Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 238 - When Shit Hits The Fan

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Chapter 238 - When s.h.i.+t Hits The Fan

"Seems like no other cultivator is a.s.saulting the planet anymore. I wonder why they all stopped." I asked myself unable to understand the reason why the enemy forces just stopped attacking.

Soon, a powerful explosive sound echoed in the vast s.p.a.ce, then came a bright light that was strong enough that it illuminated the dark void. 

There was light, then there was red, then there was dark. Then wind howled, so powerfully it raged that it made me feel my insignificance against such an unnaturally natural force could cause such mighty gales within s.p.a.ce nonetheless.

Improbable and unthinkable as it was, I could see the wind moving through s.p.a.ce at extreme speeds that it shreds the very fabric of s.p.a.ce itself for moments.

"Y, let's go down, this doesn't feel right," I said.

The puppet replied, "Wise decision." And then began descending.

"You seem to understand what went on," I said.

"Yes. Someone had broken the Heavenly Law and used an Upper cultivation base in a lower realm. This is the might of Saint Qi, and the red clouds that turned Dark are the Heavenly Punishment."

"What's the difference between Heavenly Punishment and Heavenly Tribulation?" I asked.

"The heavenly Tribulation is the heaven's might descending upon a cultivator to test if they are worthy of ascending to an upper stage. The heavenly Punishment is the divine decree, a death to those who defy the natural order of things, for those who abuse power in a world that cannot defend itself." Y explained.

I could put two and two together and understand what's Y is trying to say.

And from the look of the power this person had summoned, it seems that I'm far too weak to compare.

I need to get stronger.

"We'll need to lay low; we can't afford to be hasty. I don't know what's going on right now but it doesn't seem like it's anything good from the looks of this ma.s.sive Qi explosion," I said and came down along Y.

"Hmm, this is indeed very interesting, but it's all too crude." I heard, and this voice, sounded like the decree of a descending G.o.d as the world began to shudder and shake.

looking up, all I've been working on seemed to be disappearing as I was stunned watching the formation breaking, all too easily.

Whoever just spoke, was loud enough that everyone on this planet must have heard him, and it was more than obvious to me that someone far too powerful than I could even imagine has arrived to this planet.

"We've been located;" Spoke Y.

And just as I registered Y's words, an old man appeared in front of me. Looking at the man's face I saw something I couldn't begin to fathom.

His blue eyes looked like they held the skies and seas. his wrinkled face and obvious look of disdain and boredom meant that he didn't take anything he was looking at seriously.

His clothes seemed to be made of a material that made the world look dim compared to them while his robes didn't seem to even be letting out a single ray of light.

The aura around him was so suffocating that I felt that taking a single breath around him would be blasphemy.

"This is my Demon Slaying Puppet… it appears that you're the one who took it… Puppet, come." The man said.

Y's entire body began shaking, forced against his will to follow this man's will.

Yet, this mere resistance from Y was enough to make this man frown. Then a divine sense, as strong as Zhang Tian's own Divine sense, and far more ruthless shot towards Y.

I wasn't even the focus of the divine sense, but my eardrums, eyes, and nose burst out fountains of blood from the aftereffect of the divine sense power.

"Hmm. That's an interesting inscription, but it's too unpolished. Did you make it?" asked the man as he finally took note of me, while I was shuddering and shaking on Y's shoulder.

"Seems like you're too weak to resist my presence, no wonder, you're just a mere Third Rate Cultivator in a fallen forgotten and barren land. I have no idea what fate, fortune, and luck did you ama.s.s in your past life to manage and take control of my own Demon Slaying Puppet, but that's enough of it." he said.

"And since you can't speak, I might as well look at your memories." He said as he slowly floated towards me with his hand extended.

Y immediately slapped at the side of his thighs, calling two formations into existence, something I made for him personally. Which summoned the two Demon Trigger weapons I made for him.

"Stay your hand!" Y said as he pointed both swords at the person in front of him.

"You dare disobey me!" the man said and immediately Y began shaking. Not from fear, but his entire existence began shuddering, the inscriptions I wrote on Y began rattling and I could feel them crack. They will break soon.

And I'm still reeling from the mental shock of this man's divine sense.

I spat a mouthful of blood and said, "s.p.a.ce Reversal!"

Immediately hundreds of canisters manifested all over us. This caused the old man to be slightly alerted.

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"Explode!" I called and immediately the canisters I had always kept hidden in sub-s.p.a.ce blew up releasing ma.s.sive toxic gas that covered the entire area around us.

Yet for some reason, I wasn't panicking and screaming my lungs out from my pretty f.u.c.ked up situation.

The old man grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and said, "You're an annoying little bug. But slightly interesting never the less. You seem to have gotten your hands on some of my notes, and you're clearly using them to help protect this planet. But did you ever truly believe that you could do it?" the old man said and didn't even wait for me to reply.

"You can't, and you couldn't, you're just one person, a weak and insignificant person. The fact that you think that your mere Nascent Soul cultivation could stop the decree of one of the four kings means your arrogance knows no bound. And your knowledge of the world is so meager that it's laughable. But perhaps that's the mindset of the weak. Hopeful yet foolish." 

The old man's hand came close to my head and I immediately felt something triggered inside me.

From within my chest, it came, from within the Poison G.o.d's book it came.

It was the same purple Skull I saw the first day I entered that hole. It manifested between me and the old man, then it spoke.

"Old Rain…would you mind letting your hand off. I do not wish to use this to kill you and this entire world."

The old man immediately removed his hand. And took a few steps back.

"…You're supposed to be dead…"

"Who said I live? This one is mine." The skull spoke.

"You know you can't kill me… unless you're here yourself."

"Perhaps, but I can make sure you lose a lot of longevity, something you're in desperate need of." Spoke the skull.

The old man frowned and said, "No matter, I came here because I thought I found something interesting, but it was just a monkey replicating things far beyond his understanding. I already got what was mine. Let this world burn for all I care." The old man said and turned.

"Do well to survive this tribulation Monkey." The old man said and then he disappeared.

Right as his words were done, I felt hundreds of divine senses rus.h.i.+ng down and investigating what was happening.

The formation broke, and the enemy forces have now full access to this planet. Not to mention that my only way out was Y and he was just taken from me, and the other way out was the black tower that has already declared me a fugitive and put a bounty on my head.

I couldn't think that s.h.i.+t would get this bad, but hey, at least it can't get any worse, right?

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