Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 231 - A Friend's Troubles

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Chapter 231 - A Friend's Troubles

The skies were colored with explosions of all types and sorts. Colors washed over the horizon as the enemy forces desperately tried to break through the formation that was protecting the planet. Though eventually, they can break it, it will take them an unG.o.dly amount of effort and Qi to do so. Because as long as the planet was supplementing the formation with Qi, the formation was gonna stand.

The sounds of explosions were like thunderclaps in a summer day, strange and uncommon, frightening to the mortals and animals alike, but for the cultivators, a reminder that an enemy was standing at their doors.

And while the enemy was trying to force their way through the main door, I was standing guard on the backdoor.

More cultivators came down this barren area, and never managed to go back. 

The whole world was coated in a powerful formation, while only this place was not. But still, that didn't mean that they could easily get inside to the planet, as even if this place could allow cultivators to come down, they can't get past the ma.s.sive formation wall, it was like a well that they went deep down into, and they could never get back up.

The only way to get out of this area that is full of Breath Sealing Poison is to break the ma.s.sive formation wall surrounding it which rose up to the skies to link with the planetary formation.

Which was as difficult as breaking the formation from outside.

The best thing was that I can attack them from behind the barrier while they can't do anything to me.

And the greatest part is the fact that any Qi spell that goes into the sealed area will die out, so even if I can't use any spells against them, they too can't, but I have the advantage of modern weaponry.

X was already positioned on top of one of the largest trees with a fully automated long-range rifle that he began using, taking down one cultivator at a time.

X, was not human, making his precision immaculate, every bullet shot from his rifle meant a dead cultivator. And the best part was the cultivators couldn't react to the bullets.

The Qi tampered with their Divine Sense and perception and also slowed down their reaction time by a lot.

So every shot was a kill, and every kill meant an advantage to this doomed planet.

I gave X orders to continue shooting, but only shoot those who made it to the ground, and if there is any cultivators that were still coming down, to hold off on the bullets lest he gets scared off.

The idea was to snipe and kill as many cultivators as we can, without them realizing that this was actually a kill zone.

Once X took out three more cultivators, I rushed through the prairies and began collecting their bodies. Some tried to force their souls into me to possess me, but with my powerful soul force, they were all met with a steel resolve and were ground to soul dust.

I collected the bodies and hid back in the nearest foliage, waiting for more cultivators to come down.

This hunting game continued on. Hour after hour, more cultivators came down. Only to never go back up.

And soon, the first day was about to end, and the curtains of this war have yet to fully unfold.

So far, all the cultivators that came to this area were nothing but weak cultivators of at most Nascent Soul stage. They were no match to X's rifle accuracy. 

And I could presume that these cultivators only happen to find this spot by sheer luck, and came down to explore. Since the formation will instantly kill anyone who touches it.

This was good, let them dribble down this hole like droplets of water, where I can take them out, one by one.

The first day went by. And apparently, Si Xue planet didn't act yet. The presence of the formation is enough of a.s.surance to them to not act for now. Preserving their powers while the enemy is actually fighting to get inside the formation.

But that was good for me, let them power up and use the time they have now to prepare for battle, while I'm gathering contribution. Though I'm unable to go back to the Black Tower and claim anything since I'm basically the number one bounty, once I clear my name, I'm sure to collect everything I am owed, with extras.

Another cultivator came down, and another life was claimed.

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The days continued on like this, slowly and surely, more kills were raked and more blood stained the prairies.


Away from the Barren World. Zhang Tian was notified by what just occurred outside the planet of Si Xue.

Since his friend was there, he had already sent powerful cultivators to watch over the planet, cultivators so strong and so mighty, that the Ascendant Stage cultivators of the Fire King didn't notice them while they hid themselves.

These cultivators job was to keep an eye on the planet, and mix in with the invaders and find a way to extract Shen Bao once they locate him. 

However, they managed to get information about the Fire King's active role in seeking this planet's destruction, and willingness to go all the way from his domain to this place, just to spite the Wind King.

However, before they could even enter the planet, a shuttle was seen flying outside of the planet, only to have the Fire King's own people attack and destroy it. Which, for the Wind King's members was something strange and akin to shooting themselves in the foot. Attacking the Black Tower's possession meant breaking all relations.h.i.+ps which was not something any of the four kings ever wanted.

But it seems that this shuttle was 'stolen' and those who stole it were killed, earning the Fire King a favor from the Black Tower.

However, this struck everyone as something odd. The Black Tower's Shuttles aren't something that anyone from a weak, barren planet can steal.

Yet when the destruction of the shuttle was complete, a few cultivators came in and began collecting the souls of the people who died, harvesting them into a Soul Refining Pot.

The whole scene was projected back to Zhang Tian who was not moved at first, but the moment one of the robes of the cultivators that just died flew across the scene he was looking at. Zhang Tian stood up… this was the same type of robe that Shen Bao was wearing when he came to the Celestial Realm.

The palace shuddered as the prince's face twisted into the ugliest expression of wrath that ever crossed his face since his birth.

The prince, the Thousand Year Scholar, son of the Wind King, a man with power enough to call down hail, and lightning has now been enraged.

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