Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 229 - Betrayal And Resolve

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Chapter 229 - Betrayal And Resolve

Just as I came down the stairs along with the guards, I found Feng Han waiting for me, with a wide evil smile on his face.

"I'm rather impressed," he said, "That you didn't lose your cool, seems that your sect members aren't that important to you are they?" he said.

With his words spoken, the two guards next to me finally understood what happened.

Feng Han was the preparator behind this incident.

"Sir Feng Han, what is the meaning of this, Shen Bao is an honored guest of the Black Tower, a man who is favored by the Tower due to great achievement, a holder of a Golden Token." The guard said and approached menacingly against his own superior.

"Is that so?" Feng Han said, "All I see is a traitor to the Black Tower, a person given an inch and wanted to take a yard," he said as he grinned. "Not only did he attempt to steal a shuttle from the black tower to attempt to escape, running away from the responsibility of protecting his own planet, a traitor to his own people, he also killed a guard of the Black Tower in his attempt to run away from the tower. While another lost his life as he managed to valiantly stop Shen bao from escaping." Feng Han said.

Immediately, I managed to put two and two together, and turned tail, and shot out to the top of the tower stairs.

The two guards didn't understand yet what happened, because the moment they turned to look at my retreating figure, Feng Han slid both his fists into their backs, ripping their spines out from their backs and killing them instantly.

I blasted as much Qi as I could flooding the path behind me with toxic poison to stop Feng Han from following me. Which proved little than helpful as he teleported right in front of me.

But two of us can play that game.

I used my own version of teleportation and managed to shake him off. With my divine sense spread I could feel Feng Han's disturbed expressions changing as he spun his head around trying to scan my location with Divine Sense.

I placed two fingers under my bottom lip and breath out a gout of thick Breath Sealing Poison, causing any Qi in the vicinity to be disturbed and at the same time hide my own Qi signature. Though I don't have the same Qi as any other cultivator, I can still be detected by divine sense, but if I do this… I'm practically invisible.

I continued das.h.i.+ng away and spitting more breath-sealing poison which further hampered Feng Han from locating me, but he still knew that I was headed upwards, and just as I got to the doorway to the top of the tower.

"Y blast through!" I said and immediately Y's ma.s.sive arms shot up from within my chest and tore open the door.

He then flew forward and gently placed me on his shoulder, then blasted as much Qi as he could in an instant, causing the two of us to blast through the sound wall and disappear in the distance.

I was calm, too d.a.m.n calm in fact. Because this interaction that happened right now wasn't something I could manage or handle.

That man isn't someone I can defeat.

"It was wise of you, Master," Y said.

"What was wise," I said.

"That you have not been emotional, that you have not gone mad with rage, and that you have not attempted to fight against someone that is far stronger than an Ascendant."

"Oh, seems that you know what cultivation stage that man is."

"I do, but it will make no sense to speak it, as this world's laws will remove the notion of that cultivation stage from your mind." Y said.

"If he is that strong, why didn't he outright kill me."

"He wouldn't have been able to unless he wishes to die alongside you. It is decreed, by a mystic and ancient law, that these barren lands wouldn't allow Ascendants and above to rampage within them. Thus why the Fire King didn't send ascendants, otherwise they would have taken over the planet in an instant." Y said as we flew away.

"What would have happened if he used all of his power," I asked.

"Besides your inescapable death, the Heavenly Law would descend and he shall pay with his life to this transgression." Y said.

I nodded and continued moving forward, with blood colder than ice as I gazed at the world.

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Just as we were moving, a jade began shaking within my robes.

"Good luck Shen Bao," Elder Yue said.

"Thanks," I replied and broke the crystal.

I needed to get off the grid. And I can't have anything on me that can have me located.

I then pulled the black tower medal and pulled up my inscription pen and began modifying it.

It had a tracking inscription that I couldn't allow to exist. But other than that, it was a simple mechanism to capture a piece of the soul.

The medal worked in a way that once you kill someone who isn't from this planet, I will capture a sliver of their soul and compute its soul power and convert it to points.

I can still use this medal but I can't have it linked to my name, thus is modified the name it projected to something else.

"Y, get down here," I said and Y came down, the both of us were now in a wide wilderness that was pretty close to the place where the biggest slaughter-fest the planet of Si Xue had ever witnessed.

Once I was down, I relaxed my body and began agitating the bone and body grinding poison within me, soon my body began changing, from that of a young man to that of an old-looking, bald, pustule-filled and disgusting looking old creep.

My whole aura changed, my appearance, and with the help of a hunched back, my stature changed. Now I only needed to hide away X, and Y and I should be more than capable of fully camouflaging myself. Although this might work for a little while, once my weaponry is exposed I'm definitely going to be revealed to the world, but I should be able to manage by then.

"Good," I said as I realized that the time was about to begin for the invasion.

I pulled a small inscription paper and said, "Release."

With the word spoken, the talisman's inscription shone and then the world was lit, as the darkness of the night was chased away by an inscription so ma.s.sive, so wide, and so bright that it turned night to day for a fraction of a second.

The world became bright for a moment, and with this formation now active, the enemy forces have no way to enter the planet, but from this very small place in front of me.. And I was ready.

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