Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 22 Creeping Demise

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Chapter 22: Creeping Demise

Once I got the kid to the pavilion a couple of older disciples came to carry him, they noticed the injuries and a.s.sured me with the following words "We'll take care of him, Shen Bao, Elder Yun requests your presence."

"I'll go check with him, please take good care of Meng Hao."

"We will," replied the disciple and left with Meng Hao for treatment.

As I walked up the stairs of the Pavilion uninterrupted by elder Zhang, who I became a regular and daily guest of his. I saw Elder Yun waiting at the veranda where we played Go every day.

"Junior Greets Elder Yun, I heard that you need me."

"Yes, now that you've reached the peak of the middle stage of Qi condensation, you've earned the right to pick a weapon from the armory of the pavilion."

"Thank you, but I'd rather wait for that. I have some concerns."

"I know, that's why I asked for you, go pick the weapon. You'll need it."

"Why? What's going on?" I asked.

The old man sighed and replied, "You've made Han lose face, and with our daily encounters and talks I come to understand that the world of cultivation is still too fresh for you. So you don't know the consequences of your actions."

"I truly didn't, because if someone had a beef with me, why not settle it against me, only cowards would hurt weaker people and those around me."

The elder smiled and said, "I know, but remember, where have you been spending most of your time lately?"

"Well, with you of course."

"Exactly, and who am I?"

After a moment I finally understood what the elder meant, "You're an elder, and even an inner disciple wouldn't dare cross you. So that's why he couldn't take revenge directly against me because I visit you every day and chose to attack someone who is unrelated to you."

"Good, now this should teach you, that in a world of cultivation, you're not only responsible for yourself. Your actions could lead to the demise of the people around you. That is why, most cultivators would choose to lead a solitary life, filled with solitude and loneliness so that no one could harm them. Friends.h.i.+ps, families, children are all weaknesses for a cultivator, and most rid themselves from them to seek the great Dao."

"Thank you for your lesson, senior. I'll keep it in mind."

"Right, if you can't help but make friends, then make strong ones, who will not drag you down." Elder Yun said.

"Or, be strong and domineering enough that when someone tries to harm your friends, they'll think twice about it."

"Ah, that's a great way to think about it, but that path is ruthless. It could easily drive the people around you away if you wish to take it."

"In this case. I don't dare ask an elder for help, you offered enough already. I'll deal with it myself."

"I will not stop you, it is not in the nature of our Sect to stop the disciples from forging their own paths, although, Disciple Han is far stronger than you, he is a Core Forming Cultivator, an entire realm above yours."

"I know, but I've dealt with worse," I said as I grinned and went down to the reception hall.

"I have a token from Elder Yun, I need to pick up a weapon," I said to the receptionist.

The disciple in question asked me to show the token and once I did he gestured for another disciple to take his place as he led me to a door at the back of the reception hall.

Behind the door was a wide range armory of different weapons. There were war bows, swords, eastern swords, sabers, Zweihanders, clubs, s.h.i.+elds, and many other types of weapons.

"These are all grade nine weapons, pick one. If you choose a bow you'll get a quiver of arrows, but any subsequent arrows you wish to procure you'll have to buy using your merit points or in exchange with pills." The disciple stated.

"Right, I'll have a look," I said as I looked at the weapons in the armory. There were so many that one would feel lost. But I had to keep my head about me here. First things first, Great swords are out of the question, so are bows. Simply because they are too d.a.m.n heavy.

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For the sword part, the greatswords are pretty heavy and it's obvious why they have a lot of metal in them, duh.

"I'll take it." I replied.

"Man, whatever, I'm not gonna stop you, you're just wasting your token. So don't come crying to me when that weapon of yours snaps."

"Nah I won't." I grinned as I took the sword.

This weapon, amongst all of those in that room, it was not the best, and probably the worst one in the bunch, that is of course if one didn't have the Poison G.o.d's Heritage.

Earlier at the moment, I noticed the weapon, the book inside my chest sent me a message.


Creeping Demise

A stoic and polymorphous weapon, capable of extending by the will of the user and can change form to a whip. A Xiantian weapon, wielded by saints. It can be categorized as a top fifth tier weapon almost at fourth.

It can only show its real power in the hands of an Ascendant Cultivator, but for now, no weapon under the Fifth Tier can break it or contend with it.

Memories of the Poison G.o.d

I happened to have used a similar weapon earlier in my cultivation days, and they were amazing, especially since you can dip the tip of the Creeping Demise in poison, and with only one slash, you can end someone's life. Especially since this weapon has a viper-esque nature that could bypa.s.s all defenses when used right.

*** 'So, its real name is Creeping Demise. Well, I'm better off using it as a standard sword. Perhaps like a rapier for now. Until I fully unlock its potential. Man having an all-knowing book sure does help knowing treasures from trash.'

I took the weapon and the sheath and placed it behind my back, tucked within my robes so no one could see it. It was about two feet long and could hide in there comfortably. Also with all the tumorous bulges on me, no one would notice the hidden weapon.

Time to pay inner disciple Han a visit.

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