Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 221: Recollection

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Chapter 221: Recollection

A lot of random things happened that I didn't know the reason for, and pa.s.sively being able to defeat a Soul Transformation cultivator without me even realizing was one of these random things that I couldn't explain yet. I'll need to understand more later.

"So, what are you two going to do now?" I asked mocking the two, but at the same time feigning bravado. Because honestly, whatever happened earlier, left me, utterly, completely, and perfectly out of any ounce of Poison Qi, I was barely standing and using every ounce of my energy to stop my hands from shaking.

The two of them were in a situation that they never expected to happen, not that I did. Their sect master was killed before they knew it, and the reason for their aggression became far too insignificant when pitted against their lives.

The Three-Legged Raven Sect will be doomed the moment these two make a move, this is what they believed. For them, I was capable of doing the earlier feat with ease and can replicate it and eradicate them afterward.

"Uncle, let's leave, this man is a monster and an abomination against the heavens, heaven will punish him for his cruel ways," Chuzi Yan said and immediately jumped up in the sky and started flying away with as much speed as he could.

The older of the Chuzi family snorted and jumped up to follow after his nephew.

Looking at their retreating figures seemed to once again cause my agitation to grow.

I pressed my hand on my side bag and pulled Z, the small spider puppet I made.

"Chase, kill," I spoke and threw it forward.

The spider, small as it was, was so fast he'll make a flying bullet look like a snail.

It shot forward with so much speed it broke the sound barrier and was already next to Chuzi Yan.

The spider's tail struck but failed to land on Chuzi Yan because his uncle immediately intercepted the small creature.

The needle on Z pierced into the old man's open palm and grunted.

Z jumped back and flew down, while the old man cursed, then immediately used his other hand to cut off the one that was poisoned.

After all, if he had let the bone and body grinding poison travel through his system he would have been a dead man.

The old man then immediately grabbed his nephew and started teleporting away.

"Running away like that is not manly! Let's follow!" Yei Man spoke with a virile voice.

"There is no point, a lot of trouble will soon befall the whole planet, your Qi is best used to fight against the invaders." The old monster said.

"But they might come back and sneak attack, Shen Bao." Yei Man spoke what he thought to be a valid point.

"Do you think that after what happened they'll dare show their faces again?" the small kid said.

"Hah! Yes, the way he beat that Soul Transformation cultivator was pretty manly, you should teach me how you used that skill."

"What skill? I can't remember anything," I replied.

"Oh, really, give me a moment," the muscle mountain said as he pulled a small jade and pressed it against his head.

Soon he gave me the jade and said, "Watch," he said.

Then I placed it against my forehead and began rewatching what I missed.

The scene was being played from Yei Man's point of view, and I could see the events starting the moment I dodged the spear throw.

I could see myself, slowly, closing my eyes, then opening them, where one was blue as the clear skies, the other was green and enraged with a h.e.l.lish flame.

I then teleported and appeared right in front of the old man, who scuffed.

"You, dare and approach me! Even though you're a weak nascent Soul cultivator, instead of running away, you're coming right to me!"

"I can't beat the s.h.i.+t out of you if I don't get closer, can I?" I replied as coldly as a rattlesnake that was too rattled.

"Then come as close as you like!" the old man said in a wide grin.

The sect master said and struck down with an open claw.

And I teleported with ease away from it, appearing to his side where Creeping Demise was already sent his way.

The old man struck his palms together creating a shockwave that was about to send me throttling back, but I teleported once again and further into his own s.p.a.ce where I thrust Creeping Demise only for it to meet nothing like the old man teleported with ease.

I followed after and teleported behind the man, then where he expected Creeping demise to cut, his expression was of shock when his parry went empty as, I sent a punch into his face, then several more into his stomach, and finally a kick forward that caused him to be sent back spiraling a few times in the air.

"Ora ora motherf.u.c.ker," I said.

The old man then began moving forward, and teleported, once, twice several times, and hundreds of times in seconds, as he created several afterimages of himself. He then pulled a sword, and all the copies around me seem to be doing the same. 

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And since he was preparing a skill... and me seeming vexed by the old man's ability to move freely in s.p.a.ce, I raised one hand and spread my fingers into an open palm that looked like it was about to grasp the skies.

I was always able to defeat others who were higher cultivation stage than me, but that was because I always relied on the element of surprise and unorthodox methods of battler. The ability to control situations to my advantage using things that cultivators never thought existed. But this guy's cultivation level, his Soul Transformation level comes with a pretty big bonus. Which is pure, raw destructive ability. 

And right now since he can't focalize or locate my proper location he started creating a ma.s.sive Qi ball and was about to blow it up.

"DIE!" the old man said.

To which Yei Man, spoke for the first time, "s.h.i.+t, that thing is gonna cause some damage… old monster, should we back away?"

"Hold, I think that Shen Bao isn't done yet." The kid said.

Immediately after that, from within my chest came Y's ma.s.sive arm, holding one of the Demon Trigger weapons I made for him, fully active and then struck down, slicing both the ma.s.sive Qi ball and the wielder in half.

The Sect Master was never able to balance himself nor block my blows, so it would be a miracle to dodge an incoming strike from Y, thus the sword cut cleanly from his shoulder to his thigh. Leaving the man looking at me in utter terror.

The Qi ball then blew up, but instead of running away, I pointed both my hands forward were from within every finger of mine came law lines, so thick and wide that they spread around the ma.s.sive Qi ball, and the moment they connected behind it, the whole Qi ball disappeared.

Then soon, a ma.s.sive explosion sound echoed in the far distance as a mountain's top was rattled and destroyed out of existence.

I then followed after the remains of the body of the cultivator who was sliced in two and grabbed his head.

He tried to speak, but I used all the Qi in me, coupled with my Heart Flame, and sent a surge of fire coursing through him, leaving nothing but a charred skull, that had some black sludge of red blood on it.

The Soul Transformation Cultivator was eradicated, body and soul, burnt to nothingness.

Then, I finally woke up.

The crystal's recording ended and I was finally able to understand why everyone was impressed and afraid.

Seems like for a moment I lost consciousness and a second persona took control…

That person was scary… he didn't seem to have any hesitation in him, didn't stop waiting or calculate anything, but acted, and actively moved. Always taking the offensive and initiative in the fight. Even if his cultivation level was low, unlike me, that persona, was someone who acted before he planned.

s.h.i.+t…I think I'm developing schizophrenia.

I'm crazy.


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