Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 214: Success

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Chapter 214: Success

My mind was racked by millions upon millions of random symbols, I could see them as they moved towards my brain like they wanted to impart themselves onto the outer crust of both my mind and my core. Yet, if a hundred thousand of those symbols crashed into me, I felt a connection to only a couple at most.

The wave of Heavenly Symbols seemed endless, yet the more there were, the greater the benefit. As I was trying to grasp understanding from this phenomenon, more and more symbols that I recognized and connected with made it to me, and inherently I began to understand slightly more about s.p.a.ce.

Law, in its essence, is a rule of the world. But once a cultivator understands the law, in essence, they can mold, modify and adjust this very rule to their own benefit. But Law is intangible.

Physics decrees that the increased motion of molecules in a certain area or s.p.a.ce creates heat. But understanding law makes one able to alter this very fundamental rule of physics to their own bidding.

This is the same thing I saw when I faced the Soul Transformation's domain, where he used cold flames that could both sear and freeze. Trying to apply physics to Law is impossible, but the opposite can be done. 

And Law is like a type of 'magic' that one can do, and alteration of the rules of physics and relative normalcy in our days to do something that cannot be comprehended. Though, incomprehension is for mortals who seek to deduce and understand the world through physics, while immortals go a step beyond, and can apply the law to seek a new domain or dimension where regular laws of physics cannot be applied, where a mortal can see someone regenerating an entire limb could be a miracle, for a mortal it's an application of Law to regenerate a limb.

And in front of me, on this ma.s.sive charging wave of law, I could grasp but two. Law of Gravity, and Law of Fire.

The two are the only things I could inherently comprehend, as their symbols were 'visible' and clear, while the rest of the laws were illegible scribbles that I didn't waste time trying to h.o.a.rd or understand lest I lose the small portions of Gravitational and Fire Laws.

Hours went by as I was soaking in the symbols and once my Core was perfectly coated with hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of symbols, the effect of the fruit ended, and then began the Qi surge.

That surge came at me like a stampede of frightened rhinos. The Qi was so powerful, and far, far more brutal than the Nascent Origin Soul fruit. It was as if the Law Fruit wanted to force its way into my meridians and Dantian, and if I don't allow it, it will break everything in its path to achieve its goal.

So I had to surrender control, and immediately, regretted it.

My spiritual veins felt like they inflated as ma.s.sive loads of Qi surged through them and began funneling into my meridians, once they filled the meridian, they went into the next one.

Spiritual Veins popped and burst, creating Qi leaks, but I managed to force the little Poison Qi I had left, not to guide, but to repair and stanch the leaks.

My nose and mouth shot out blood as the force of the Qi were too much to control, but I had to continue repairing, because I was currently feeling like plastic explosives coated with a very thin layer of foil, and the moment that layer of foil is broken, I'll blow up. So I had to do my best to preserve my veins lest I become an impressive splatter on the ground.

Pressure rose up in my mind and made me feel like I was going to have a hemorrhage in my brain due to how much I was trying to keep up with the rampaging Qi.

This is the very point where I envy Meng Hao. As he broke the Nascent Soul without much difficulty, while side character me is suffering h.e.l.l untold to just take the next step into the cultivation path.

Off with the negative thoughts, I should focus up, my life is on the line.

Once the Qi surge reached the Dantian, then came the time of the true test.

The Qi surged inside my Dantian like biblical punishment winds. They surged, roared, and rose up high and began forcefully spinning the ma.s.sive core, the very core felt like it was about to suffer and be destroyed due to the ma.s.sive amount of Qi forcing its way into it. But it held on and rotated allowing the Qi 'wind' to move it.

Soon, the Core spiraled and spiraled some more, and instead of being spun by the wind, it became the eye of the storm as it began to call forth not only the wind but even my sea of consciousness to it.

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The Qi, natural from the Law Fruit, and my own Poison Qi, shaped into my sea of consciousness began rising up, as a ma.s.sive pillar of water, that looked like a reverse typhoon rose up, while the Qi winds rotated shaping into a ma.s.sive storm and the core was the center of all.

But the impurities in this discharge were so dark, and were even moving, and ma.s.sive that I had no idea I was carrying this much.

My spine then began shaking, and I could feel the vertebrae on it snapping and shaking, then came another surge of vomiting. Then the bones on my body shuddered and my very joints crackled the sound of thunder as I closed my fists.

My lungs expanded then I exhaled a dark disgusting black fume and then finally fell on my knees huffing in exhaustion.

Suddenly, long silky hair fell down next to my cheeks.

Touching it, I realized that my hair grew all the way to my waist, and I just cut it off a few days ago because it was annoyingly long.

Then noticed that my hand became slightly paler but far gentler looking.

"f.u.c.k!" I cursed, as I feared that I was once again age regressing, and with a fair hand like that, I might as well be a woman.

I pulled a mirror from my side bag and realized that my fears were unfounded. Though I did age regress, and instead of an uncle in his thirties, I was more like a young man in his mid-twenties, exuding a youthful charm and youngness I've surpa.s.sed decades ago.

I stood up, and knew d.a.m.n well, that now I achieved Nascent Soul stage, so the thing I was most tempted to test was Teleportation.

However, the moment I was fully standing, everything went white and I fell on my back… darkness took me and I fell in its embrace.

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