Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 237 - Sacrifice

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Chapter 237 - Sacrifice

Somewhere hidden within the clouds, in a far, far, far away land. There was an upside-down mountain hanging from the rims of the skies.

The mountain and anything that lived on it was all upside down, or that would be the case for anyone not living within the mountain. Even its waterfalls didn't fall down and went up. The gravity on that area was reversed, and to keep something like that from bending to the laws of the world, you must be someone of extraordinary talents.

There was a small paG.o.da at the top of the mountain where a single man always had his morning tea, listened to the chirping of birds, and worked on his endless pile of doc.u.ments.

The man was old and wore a purple gown. In each of his hands were five rings, and on each of these rings was the symbol of a beast. The man used began by shaking his index finger calling out a ma.s.sive crane into existence.

"The temperature is too hot in the lower region, adjust it slightly." The man said, and the crane nodded then headed out.

The man continued looking through the ma.s.sive pile of doc.u.ments and sighed every now and then.

After his eighth or ninth sigh, he heard a knock on his door.

"Get in, Song," the old man said.

"Yes, Master…"

"What brings you here?" asked the old man.

"Well, I don't know how to explain this, but it seems that your law of Qi Reversal and Supplement has been corrected and is now…functional."

The old man stood up, grabbed the young kid by the scruff of his neck, and said, "Corrected you say? You say that someone else managed to do what I couldn't! and CORRECTED ME?!" 

The man's words were so loud that the very foundation of the mountain he was on began shuddering and shaking, and it threatened to fall down.

"Who is it! Was it Zu? Was it old man Ji? Who could have done what I couldn't?!" the old man asked.

"Please, a moment! I don't think it's either of the two…" the young man replied.

The old man frowned, among his peers, no, not even peers, none of them was capable of contending with his brain when it came to inscriptions… then who could have managed to understand his law of Qi Reversal and Supplement then actually find an appropriate application of it. It was a theory that was plausible but impossible to execute.

"It was actually someone from the barren lands…apparently, your law is currently being used to protect a planet from the Fire King's a.s.sault."

"Huh? The barren lands? Planet? The fire king is going to war? What's going on in the world."

"Master Rain…you've been secluding yourself for too long, it might be time to come back and show yourself…" the disciple said.

"You're probably right… but I have a very bad feeling about going out now… a certain someone might want to break a few of my bones." Master rain said as he rubbed his beard.

"Are you talking about the Wind King?" asked the disciple.

"Oh, no, I'm not worried about the Wind King, it's his wife that scares me… anyway let's go and check this out, apparently, a nameless child managed to do what even I couldn't… this should be interesting."


On top of a celestial compa.s.s, big enough to carry ten people with room to spare, a couple of cultivators with heavy wounds steered it as they moved through s.p.a.ce.

One of the cultivators was sitting at the front steering the compa.s.s using his divine sense, while the other was standing, and looking behind them at a ma.s.sive number of cultivators chasing after them.

"Brother Han… We won't make it like this," said the standing cultivator.

"We will! Have some faith, Yulan" The one steering said as he grunted.

"Not with our wounds, and especially once we're out in deep s.p.a.ce and outside this enclosed s.p.a.ce," Yulan replied.

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The standing cultivator, Yulan turned, smiled at his comrade, and said, "Tell master Zhang Tian to take good care of my family."

Turning Yulan looked at the compa.s.s in the distance and smiled as he saw his friend weeping.

"Do not weep for me, Han, it is our duty to our king. It is the least we can do…" Yulan's words were sent directly to Han's mind before the black lightning struck down against his body.

There was no pain, no suffering, and no sound coming from Yulan as the black lightning struck down.

Laws of the world decreed that life came to the universe through a bolt of lightning that struck against water, creating all life as we know it. And in that bolt of lightning, were laws of life.

This was not the red tribulation lightning. This was the black Heaven's Punishment Lightning, it is not meant to aid and grow, it is not meant to help and build. It is not meant to a.s.sess and improve. It is a lightening, void of all notion of life.

This bolt was darker than the abyss, it was not meant to do any of this, and its sole purpose was to end, eradicate, and extinct. It was the cruelest punishment that heavens can send upon an existence for it is meant to end one's life. 

Yet Yulan didn't care, for he knew well enough that if the prince had asked them retrieve the item in Han's hands, it was worth it. If he could give his life for his prince, he wouldn't hesitate a second. For he knew how kind and generous the prince could be. He knew him before he was imprisoned for a thousand years. For if the prince knows of Yulan's sacrifice, then his whole family, children, wife, his parents, and siblings would be taken care of.

It was the ultimate sacrifice. And Yulan would be more than willing to do it again.

Just as the bolt eradicated Yulan's existence, a wind, so powerful, so grave and so vengeful at the death of the one who called for its aid came rus.h.i.+ng through the void of s.p.a.ce.

If one would give an ear to listen, they'll hear the wind cry in bloodied agony at the death of one of its children. If they would listen they will know for sure that whoever were to stop in this turbulent and raging torrent, this powerful gale of destruction that charged through the realm, nothing would ever remain.

The wind came like a visible tidal wave, it made s.p.a.ce itself shudder and morph, it made it wheeze as it tore through it, creating spatial rifts. s.p.a.ce looked like a torn cloth and this wind had two objectives.

It went around Han, and boosted his compa.s.s far away into s.p.a.ce and towards the rim of the Barren Lands, while for the rest of the cultivators, it shaped itself into swords, spears, arrows, and many other lethal weapons and charged ahead.

For if the Wind couldn't avenge the death of its son against the might of the elusive heaven, it shall take unprecedented, tyrannical, and brutally ravis.h.i.+ng vengeance against those who caused her son to sacrifice himself.

On this day, the planet of Si Xue knew no a.s.sault, no attacks, and their formation took a day of rest.. A well-earned rest that not many knew the reason of.

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