Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 204 - The Plot Thickens

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Chapter 204 - The Plot Thickens

The situation turned, and the Soul Transformation Cultivator was at a complete loss at what was happening here. But since all cards were laid out, he had nothing else to lose but go forward with a very dumb plan.

The Soul Transformation Cultivator charged forward, and Y intercepted, blocking a powerful palm strike with the side of one of his Demon Trigger Swords.

The impact force from the blow was strong enough to cause a shockwave to shoot out, but thanks to Y's s.h.i.+eld that instantly appeared behind the puppet, the full brunt of the blast disappeared.

'How did he escape the Mask's rooting spell?' I wondered, then realized that the Soul Transformation Cultivator was actually still back in his place and whatever this thing he used was nothing but a clone made of Qi that he used to try and a.s.sa.s.sinate me.

"Powerful Puppet! It should serve a better master!" the Soul Transformation cultivator said and then threw several flags from his inventory next to Y.

The flags formed a pentagonal formation and a bright light lit up from under Y.

Then the cultivator slapped both hands together in a prayer form and shouted, "Refine!"

Powerful Qi energy shot up from underneath Y, but immediately, Y forcefully stomped the ground and shattered the acc.u.mulating energy, breaking the refinement.

As if whatever was happening there was nothing but a side joke the Soul Transformation cultivator laughed saying. "Ah, it can even resist refinement! This is such a great gift once this old man gets a hand on it!"

Seeing Y more than capable of controlling the situation, I turned to Meng Hao and sent a divine sense message, "I'll need you to be ready for what's to come," I said and immediately jumped back towards the other side of the pool next to the door.

Y kept the Soul Transformation cultivator in check, and the latter didn't seem to be willing to use any powerful spells of his. Perhaps he didn't want to alert the people in the Black Tower, meaning that this whole charade was his, and his alone.

Taking a quick note of this, I made sure to memorize this information for future use. I then turned to the golden gate and placed my palm on it.

"Fool, do you think G.o.dly treasures will be given to the weak, insignificant, and fate-less like you, that gate didn't even open to the strongest of people, not even Ascendants could open it, what hope does a Core Cultivator have in trying…"

His words were soon cut off as the gate shook and shuddered.

"I mean, this is basically the typical cliché face slap that you went looking for on your own, and I wasn't even the one instigating it, if you had kept quiet, you would have probably saved some face. But nooo, You had to raise that flag, and now look at you, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Man if I were you I'd dig my head in a hole and never want to show it again. So shameless." I said shaking my head.

"Ascendant he said, my a.s.s, you can even bring a King of the Four Domains and they'll still not be able to leave a scratch on this door."

"H-how do you know about the Four Kings?" The Soul Transformation cultivator said.

While I waited for the door to slowly open up, I said, "That's a secret," I said then pulled a token up forward.

"Automaton, take all the kids in," I said, and immediately a circular gate opened up and began absorbing every kid in the room into the Lord of Lord's paG.o.da leaving only me, Y, and the Soul Transformation cultivator.

"You have some very interesting treasures on you," the Soul Transformation cultivator said.

"Well, if you want them, you should probably find a way to unroot yourself from my puppet's gaze," I said.

"I have already succeeded in that," his words finished with a thin grin.

Suddenly I felt two shadow figures rush men, though they were far slower than the Soul Transformation cultivator, they were still far faster than me.

But I wasn't worried.

Because what's about to come out of that door, is not something that anyone can survive.

As immediately, another purple skull showed up from behind the closed golden gate, and it looked down upon all creation in utter disdain and disregard of life. It gazed at the incoming shadows and they immediately dissipated, then it went up and hovered in front of me.

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"W-what the h.e.l.l is that!" the Soul Transformation cultivator uttered. Fear gripped his heart as he probably realized that whatever this purple skull was, it was definitely stronger than him.

I grabbed it and opened it and immediately, received a very annoying and very dangerous text into my mind.


Being able to read this line means that you have successfully reached the lowest tier of Qi condensation.

Since you're able to read this, your cultivation level has increased. As a disciple of my arts, you must not have ever been in contact with cultivation, as it needs a fresh sprout that has no meridians unlocked to learn it. So I shall impart upon you some wisdom that will aid you in your path.


The rest of the text was the same as I've read the first time I grabbed the Poison G.o.d's book, and immediately, after channeling my Qi into the book I managed to 'upgrade' it to the same level of the one I have on me.

Only this time, instead of receiving another great sword Flying Treasure, I got a small cultivation furnace that was adorned with green golden dragons.


This furnace, unlike the many furnaces that you have seen, will have the ability to aid you in making pills that your own Poison Qi will not affect. So you can not ruin their purity and you will be able to refine them and use them as regular pills…


A lot of the same old stuff was written here and I had nothing but doubts seeing two of the Same Poison G.o.d's books calling me 'My only Disciple'

This brought me back to the moment when brother Zhang Tian said, that the book I owned was incomplete. Fake or probably had something missing from it. And seeing another one, I hoped to have another piece of the puzzle, but now I have the same pieces. This is once again another copy of the Poison G.o.d's Heritage, a perfect replica of an incomplete book.

Which only served to make me feel slightly skittish about the cultivation path I'm coursing, because why would the Poison G.o.d make two heritages? And why would he call whoever took this book his sole disciple and carrier of his will?

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