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Chapter 216: Spatial Law

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Chapter 216: Spatial Law

'Heads up, the amount of mindf.u.c.kery and SCIFI I had to read/books and logical thinking I had to do to write this chapter is honestly something I feel proud of. But if you find something inconsistent/contradictory please tell me, though I doubt it cuz I've been checking and double-checking for my life's worth to present to you, how I as a regular person, made teleportation an actually working theory... well that's a bold claim but I really really spent a good amount of time and a lot of brain cells making this, also this note was added after the chapter so you won't be paying for it.'

I threw away another book, and I've been like this for days. Piles and piles of spatial law books thrown, though my knowledge over spatial law has improved I'm still in the same situation I was in a week or so ago.

"So, how the h.e.l.l does one teleports here…" I thought as I was feeling more confused than ever. Thinking that teleportation is the knowledge that will come to you once you become a Nascent Soul Cultivator, when in fact it's something you learn.

But at the same time, how the h.e.l.l did Meng Hao teleport the moment he reached Nascent Soul cultivation realm?

I tried again, with the steps in one of the first manuals.

Spread your divine sense, locate an area in s.p.a.ce. And then swap…

f.u.c.k this s.h.i.+t, this isn't working, what the f.u.c.k does swap even mean?

I slumped down sighing. This is the most frustrating thing I've ever faced since I've become a cultivator. And I've been through some serious s.h.i.+t.

But the frustration comes from the fact that I 'WANT' to teleport, because subconsciously, and now consciously, I'm thinking that this is the closest one can get to superpower. No matter how hypocritical that sounds, since I'm practically able to use an invisible sonar called Divine Sense, and spew out toxic breaths at whims not to mention all the other shenanigans I can do. But this, To freely teleport is something that I want to have, for me.

I took a moment to relax and began rea.s.sessing all the information I have learned. Perhaps I was missing something or overthinking something thus I'll try again but this time slowly and see what was wrong.

First off, to teleport, one must know what is s.p.a.ce. And I've already identified s.p.a.ce as an endless spherical globe made of endless intertwined straight sheaths of paper. Meaning that there is no up and down in s.p.a.ce, no left and right, it's all relative.

s.p.a.ce can be split into folds, hundreds, thousands, unlimited, and countless folds, one atop each other. But going from one 'sheet' of s.p.a.ce to another doesn't mean that you changed dimension, but you're in the same dimension only on a different frequency, a frequency that if someone isn't in it, they cannot interfere with you, or they can but on a limited scale.

Good, the basis is set up, now, for the more serious matters.

A person can exist in multiple spatial sheets. Or any object. Or more like, many spatial sheets will intertwine into any single point of existence. But the presence, the actual presence of a person will always remain in the primary spatial sheet…let's call it, spatial sheet Prime. The main spatial sheet is where everything we see exists.

Now, to change an object's ma.s.s, value, weight, or entire existence, one has to take it from the Prime Sheet and take it to a secondary sheet, this will cause it to 'disappear' from sight. Since it is no longer in the same sheet, it will be in a different spatial sheet, thus making the object disappear, or be transparent, or translucent. It didn't physically change location per se, but the whole s.p.a.ce around it was transformed to another, and this made the existence of the object no longer available in the prime spatial sheet.

Okay, so far I'm not having any mental meltdowns because this seems rather basic and clear to all. (4th Wall warning) -Tbh as a writer my head hurts from just thinking this s.h.i.+t up and making it as logical as possible-

Now, if this is the basis of spatial change and modification, applying this to a single sheet is not as easy. Because in theory, this will mean, that I'll have to exit the Prime Spatial Sheet, enter through a secondary spatial sheet, and move a certain distance, then emerge back into the same primal sheet. This is teleportation on paper.

Because trying to have an object physically change location from place to place without applying any motion force on it is incredibly against everything I've ever learned.

Then, now that we have everything set up, one thing is bothering me, going to another spatial sheet and then moving, walking running flying a certain distance then appearing back in the Prime s.p.a.ce means that it will take time. The time I didn't have, or wouldn't have, or shouldn't even think about wasting in certain situations. That will be in sense teleportation, but it will be very slow, as in I would have spent the same time, flying from a point in s.p.a.ce Prime to the second point in s.p.a.ce Prime, as I would have spent by going to a secondary s.p.a.ce and then move all the way to appear back in s.p.a.ce Prime.

Thus, this makes it useless.

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However, if I go back to the first point I noted, where I said that all s.p.a.ce, every bit of it, is intertwined and mixed into a supremely confusing merge of the spatial sheet, this will mean, that in a certain spatial sheet, the very point I wish to be in.

My head almost blew up from the amount of information that surged into my consciousness, and I fell down, throwing up from the dizziness.

I apparently, tried to locate every single spatial fold around me, and this caused my mind to almost explode with useless information.

But thankfully, this woke me up to a reality I wasn't aware of, if I had tried to go into a different s.p.a.ce, I might have found myself lost in a s.p.a.ce all alone. But thanks to the Law sign I wrote, I managed to anchor myself, which seemed to be a necessary thing to do in order to change spatial sheets.

And another thing, it's the fact that I don't need to search using divine sense everywhere, this will only cause my mind to blow up from trying to calculate all the spatial folds that exist through the span of my divine sense, which are a f.u.c.kload.

So, I focused my divine sense into a straight line, which impressively could travel a disgustingly far distance, and pinpointed it on the books. Then, did the same as before.

The headache was no more as I was able to actually find very, very, very few spatial pathways, and spatial sheaths that corresponded to my current location, and once I leave Spatial Prime, I'll find myself in a sub-s.p.a.ce where I'm actually standing on top of the book pile.

And now, with the point of arrival pinpointed, and the spatial anchor positioned. Just the mere fact that I willed myself to walk, my vision swam and I found myself standing on the book pile.

The spatial transfer was so fast, so incredibly fast, that I entered and was ejected for two different spatial sheets by the speed of thought…

And thus, I made my first teleportation, based on theory, and not some stupid book that says, choose a location and swap… swap my a.s.s motherf.u.c.ker!


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