Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 217: Tribulation

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Chapter 217: Tribulation

(Lot of sciencing happening in this chapter also, but it's less confusing than last one. At least this one I'm sure it will be relatable and clearer to understand because I'm using actual physic laws instead of theories like last time.)

I gotta admit, learning Teleportation was fun, actually too fun that I was honestly totally, completely exhausted after a whole day's worth of trying all the types of random c.r.a.p I can do with teleportation.

Though I did come across a few close calls, especially once when I miss wrote the anchoring inscription, and almost lost myself within the s.p.a.cial folds, apparently, there is a sort of mechanism, that allows a person who left the current Primal spatial sheet to get back to it, it's like it's the default s.p.a.ce that you will always return to if you don't have a specific destination in mind.

Also, I managed to upgrade a lot of my already underhanded battling techniques, to become even more underhanded. As it appeared, I could link an object, to a certain spatial sheet that was not the primal s.p.a.ce, and keep it there, unlike myself, a living object, a none living object can exist within a different spatial layer without it being forced out of it. So, I pulled several explosives and planted them in a different spatial layer.

They were not visible to the eye, and I even detonated one of them to see if their explosion would cause any interference within the prime s.p.a.ce, but nothing seemed to affect the Prime s.p.a.ce, or at least the explosive canister didn't have enough impact to affect it.

Still, this was a good way to hide things in subs.p.a.ces and pull them whenever I wish to, it's like using an inventory s.p.a.ce only this one is very specific to me, and only I can open it and can peer through it. Because, of the billions upon billions of spatial folds, the chances of someone actually ending up finding my spatial sheet where I kept the bombs are extremely low, that is of course if they know how to even open a spatial sheet.

This allows me to manifest the items I hid in the subs.p.a.ces without even needing to move a muscle.

Once I had all the fun I could, and theorized many ways I can use this newfound spatial knowledge, I began focusing on the second part of the spatial law I learned. The Gravitational Law.

Which proved to be far, far, easier than actually teleporting.

Gravitational Law is like trying to balance and unbalance weights in empty s.p.a.ce. It's more of an equation than an actually spatial theory that I had to invent and prove.

Gravity is simple, you want to increase gravity in a single point? Then make it heavier. Because every object has an inherent weight to it, and every weight has an inherent gravitational pull. That's the reason why planets have orbits and a gravitational pull, it's because they are too d.a.m.n big, and their size causes a pull to anything that is smaller than them, and even bigger than them.

Gravitational pull is what's causing planets to rotate and spin around each other, for example, my older solar system was composed of nine planets and the sun. The sun's size is so huge that it created a gravitational pull capable of pulling all of the planets and keeping them moving around its...o...b..t.

As for why the planets couldn't 'leave' the orbit of the sun, it's because of the gravitational pull of the sun, it keeps dragging them back, while they tried to trebuchet themselves outside of its pull.

The balance is so perfect, that if you could somehow remove the sun in an instant, you'll see every planet on that orbit shooting away from their orbits like a wrecking ball has its rope snap, it will shoot out until they are forced into another gravitational pull capable of retaining their size and manage them into its own orbit.

This is a very crude method of explaining gravitational pull, but it serves the purpose of what is Gravitational Law.

To create a pull on something one must create weight in a certain s.p.a.ce. 

I placed a small spirit stone on the ground and took a few steps away from it.

I then pointed my finger at it.

To apply a pulling power, I can make the weight of my finger heavy enough to create a pulling power capable of dragging or pulling the spirit stone towards it.

However, to create a pulling power capable of contending with the gravitational pull of the entire planet I'm on, which is pa.s.sively applying gravitational pull on that Spirit Stone, will mean that my finger needs to be too heavy for me to even think it would be humanly possible to carry, which immediately thwarted the idea I had into applying law lines onto my finger unless I wanted to lose it.

Thus, why make my finger heavy, when I can give substance to what doesn't have substance?

s.p.a.ce itself, though it is not tangible, can gain weight. Though this might sound stupid and unrealistic, the idea of 'Black Hole' in s.p.a.ce gives this very thought some light.

What is a black hole? It is not a hole per se, no it is s.p.a.ce itself, bent, distorted, and caved in due to its own weight, creating a ma.s.sive gravitational pull in s.p.a.ce so strong and so powerful, that not even light can escape, thus the color black.

The visual distortion of the very black hole from trapping light causes it to look like a hole, where in fact it is nothing of the sort. It's more like a one-dimensional object in a three-dimensional s.p.a.ce, it's very hard to explain in words, but a black hole is just a ma.s.sive weight of nothingness if that makes any sense.

So, I applied Gravitational Law, pulling all the small natural tendrils of Gravitational law of the planet itself, stealing them for myself, and forcing them to connect to the tip of my finger.

This made the spirit stone lose any gravitational attachment the planet was applying on it and was forced to fly towards the second best thing that was applying a gravitational force to it.

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And thus the spirit stone stuck to the tip of my finger. 

Where just as I sat foot, I felt a dreary air premating the place, almost like something bad was going to happen.

The world rumbled and the skis coiled in desperate frustration that was about to be appeased. Thunder broke rumbling the very ground I was under as I realized something very annoying was happening.

"s.h.i.+t…Heavenly Tribulation," I mumbled.

The heavenly tribulation I was facing apparently was far worse than the one that Meng Hao was facing, not because I was better than him, but apparently, the more one tried to avoid it, the stronger it becomes, and right now, the red clouds were covering the entire city and were threatening to bring down hails of thunder and lightning down on my head very, very soon.

I walked out of the manor and immediately felt hundreds upon hundreds of divine senses coming towards me, I took a step forward and felt that my whole body felt so weightless that I could…fly.

And I did, I jumped up and found myself torpedoing through the skies, I even used my own Qi to propel myself forward, which was a very, very bad idea, as it shot dark green smoke from the soles of my feet, which was very poisonous… I hope no one inhales that. But this helped me blast out and away from the city.

Many cultivators rose up in the skies and funneled the poison away, and the expressions on their faces weren't friendly apparently but they didn't chase after me, because they knew who this Heavenly Tribulation was after, and they didn't want anything to do with it.

"Shen Bao, there is an urgent situation that needs your presence, can you come over once you are done with your heavenly Tribulation?" asked the voice of a man I recognized, it was the same guard from the Black Tower.

"Okay, I will, is it related to the Purple Cloud Sect?" I asked

"Yes, they came claiming that you gave them the golden insignia," the guard said.

"Not a claim, I did give it to them, s.h.i.+t, I can't talk right now, once I'm back we'll discuss this."

"Right G.o.dspeed then, at least now I have a way to stop the Three-Legged Raven Sect,"

'Hmm, seems like those guys are back and looking for trouble, I can't deal with that now,' I mumbled as I looked up, the Lightning was preparing to descend and I needed to be as far away from the city as possible. Because it looks like this is going to be a very annoying tribulation.

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