Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 241: What lives In The Deep

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Chapter 241: What lives In The Deep

"Let me guess, you want to take full control of my body so I could gain strength? But what strength is that if it isn't mine? What power is that, if I cannot freely and consciously use it. Would that really be my own power?" I asked.


"I figured as much. I'm not tempted in something that won't be mine, might as well never have asked me that question."

"I can give you something that can be yours, but it will be something that will make you take a step into the devil's path."

"Devil? Demon, good, wrong, what is the difference?" I asked.

"The difference is what you make yourself. You can behave the devil's power but be a saint, or you can be blessed by the holiest of powers and use them for evil. It is how you use your power. But what I will give you is nothing but devilish, demonic, and vile. Do you still wish to take it?"

"Show me first, then let me be the judge of it."

Immediately after I spoke, the Poison G.o.d's Book appeared in front of me.

It began flipping its pages rapidly until it rested on an empty page. Then, liens began appearing on it.

At first, it was a dot in the center of the book, then it spread to a circle full of various incantations and writings. It spiraled until it almost covered the whole page.

I couldn't understand anything from what was written there, but then some s.p.a.ces began appearing between the writings and shaped into a palm print.

I subconsciously pressed my palm on the empty s.p.a.ce between the writings and immediately, the rest of the written words began coalescing against my hand.

Incredible heat and pain surged through my nerves. I felt that my hand was set on fire as it began paling.

Unprecedented pain racked my mind as I felt myself about to lose consciousness.

I immediately grabbed the Lord of Lords token and disappeared within it and into the paG.o.da where my mind completely blanked out.

With my mind feeling like it was being pounded on by a hundred hammers at once, I opened my eyes and realized that my right hand was now way paler than before. And if I were to focus I would see some symbols on it.

These symbols were very similar to the ones I've seen on that law fruit. I couldn't begin to understand them and just ignored them for now.

Looking around, I realized that I wasn't in the lord of lord's paG.o.da which worried me, because I was apparently in a very familiar, very far, yet very dangerous place.

I was once again in the depth of s.p.a.ce, where no stars shone and no light came to existence but one.

A very pale sickly green light of a being far too fearsome for anything to have courage against.

Two draconic eyes looked at me with all the hatred in the world. And then it began moving even faster than it already was.

The Primordial Dragon Snake opened its mouth to gobble me whole and I woke up with sweat drenching my back.

"s.h.i.+t, I can't get used to that," I muttered as I found myself inside the paG.o.da once again.

I was laying on my face, and when I pushed myself up, I realized that the gra.s.s under my right hand died instantly.

And some of my lost vitality, even if it was just a little seemed to return to me.

Next to the gra.s.s was the poison G.o.d's book and it seemed to be opened on a new pa.s.sage that wasn't there before.

White Touch of Plague

There is a fine line between poison and medicine. But as a Disciple of the Teaching of the Poison G.o.d, you're allowed to play that line as you see fit.

The White Touch of Plague is a devilish spell that can suck the life of whatever it touches and turn it into Qi for your own use. However, it comes with many side effects.

It is powerful, unfair, and even devastating when the enemy is touched by it. It sucks their vitality and makes their strength your own, but it needs contact against the skin. But the most dangerous part is that it is addictive beyond means.

If you fall to its whispers you'll lose yourself, use it with caution because it can turn you against yourself and against those who you hold dear.

It is the price of power and the price of what you wish for.

The pa.s.sage ended without much information regarding the spell.

I looked at my palm for a few more seconds before the whiteness disappeared and it returned to normal.

Just willing my hand to turn white made the lines appear back again, and willing it to turn back to normal made it return.

But this doesn't change the fact that I'm still stuck in this forsaken planet without a way to leave. I can fight and fend off the enemies, but how many can I fight against alone?

The sense of frustration came back the moment I thought I gained more strength. It was not enough, this mere power up was not enough no matter how powerful it might look, it was only capable of taking out one enemy at a time, what good is it against an army of invaders?

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I sighed as I was once again back to where I started.

As he was speaking, one of the people next to the captain said, "It seems that this is a false alarm."

"How come?" the captain asked.

"Well, the device must be faulty, because it's clearly showing that whatever is moving towards us is as big as a medium sized moon and as long as twenty of them… which is very hard to imagine …" the man handling the scanning device said.

The captain frowned. He also spent many years in s.p.a.ce, and knows a lot about the dangers lurking in it. And something of this size shouldn't even be able to exist as it would collapse on itself from its sheer size.

"It could be a comet. Just be read—" the captain's words were immediately cut off.

"IMMEDIAT TURN TO STARBOARD! MAXIMUM INPUT!" The captain shouted as if his life depended on it, and it did.

The panic in his voice was too clear for everyone. And for someone with his experience, seeing him panic was a brand new experience.

"FULL POWER BLAST OFF!" the captain said.

"But captain this will damage the s.h.i.+p if we---"


The captain shouted once again, and looked like his soul was about to leave his body as he called out the orders.

The operators began steering the s.h.i.+p as fast as they could and blasted off the engines on it to maximum input.

The ma.s.sive size of the s.h.i.+p was already a deterrent for its fluidity of movement, and add to it the sudden turn and propulsion, it felt like it was about to break.

Thankfully the s.h.i.+p began slowly gaining momentum as it moved away from where it was, it looked like it was moving with the speed of a snail at first, but it then began accelerating and moving away.

Before anyone could even start complaining about why they had to change course.

A loud hiss sounded through s.p.a.ce, it was so loud that the fabric of s.p.a.ce groaned against it, breaking with every vibration as one of the most epic in size beings to ever exist manifested and sailed through s.p.a.ce. Moving with speed so absurd that no one could believe their eyes.

the s.h.i.+p was pretty huge, but compared to the ma.s.sive creature that just went past them, the s.h.i.+p wasn't even as large as one of its scales.

And the creature moved with a destination in mind.

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