Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 220: Enraged

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Chapter 220: Enraged

The Elder Zhong Chuzi and the younger-looking version of the same man, who I presumed to be Yan Chuzi rushed me with hatred in them never before seen.

The young cultivator who was not even ten years of age, snorted as he immediately teleported in front of me and blocked the Zhong Chuzi's palm strike.

While the muscular cultivator stood in front of Yan Chuzi's sword and blocked it with his own stone club.

The sword strike was strong enough to cause the club wielder to take a single step back, but at the same time sent Yan Chuzi reeling from the vibration of having some of the power of his attack reflected back on him.

"Hoho, that blow, was meant to kill. You're not holding your punches are you," spoke the muscular cultivator.

"Yei Man, why are you interfering?" spoke Elder Zhong.

"Interfering? You dared and try and hurt this little brother of mine, and you think I will stand still and do nothing? That's not manly!" the man said and laughed, loud enough that he sent a shockwave of dust and debris flying from around him.

"Seems like I'm being ignored, am I not threat enough old man," spoke the young kid.

The moment his words were spoken, it felt as if the world turned slightly colder.

Elder Zhong took a few steps back and said, "Old monster… you rarely show your face, what brings you here in these matters," said Zhong.

"My matters aren't for the likes of you to discuss, but since you dared and acted so brazenly in front of me, how about I teach you some manners!" the young kid said and pulled a small bronze mirror from his robes.

He pointed it at the old man who immediately went into a frenzied retreat.

"We have no enmity between us! Old Monster, why must you act with a heavy hand!" the old man said as he tried to dodge the gaze of the mirror.

Yan Chuzi looked to be pinned under the ma.s.sive form of Yei Man, while I found myself looking at this scene with utter confusion.

Everyone is so d.a.m.n blood thirsty.

And since they were all occupied I might as well just get inside the black tower and resolve this whole ordeal.

Yet, just as I was about to take a step forward, I felt a gaze upon me, that made me feel like a rat under the stare of a hidden great serpent.

Terrorized for a moment, then released the second after.

This was a sort of domain that rendered someone unable to move, and if I wasn't able to release myself from that domain that instant…

A ten foot spear shot right where I was standing a moment ago and bore into the ground, creating cracks around it.

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Loud coughing sounds echoed from the skies high above as blood started dripping on the ground.

Looking around, even the two of them were slightly wary of me.

"What happened?" I asked, innocently so.

The two of them looked at each other and said, "You don't remember?"

"Not a d.a.m.n thing, all I remember was everything turning white, then I had a skull in my hand, who did it belong to?" I asked.

"It belonged to a Soul Transformation cultivator… someone the both of us would have had a lot of trouble dealing with. But…what was that thing you used?" asked the Old Monster.

"What thing? I don't know, and he is dead already?"

'How the heck did that happen? Though to be honest, I feel slightly better. No rage episodes left.'

"I don't know how to explain it well, but for a moment, it was like you became a completely different person… your talent rose up, and became even greater than mine. Your offensive power was on par with a Soul Transformation cultivator, and you used a sword slash that killed him while pinning him with some strange laws…"

'The last part must have been Y, but the rest I have no idea how they happened.'

I should check this later. For now, the remaining two of the Three Raven Sect are staring daggers at me, and they don't seem to have enough courage left in them to fight, but their pride is stopping them from taking a step back.

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