Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 235 - Next Phase

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Chapter 235 - Next Phase

Distance in s.p.a.ce is absurdly great that using regular measuring means is pretty useless. And the best way to calculate great distance is light-years. And from where Zhang Tian was, to where hi subordinates were, even lightyears were not enough to calculate the distance.

Yet, he was still able to send commands in real-time to his subordinates, all using one single item, and it was one of the rarest treasures in the world.

A s.p.a.ce Owl Breath.

It was a single-use item, that can be used to send commands from any part of the world to another, and can be used to send private messages, or straight up hollering words throughout the galaxy for everyone to hear.

Most didn't use this item due to how rare it is, but Zhang Tian had several of them laying next to him, uncaring if they were to break after sending a single word asking about his friend.

"What's the situation?" asked Zhang Tian through one of the s.p.a.ce Owl Breaths he owned.

The reply came from the two cultivators that belonged to the Wind Realm.

"Seems like the Soul Signature you gave us doesn't belong to anyone here. They're all of varying cultivation stages, but none of them has any poisonous soul imprint." Replied one cultivator.

The s.p.a.ce Owl Command Token in Zhang Tian's hand broke, but he used another one to send another message.

"Can you s.n.a.t.c.h away the souls that are still hovering there?"

"There are only a few souls that managed to survive the explosion, but they're already in a pretty bad shape. And some have already been sucked into the Fire King's Soul Sealing Incense pots. Also, this is the last command token we have, please give us our last order." The cultivator said.

"Alright, listen, and listen carefully. This is what you'll do…" Zhang Tian spoke.

His following words, for any cultivator that wasn't a member of the Wind Realm sounded like nothing but suicide, it was death and nothing beside it.

But for the two cultivators who were hiding their presence among the Fire King's forces. His words were law, and his wishes were their orders.

"Yes sir," they replied, fully knowing that Zhang Tian had no way of hearing those words since their last Owl Breath Command Token broke.

The two cultivators then started their suicide mission.


With blood pooling under me, and bullets flying too close for comfort next to the cultivator who was following me, he decided that it was best that he would escape lest he gets taken out.

Faking my death would allow me to leave the company of these people. I already know all I need and now can act freely.

But I might as well review what I know about the Fire King's army.

For everyone on this planet, they know that the Fire King for some awkward reason decided to a.s.sault this planet. They didn't know that I was the reason why this was happening. 

One of the administrators of the lesser Black Towers apparently already knows this and decided to use me as a chip to get some favors from the Fire King. While in doing so, doomed the entire sect that backed me up, helped me when I first started, and the very sect that I worked hard in saving, rescuing, and nurturing back to health.

The Purple Cloud Sect is something that I grew attached to. And this man just came and took it from me, and simply because he could do it. Because he was strong enough to take it away from me, and I was too weak to protect it.

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I couldn't even muster an ounce of rage and madness against him, because it was a grudge that far surpa.s.sed the wrath that I had against him, thus I managed to overcome the rage and enter into a calmness that aided me in escaping his grasp.

If anyone wants to investigate my 'death' all they'll find his bones. Though this is not really worth my time, it's good enough a distraction to not have anyone wondering where my body went, and if I was actually a spy all along. 

X continued shooting at the cultivators giving them scare after scare and allowing me to leave unnoticed.

Once I touched the barrier that separated the two regions, the Qi Sealed region and the rest of the planet, it opened up for me, allowing me to enter back.

I then took several jades and had the same message on all of them.

Enemy location discovered, coordination…x.x.x-x.x.x.

I then threw the jades in the sky and they flew like bullets shooting off in the distance in every direction.

These jades will reach a few cultivators I know, powerful ones, and ones with influence and they can rally the information about the enemy cultivators and will mobilize a powerful force.

I called X back to me and then took Y.

"Where are we going master?" asked Y.

"We'll be doing some ma.s.s slaughter. We're going up." I said as I looked up in the skies.

The enemy forces were too spread out, and this would be a great way to takeout many, many powerful and unwary cultivators.

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