Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 230 - First Blood

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Chapter 230 - First Blood

"Master Yul, I have them all here," spoke a cultivator as he approached a man who was sitting afloat in s.p.a.ce right above the planet of Si Xue.

The sitting cultivator had a pale gray face, with eyebrows that twirled up like the horns of a devil. His whole appearance was unholy, as a powerful dark aura was constantly seeping out of his body, exuding death and decay.

The devil-like cultivator opened his eyes, revealing crimson red pupils on a blacker than a black eye, and said, "Give it."

The first cultivator handed the devilish one a bag, and the latter opened it, he then slid his hand into the bag and grabbed a small soul from it.

It had the appearance of a young man who desperately struggled to rid himself from the grip of this devilish-looking man.

"Weaklings, not even fit for a snack," the devilish cultivator said as he gulped the cultivator's soul and chewed on it like if it was food.

"Master Yul, was that wise? Those souls are for the fire king," said the first cultivator.

Just as the man finished his words, the devilish-looking cultivator slapped him, powerfully so that claw marks sliced across the cultivator's face.

"Don't you ever dare question me!"

"Yes, Sir!" the man said.

"Keep going, you already f.u.c.ked up enough with attacking the Black Tower's shuttle, we've been set up, so don't you dare come at me with s.h.i.+t like this. Additionally, we spent too much waiting for the opportunity to invade this planet, now get it done, it's already time to start." The cultivator said.

"Right, I'll initiate the a.s.sault." The cultivator said. He then turned and called out.

"Servants of the fire king! For his majesty's Glory, his strength and his longevity, bring down the reckoning upon these mongrels, and claim this world for the Fire King's Glory!" the man spoke and all the cultivators, starting from the core, and nascent soul, all the way to half ascendant cultivators all shuddered as they rushed toward the planet form all over it.

Suddenly, before the first cultivator could even touch the atmosphere of the planet, lines so wide, so bright and so long spread from pinpoint sources.

These sources were the beacons that Shen Bao, Hei Gua Fu, and Dan Ryo, had placed all over the planet, and now, they connected together like a tight net that began linking with a speed far too fast for anyone to react to. 

"What is this!" was the question everyone was asking, and the reply came far too fast for them to like.

Immediately after every line was linked a few cultivators ignored the 'light' show and tried to go past them, only to be instantly eradicated, body, soul, and Qi, all at once.

"What the h.e.l.l is this?"

"This is a formation… why would a dirt-like planet like this have an offensive formation this powerful?!" a cultivator asked.

Only to receive a reply from another cultivator behind him, "This isn't even a powerful formation, at least for us Ascendants, but we can't use our power here, we'll die before we can even damage the planet…" a cultivator holding one of the incense pots said.

"How are we going to go through this formation?" asked a cultivator, only to receive a reply saying to him, "Breakthrough, everyone attacks the formation with as much strength you can, it will break eventually!" and thus began the a.s.sault on Si Xue.


As I sat down within the trees, hidden behind a formation that covered my presence, I began thinking about everything that just happened.

The administrator of the Black Tower on this planet is someone who will die, by my hands, without question, and it will be the last thing I'll do even if it means my own demise. 

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Because there is no way in h.e.l.l will I allow someone to screw me over as he just did?

Not that I can change the fate of the entire planet by myself, but I know my value, and I know d.a.m.n well how annoying I can be. And I'm about to prove it right now.

As I looked up, a couple of cultivators were coming down with incredible speed.

"d.a.m.n, this area is heavily restricting Qi!" one of them said.

"Just be careful, whoever made this formation probably didn't realize that this area, which suppresses Qi will work against him, let's a scout and go back to report this to the higherups." He said.

"You sure you don't want to go around a bit, I want to be the one who gets first blood in this battle…" the first cultivator said, but before he could even finish his words.

His right eye bulged up, then blew up as a bullet shot from the back of his skull.

The second cultivator's reaction was impressive as he didn't hesitate to jump back up, but he didn't understand the full effect of this area as the moment he jumped the world dragged him back, this area is filled to the brim with Breath Sealing Poison. Not mine, but a natural one that made this whole area impossible to live in.

Nothing besides trees and regular gra.s.s could survive here.

And with his Qi sealed, the cultivator fell down, and one bullet later from my revolver and his life was over.

I moved toward the bodies of the two cultivators, causing my medal to s.h.i.+ne immediately as it absorbed a strand of their souls each.

I then grabbed their bodies and placed them within the poison G.o.d's book, soul, and body.

"Good, two down, a whole army left… let's see how this goes on."

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