Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 209: Modern Warfare

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Chapter 209: Modern Warfare

I walked out of the Black Tower and headed out along with one of the guards who was already informed to take me to the private manor.

Not only was my presence surprising to many of the cultivators as they saw the treatment I was getting from the Black Tower, but my cultivation level was also the most attention-grabbing.

Because it didn't matter what level you were when it was related to the Black Tower, all that mattered was achievement and contribution, and what they saw made a huge detachment between me and every cultivator.

Because why would the tower give me so many privileges? Who was I? And how could they profit or benefit from befriending me?

These were the simplest of questions that would usually go through one's mind, because human nature, is always, and forever will be, greed.

I on the other hand ignored every Divine Sense message that requested me to visit these self-ent.i.tled powerful cultivators' time. Because for them, since I was a Core cultivator, and they were higher in cultivation base, I should accept their offer, and come 'visit' in return they'll provide protection or some sort of reward for their own time in exchange for my relations.h.i.+p with the Black Tower so they too can benefit.

For me, I didn't give a flying f.u.c.k, and this made the cultivators who I ignored feel like they were slapped in the face.

Thus, I started ama.s.sing displeasure pa.s.sively, without doing anything to incur it.

Which is the life of the weak, if you have something and don't want to share, you'll either have it taken from you, schemed against to have it taken from you, killed to have it taken from you, or at the least, become hated for having it, and not sharing.

Quite the arrogant and displeasing train of thought but if you consider it from a different aspect you can see this very act prominent in everyday life. Even in my past life. People were jealous of your car, home, house, wife, job, and would do anything even subtly to either share, partake or outright ruin you.

A good friend wouldn't hesitate to screw you over if it meant it was going to benefit him. Friends.h.i.+p extends to the limit of personal benefit. Though this idea might sound displeasing, and many would consider a friend or comrade to be loyal and ready to give up their life for them, but I can honestly swear that no one in this world, or the world I used to live in had no price.

It's a somber thought dark, and gloomy, but at the same time, it is the truth, no matter how someone denies it. A man will never treat a woman he doesn't know nicely unless he wants to screw her. No matter how well-raised he is, deep down, the first primal instinct of his is to mate, and even under the pretext of treating others respectfully, deep down there is that urge to satisfy a carnal desire.

We don't treat others nicely because we want to, but because we hope it returns back to us with pleasant rewards. Denying this is denying one's nature.

As I continued on with these somber ideas I finally found myself next to a ma.s.sive manner with a lot of rooms that I wasn't going to be using.

"Get all servants out of here, I want a private area to work and cultivate it." I said.

"Don't worry, there are no servants here, and the house is usually cleaned after the one who lived in it moves out." The guard said.

"Good, then I'll be going in, and if possible I don't wish to be disturbed," I said.

"This area is belonging to the Black Tower, unless you move outside of the perimeter of the manor no one will dare and spy or intervene in your work." The guard added.

"Okay, very well, thank you then," I said and headed into the manor.

The layout was nice, for guests, plenty of decoration, and stuff that I honestly didn't care for.

Once I got inside the manor, I went to a random room, closed it, and pulled the Lord of Lords token.

I was about to start making a lot of stuff, and I needed as much time as I could.

And two months is not enough, but inside the dilated time of thirty to one. I have about five years' worth of time I can improve myself in.

Which is a huge time period.

I went inside the Lord of Lord's paG.o.da and was in the green area where the many spiritual herbs I had planted grew.

The Saint Qi crystal I had placed next to the Nascent Soul Origin fruit tree had replenished and grown all the crops. And even the Nascent Soul Origin fruit tree was almost fully grown and will soon start giving fruit.

Sadly, I couldn't use the Law Fruit I have on me and try to grow it, since I didn't know if it had any seeds inside it and didn't want to risk tearing it to find nothing inside.

I pulled the Soul Transformation cultivator's bag and began planting the rest of the herbs I had on his bag, and once that was done, I was ready to move to private training.

I looked in the direction of the snowy mountains, hesitated between going and checking up on the Sect Master but immediately shook my head. It seems like cultivators can hold a grudge and I'm I have no interest in getting any more headaches.

I should focus on training first for now.

I then got all the gear and materials I will be using and went into the white s.p.a.ce where the Time Dilation happens within the Lord of Lord's paG.o.da.

I then instructed the Automaton to be ready when I ask him to provide me with any materials from the library or the furnace area.

And then began working.

First thing first. Improvement and upgrades. I pulled the golden inkpot and the feather quill I got from the mysterious black merchant. And had X come out. He needs to be able to speak and I already finished the inscription of speech.

Not more than half an hour later I managed to finish the inscription.

"Speak now," I said to X.

"a*/"*/**//* Lord…"

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"Well, seems that it's working, try again," I said and then X began speaking, and surprisingly his voice was slightly less imposing than Y even though they had almost the same speech inscription.

"Never mind that, it's just a figure of speech, anyway, X your turn, give me all that weaponry you have, you're about to get a total makeover," I said and began working on every part of X's kit.

X was sadly made of inferior material, which was relative to Y's own material. And since I still have the means to access the Laughing Slaughterer's paG.o.da, I'll be able to obtain all the material needed to improve X from the rest of the puppets there.

Which I'll be doing very soon. But now, since I can't waste time on improving material that I'll be sc.r.a.ping later, I'll work on his offensive a.r.s.enal.

I took the grenades and explosive poison canisters off of him then slowly began working on a tracking inscription.

The inscription needs to be able to track the movement of an object, whether it is alive or not. So it should be able to track movement, then I'll need a lock on. Which will be hard to achieve without some brainstorming.

Qi signature is the best way to do this, but differentiating from friend or foe will need another inscription. Target.

A scan of a Qi signature, and once it is memorized, the projectile should be able to use it as a reference to follow.

This was slightly tricky to manage and it took me many days of trial and error until I figured out a way to do it, which was a simple divine sense inscription that can obtain information on a target's qi signature.

Thankfully even rocks have some Qi in them so they can also be used as targets if the order is given.

Once I managed the inscription of targeted tracking. I placed it on a canister and threw it towards a random metal ingot I had laying about.

And it resulted in a complete miss as the canister fully ignored the rock and exploded away from it.

"Dumba.s.s, even if the canister can track that, how will it follow…" I sighed and began making actually rockets.

A long tube with an explosive head, and inside the tube was a mid-grade spiritual stone that will enable a formation at the bottom of the tube to propel the whole rocket forward.

Then a small inscription linked to loose wings on the sides of the rocket to help steer and guide it.

I then placed the rocket inside a mortar shooting tube, where an inscription was placed at the bottom of it to initiate the shot.

Once I activated the inscription, the rocket shot up with extreme speed and then immediately pivoted mid-air as it had detected the random target I placed for it and then landed slightly a meter or two away from it. but it was close enough and the test was almost perfect.

I then began by adjusting the wings and formation that could control them and even modified the inscriptions a bit to have the best effect.

And after a few more tries, I was finally happy with how my first tracking rocket worked.

"Well, that's perfect, now let's make a twelve-round incendiary rocket launcher, this will definitely surprise a lot of people. I can't wait to see the surprise on their faces once this is done." I grinned as I could only imagine finalizing this work.

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