Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 240 - Surrender

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Chapter 240 - Surrender

'What is this…' I mumbled to myself as I fell freediving back towards the ground.

'What kind of unfairness is this? What kind of oppressive uncontested and indomitable strength was that? Didn't I promise myself to never feel that weak, that exposed, and that vulnerable as I did that time in that cave?'

Didn't I make myself stronger? Got to a higher cultivation realm, managed to create powerful weaponry, learned how to control law created so many things, and gained great power.

Why would the sect I cared for be destroyed in front of me? Why would all the effort I made into making Y and X stronger go to waste by the will of a single man?

Why was I forced down on my knees the moment I thought I gained some strength and knowledge.

All that effort into protecting this planet was wasted by the motion of that man's finger.

And he claimed that Y was his… Master Rain probably.

Huh, how laughable. After all that, someone can just come and easily rend everything I made to waste.

As I was free-falling with my back facing the far away ground, I looked up and noticed hundreds of cultivators rus.h.i.+ng forward.

They were the members of the Fire King's forces.

And from the look of their Qi, they were mostly Nascent Soul cultivators. 

I don't know what pushed me to do what I just did right now, but thinking about it, it was probably the sense of frustration and injustice that happened to me right now.

I opened my mouth, then breathed in as much as I could, and let go, releasing one of the largest poison breaths I have ever released and within this poison, breath was a mix of the worst poisons I have ever come across.

The sudden ma.s.s of poison breath came as a surprise to the incoming cultivators, some decided to hold and see what will happen, but the majority decided to tide through it coating their bodies with Qi.

That was a fatal mistake. And they realized it all too late.

My poison breath was majorly mixed in with Breath Sealing Poison which served as a great disabler of Qi. And just as they came across it. they fell like flies being sprayed with pesticides.

Most, died before they even reached the ground as the mix of poisons had them frothing at the mouth. While the rest who had a stronger will will definitely meet their ends once they meet the ground.

"KILL THAT ONE!" a cultivator shouted and immediately teleported to where I was with a  sword ready. Only for me to manifest one of the few explosive canisters I had left back into the prime s.p.a.ce.

The canister came out of nowhere into the face of the cultivator and immediately blew up, turning him to charred meat.

I kept senselessly falling as more cultivators approached me, only to die unexpectedly. A few sent several sword Qi blades toward me that didn't manage to come a single step forward as I began applying gravitational laws around me.

Swords made of Qi broke and crumpled against themselves as soon as they approached me while the many cultivators kept chase.

I turned and dove headfirst, further propelling myself forward by blasting Qi from the sole of my feet.

The Qi I shot was also poisonous and caused anyone who followed me to get poisoned.

I used my divine sense to scan the ground that was getting closer and closer and found what I was looking for.

X's arm, the only thing that remained from him was still free falling.

I managed to come and swoop it and then teleported out and away, while many bodies of cultivators came splas.h.i.+ng against the ground.

Emotionless, depressed, and apathetic I looked at the incoming cultivators and pulled the minigun I had left from my side bag. While at the same time manifested the four puppet arms from my shoulders and belt.

The arms around my belt had a twelve-round rocket launcher each, while the ones on my shoulder had their own miniguns.

The recoil from shooting everything at once was enough to break my back, but I didn't really care as everything was let loose.

Rockets shot forward, creating loads of dust and smoke while the guns spun calling the coming of a storm of lead and death.

From within the smoke and dust came the rockets, and they followed the cultivators that got close.

Unable to understand what was coming towards them, most bunkered down to protect themselves only to be blasted by explosives and then corroded by poisons from the rockets.

While those who decided to stay away were hunted down with an unlimited number of bullets that shot towards them.

"Divine Buddha Palm!" one of the cultivators shouted creating a ma.s.sive palm in the skies that came down towards me.

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I didn't speak, instead, I released one hand from the minigun and grabbed a talisman from within my inventory.

My ability to end life is rather frightening, but at the same time, with all this mad killing, I still felt weak.

Weak, because I couldn't protect what was mine. Weak because I lost what was mine. Weak because faced with true power I'm nothing but an ant, I'm nothing more than these very ants I just killed.

I need strength. I need power…

Using tools and machines, bullets, cannons, and rockets is cool and all…but compared to some of these beings that can basically will a world to extinction, what is the use of these tools?

I sighed as I looked up at the skies where many explosive sounds began to echo, as the barrier had fully dissipated, the enemy forces are now charging in with full power.

Our planet's cultivators aren't strong enough to defeat this wave of enemy forces…

We'll be killed in no time.

And my only way out has already been taken from me.

What a sad fate.

Once again, I'm unable to change my own fate, once again I feel powerless…

What a shame.

What a shame…

"Do you seek true might?" spoke a voice in my head.

'Ah, here it comes, the devil's whisper to gain immeasurable strength.'

"What's the price I have to pay? I asked half-heartedly.

"To surrender, to surrender yourself to me..." said the voice.

And it was oh so tempting.

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