Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 211: A Certain Octopus Would be Proud.

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Chapter 211: A Certain Octopus Would be Proud.

"Good, now I'll just need to make a mechanism to reload the rocket launchers, or outright have many of them stockpiled inside the spatial inscription, and Y can easily swap in new rocket launchers for used ones."

I then began creating even more rockets and launchers and this took several months for me to finally be satisfied with how many rockets I had.

I then began upgrading the bullets I had, for more lethal, faster, and even deadlier ones. But since the workload was too much for me, I actually began thinking about making something to help me facilitate this.

Inscribing the bullets was easy to work since I can easily just use one inscription on a talisman, and then pull it and place a copy of it on however many bullets I have. 

The problem was making the bullets was the thing that was annoying and boring. It was mundane work, and how amazing it was since X came to me and said, "Teach me how to make those," he said.

And lo and behold, I showed X how to make bullets from regular Meteorite steel, and how to make them hollow so I can place poison inside them. He immediately understood and began recreating them to perfection, and far faster than even I could.

Z was also helping, as he easily grabbed small materials and took them to X who began cutting and rounding up the bullets, then stockpiled them for me to inscribe and place poison pills in them later.

This was pretty d.a.m.n good. Sadly Y was too ma.s.sive to be of help and only sufficed with standing still and watching over how everything was going.

More time went by, and today made the first year I spent inside the white room.

The automaton came and reminded me of how much I had spent here, and looking at one year worth of progress I was impressed with how fast time could fly by when one is invested in this.

The materials I owned were almost fully depleted, but the a.r.s.enal I have in my possession right now would make any old-world country think of me as a national threat.

With my gearing almost done and finished, the last thing I needed to make was currently in front of me.

As I slowly worked on four separate arms, that were slightly longer than any regular human arms.

Each arm was at least my size in length, and each of them was packed full of inscriptions to the point that I was having a headache to make it all coherent.

But since I had nothing but time, trial and error, I had to make this work.

The arms were defensive treasures, that also had an offensive ability.

Two of them were inscribed with Y's own Demon Slaying Swords.

The other two were inscribed with Y's own Defensive barrier while at the same time they were hollowed as they each were able to shoot bullets from their palms.

The strength behind each arm was enough to bore through a meteorite steel plate like if it was b.u.t.ter.

But having them coordinate with each other by the speed of thought was the most annoying, challenging, and at the same time hardest thing I had ever had the opportunity to tackle.

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Because these arms weren't replacements for Y, but they were for me.

Another arm shot up from my right shoulder and struck down with its own sword blocking Y.

Y followed with a kick to my chest since both of the puppet arms on me were already unable to defend me.

The ones on my hips came out, one of them immediately pointed a palm forward creating a pentagonal barrier that blocked Y's kick but not the power behind it as I was shot back like a rocket from a cannon.

The arms on me, however surprisingly began creating barriers and slapping the ground lightly to stop me from breaking my back on contact.

And before Y could even follow up, I was already on my feet, grinning and smiling like a mad man.

The two hip arms pointed at Y and began shooting hails of bullets at Y who began slicing away at them like some guy from an animated series.

"X come on in, join the fun!" I said and X immediately pulled out the rocket launchers.

"f.u.c.k! NO NOT THOSE!" I shouted, and I could feel the dissatisfaction from X.

Bruh, you might be happy with your new toys but I really don't wanna be the first to die with them'.

X then came at me, and we began a sparring match that lasted for a long, long time.

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