Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 236 - Si Xue Fights Back

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Chapter 236 - Si Xue Fights Back

Y's speed helped us reach the stratosphere extremely fast.

I was a bit hesitant about this because the higher I get the less oxygen I'll be getting. But all my worries were unfounded. Apparently, the moment you become a cultivator, you transcend physic laws. 

Something like suffocating from being in outer s.p.a.ce is not a possibility as long as you have Qi in you. Breathing is nothing but a habitual motion I was doing right now because I realized that I could easily not breathe and still remain fully functional.

"Y, how far can your detection range get to?" I asked.

"I can reach a few hundred miles," Y replied.

"Can you be reverse detected?" I asked.

"I'm meant to use Saint Qi, not regular Qi, so it is not guaranteed, that I won't be detected if I'm trying to spy on an ascendant cultivator, anything below it however will hardly be able to notice me, especially in the chaos of war." 

"Good, can you spread your detection range forward, find any stragglers, or cultivators that are alone and close to the barrier," I asked Y.

"Yes," Y replied and stopped, then he released his own divine sense and managed to locate a few cultivators that were too close to the planet's formation for their own good.

"One is here," Y said as he pointed.

"take us to him," I replied…


Su Xiao Long was a man that grew up in a powerful family, he enjoyed life as he grew, with all the riches his household could afford him. He managed to climb in cultivation rank rapidly yet was never a fan of battle.

Su Xiao Long always wanted to take the easy path in life and decided that inscription study, formations and restrictions were the best way to make use of his family wealth. Not only can he be hired for a pretty big sum of money to create these formations, but he can also live an easy life.

This was Su Xiao Long's dream, the ability to forever live without any burdens. Once he becomes a well-known inscriber.

However, to do so, he needed Merit. Like anyone here, they all come for Merit, merit they can only get if they make themselves known in this war.

And since formation was his fort, if he was able to break the formation surrounding this planet, then his name will be known all over the Fire King's dominion.

This was a G.o.dsent opportunity for him, not only was he going to prove his worth, he would do it in the most flamboyant way ever.

For him, this planet is nothing but a lesser world, where they didn't even understand the basics of true formation and inscription. So, how hard could it be? 

For him, a man who had the unG.o.dly luck of finding a note left by master Rain where he learned several inscription techniques. This planet's inscription isn't even worth a tenth of a percent of his mental power to break.

"Seems like you're struggling a bit," spoke a man behind Su Xiao.

"I'm not!" Su Xiao shouted back, "It's just that these barbarians' inscription is so crud it's hard to read. It's like trying to understand a monkey's handwriting!" Su Xiao said.

"Well, seems like it's taking you d.a.m.n long enough," replied the cultivator behind him.

"You wouldn't understand!" Su Xiao said "Let me work in peace!" he added.

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Though the words spoken by Su Xiao meant he had everything in control, he actually was sweating inwardly.

He didn't know if this jade was meant to him, but when he read its content, he was stunned, he then replayed the content of the jade for everyone to see.

It clearly stated a location where the forces of Si Xue can converge, and kill the enemy without actually suffering any deaths or any danger to themselves.

This was too good to be true. But once everyone saw the name signed under the jade… they all had a different reaction.

"Do you believe this?" asked a cultivator addressing one of the people of the Black Tower.

"This is information sent to us, by the One-Eyed Snake. We might as well check it out." Said one of the Black Tower Administrators. 

And since the One-Eyed Snake was the only one who was on the board of rankers and h.o.a.rding the only contribution it was d.a.m.n worth investigating.

"Does the black tower know of the origin of the One-Eyed Snake?" asked another cultivator.

The administrator shook his head, "No, apparently no sect had come over claiming that he is a part of them. It seems that he is an elusive cultivator of this planet. And seeing that he is the only one who is able to kill enemy cultivators means that he has a method to bypa.s.s the barrier, or is probably already among the enemy lines." The administrator said.

The cultivators discussed among themselves the possibility of this being a trap, and how unbelievable this all sounded.

But the sterner of minds made had already agreed to charge forth and head to the location in the jade. Even if it was some sort of trap, the possibility of being able to take revenge on the invaders without suffering consequences was too good to be squandered and not take advantage of it.

h.o.a.rds and numerous cultivators flew over from all over heading towards the area where Shen Bao had pinpointed.

The first flames of war were lit, and now the real battle was about to begin.

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