Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 225: Beacons of Hope

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Chapter 225: Beacons of Hope

I immediately pulled a bunch of inscription materials and began writing a pretty complex formation on one of the few talismans I had.

"What are you doing?" asked old man Yue. Who I learned the name of after a brief interaction with Hei Gua Fu. Also, the bald guy's name was Dan Ryo.

"I'm making beacons," I said.

The old man frowned, "Are you trying to overwrite the planetary inscription?" the old man asked.

"More like modify, overwriting the whole thing would have been better, but we don't have time. So, I'll need to update it. And that's why these beacons are so important. I said and finished the first one.

Then began writing another, and other more.

The beacon's main objective was to facilitate Qi transfer from the planet's Qi veins and lay lines into the formation, and also facilitate the transfer of Qi so that the whole planet can relay and function together. The only problem is that I need a lot of these things made and they need to be positioned in Qi positions all over the planet.

"Do you need my a.s.sistance?" asked old man Yue.

"As much as I would appreciate it," I said, then slid him one of the talismans I worked on, "It will only slow us down," I said as I continued writing more inscriptions on other pieces of inscription paper.

"What the?! This is a celestial inscription… it appears that your ventures were very fruitful. I must admit defeat here, I've tired and sought celestial inscriptions all my life, and I could barely write a single proper line after my many years of writing. I'm very envious of your talents Shen Bao, go ahead, I dare not interfere with you, but if you need anything just ask."

"Oh, yes, I'll need Top Grade Spirit stones, as many of them as you can afford. At least a hundred though, anything more is good to have."

"Why do you need Top Grade Spirit Stones?" Hei Gua Fu asked.

"To power up the beacons, I need every one of them to have its own power-up mechanism."

"Wouldn't it be best to use the planet's own Qi?" asked old man Yue.

"Not really, though it is least costly to use the planet's own Qi, the transfer and transformation of Qi from the planet to the formation will take a lot of time, delay in fact, and having a delay while cultivators concentrate their attacks on one single area will weaken the inscription. The Top Grade Spirit Stone will act as a secondary battery and cancel out the delay, so when the formation is taking Qi from the planet to replenish, it will be able to sustain hits thanks to the top-grade spirit stones. In essence, this will make it so that the barrier can last for as long as we can replace The Top Grade spirit stones that go bust, and as long as the planet has Qi, which is a d.a.m.n good long time." I said, all of this while still inscribing.

The group looked at me like I was the nerd in cla.s.s, unable to help in solving whatever major problematic I was solving, and at the same time unable to interrupt, because I was their only salvation and they needed to be quiet.

I continued writing the inscriptions as fast as possible, and placed every talisman I finished to the side, then continued on with writing more. 

A day went by before I was done and finally was able to finish up.

"Good, now It's ready," I said as I popped a few Spirit-Rejuvenating pills.

I then handed the talismans to the cultivators. 

"Each of you will take a hundred of these, and palace them in these locations. I said as I handed them each a map that I placed dots on where they needed to enable the small inscriptions.

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"You have two weeks," I said.

"Let them, it's not like I'm planning to pay back the Black Tower anytime soon, hah." The old man grinned.

"Seems like you think that outliving this ordeal isn't possible," I said.

"Not for me at least, I'm at the limits of my lifespan, and if I could help the younger generation, with as much as I could, I would. I lived, for far, far too long, Shen Bao." He said.

"Anyway, I'll need to finish this up, I still need to make a thousand more talismans," I said.

"Few hundreds? Who is going to take them? should I call the two back?" the old man asked.

"No, I'll take them myself," I replied.

"Ah, the puppet… but, flying at that speed will definitely not be good for a Nascent Soul Cultivator. Are you sure about this, I can make some defensive treasures that can make your journey less painful," he said

"Don't worry about me, I have my means," I said then began writing the inscriptions.

Another day went by before I was finally done, I then bid the old man goodbye and asked him to watch over the formation on the hologram. Whenever any of the beacons I made lights up, it should appear on the hologram.

Once all are lit up, the protective formation should be up and running.

and with Y's help, I should be able to travel all over the place and plant them, but I'm probably gonna be using a lot of my own energy. And since this whole cl.u.s.terf.u.c.k is basically my fault, I should at least do as much as I can to help.

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