Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 210: Upgrades for You, You and You!

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Chapter 210: Upgrades for You, You and You!

Work progressed as the days went on, and rocket launchers were apparently the least impressive idea I had to date.

As a matter of fact, I managed to create a third puppet, named Z, this one, wasn't as big as Y, nor as lethal as the new upgraded X. But rather, small, could cozily fit in the palm of my hand but at the same time, its use was extremely helpful.

This was all thanks to a quick visit I did to the Laughing Slaughter's PaG.o.da. Which was far inferior to the Lord of Lords paG.o.da, but still in the sixth room, the Half Soul Formation puppets were still there.

Y made quick work of every puppet there, dismantling them and disabling them.

But sadly, I couldn't get up to the next floors and see what the Laughing Slaughterer had in store.

It seems that he placed a mechanism that will only allow Soul Formation cultivators to enter.

And since I didn't have a 'soul' which would be birthed from the golden core I have right now once I become a Nascent Soul cultivator. The gates were shut in my face.

I tried to use inscriptions to open the path, but there seems to be something stopping me, a law of sorts that I didn't understand.

And since the Laughing Slaughterer's paG.o.da didn't have the time dilation option, spending any more time here trying to open the next areas will only waste my own time where I should be seeking upgrades.

So I had to give up and return to the Lord of Lords paG.o.da and continue working after I had all the material needed to do two major upgrades.

The first was Z, he was like a small spider, with the ability to inject poison into its prey, and at the same time, its speed was extreme to the point it could break the sound barrier. This was of course all possible to achieve using a Top Grade Spirit Stone as its main power source, and at the same time, minor understanding of special law.

Since Z was small, having too many inscriptions written on all over its body to have it do proper function was close to impossible. So, I took a few weeks to slowly learn more about gravitational law from the Egg of Delusions.

And ended up with some understanding of how to use special rooms to create compact inscriptions on the very fabric of s.p.a.ce.

This might sound like a really complex thing to do, but apparently, if you consider s.p.a.ce like a sphere made of unlimited layers, I would just need to pick one of the many many, many layers that overlap on top of Z's spider body and write on it, then once I finish an inscription and have no s.p.a.ce, I'll use my own understanding of the law, and pick another layer of s.p.a.ce and write the second bit of inscription on Z's body which also overlaps with his outer layer.

This could be used an indefinite amount of time, and I can continuously upgrade Z or X or Y, the only problem is, for my current understanding I cannot abuse this fact for now. Because I can only use about eight to nine layers that are connected to Z's body, instead of the unlimited amount available to me due to my lack of understanding, and secondly, it's because the more layers I use, the more Qi is needed to transfer the command dimensionally from layer to layer.

Though the inscriptions are in separate spatial layers, they still need to be connected at one point for an overall functioning and coherent inscription. But at the same time, transferring commands from dimension to dimension requires a huge amount of Qi. And for now, though a Top Grade spirit stone can easily fulfill Z's needed Qi, I wouldn't want to increase the dimensional layers lest I exhaust the Top Grade spirit stone for no reason.

A Saint Qi crystal would allow greater use of this method of s.p.a.ce law, but I only have one that I'm keeping saved up for Y. The other is nouris.h.i.+ng my spiritual garden.

Now back to my newest creation, Z is able to spy, infiltrate, and even decipher or disrupt Restrictions to a limited degree. His Qi signature is close to nonexistent, and he can easily gather around itself and shape itself into a small random rock. 

As for offensive abilities, I only gave him a poison needle and a small container full of Bone and Body Grinding Poison that was fully refined using my own Poison Qi.

The moment Z injects someone with his needle, I'll be able to detonate my own Qi from where I am and cause death to whoever was injected, not only that, since it was the Bone And Body Grinding Poison, it on itself is deadly enough to any cultivator. 

"Come," I said and the small spider jumped up to my palm, then skittered up to my shoulder and rested there.

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"Good," now, for another upgrade I'll need to visit the Laughing Slaughter's paG.o.da.

"FIRE!" I called, and immediately the rockets shot forward as if death and doom were delivered.

The rockets shot forward without missing a beat, and flew with enough speed to easily compete with any Nascent Soul cultivator and even faster.

Then came the clash and loud explosions that rocked the whole Lord of Lords paG.o.da followed with thick gas and smoke, a poison that shot all over the white room that I was in leaving me unable to see for a moment.

I coughed a bit, this was pretty d.a.m.n dangerous, though the cost of making each and every rocket was high and time-consuming, to see this effect, it was d.a.m.n worth it.

This explosive effect was strong enough to cause fear and fright in the souls of anyone below the Soul Transformation cultivation level. 

Long live modern warfare.

X came down and I gave him a command to lightly tap on the area where the boxes were connected to his hips.

Immediately, the two rocket launchers disappeared into the spatial formation.

I had only one word for what just happened.


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