b.a.l.l.s makes contact against one of the walls and if they had touched the circle, it visibly slows down before it shoots back out.

The velocity of the ball coming back is slower than the original but since there are many other b.a.l.l.s moving around once the slow ball makes contact with another, it increases its speed again neutralizing the slowness.

I then immediately figured out how to leave the room and the purpose of this trial.

However, how can I apply this?

Especially if trying to stop or even come in contact with these rolling b.a.l.l.s of death would mean that I'll make a not so good looking ground painting.

A ball came dangerously close to me but I managed to dodge away by the skin of my teeth, a part of my reinforced robe was shredded to pieces the moment it made contact with the ball.

s.h.i.+t, everything is becoming even faster and more dangerous.

Suddenly, I noticed something, a couple of b.a.l.l.s came too close to each other and only grazed each other, this sent them spiraling away but at a far too lower speed as if the slight soft contact made the energy within the dissipate.

"Soft versus hard, yes! I got it!" I grinned.

Then I spread my hands forward as my divine sense spread and focused even harder.

I closed my eye and then began a.n.a.lyzing the entirety of the area from a third-person perspective.

There were twenty-four b.a.l.l.s. And a very tight room and I'm in the middle.

A ball seemed to be coming towards me at an incredible speed, so I moved to the side and instead of just dodging it, I had gravitational Law Lines spread from my hand, I wanted to apply gravitational force in front of me to try and alter the ball's direction.

Yet the moment the ball touched the law lines, they broke and shattered and the ball continued its course until it collided with another and I lost track of it after several other contacts.


I think I was too direct and tried to fully control the ball's force, I might as well just try and apply pressure instead of actually forcing the ball to fully change course.

I tried it once again, this time I had even more law liens but instead of trying to cover the ball in them, I wanted just to push the ball away from me for now.

Once the next ball came my way, I pressured it with gravitational law from the side, trying to replicate the same effect of grazing it.

And the ball slightly every so slightly changed course.

"Yes! It's working!"

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I threw my fist up in celebration only to realize I was in the course of two incoming b.a.l.l.s. I rolled away and stood up only to jump again dodging another ball, and again to find myself too close for comfort as another ball spun right next to my nose.

To be completely honest, this is some work that only a supercomputer can do. But as a cultivator…

I took a deep breath and opened both my eyes as Qi surged into my eyes.

The world was coated in a pale green aura as I enabled my mind's eye.

My concentration level increased to beyond the maximum limit and I began to see everything in a far slower speed.

It wasn't that the world slowed down, it was that my brain's function increased so much everything looked to be slowed. And this gave me ample time to figure out my next move.

  An incoming ball was about to hit me, but behind me was one of the circles.

However, before it would touch the circle, it would be hit by another incoming ball from the right.

I moved to the right and applied law lines to that ball enabling the first to make contact with the circle and visibly slow down.

But at the same time, I sent the very ball I just touched toward another circle the followed after it and stopped every ball in its wake.

Then continued doing so to every ball, only to realize that the first ball I sent to the circle was slammed by another ball I didn't account for.

s.h.i.+t, this is going to take some time.

So, I slapped my palms together in a prayer motion, "Golden Scripture, Doppelganger!"

Two exact copies of myself manifested next to me and spread to the other side of the room and now there were three of me.

And now I have three brains working at once, and with these heads nothing is impossible.

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