Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 203 - Confrontation

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Chapter 203 - Confrontation

Thankfully, her meridians were intact, but she seemed to have lost consciousness and was dying from the fumes coming from the Bone and Body Grinding Poison pool.

This thing, it was so wrong, and so dangerous, that just standing near it would slowly kill someone, and the man who placed them here was desperate in trying to open this door.

"Kids," I said, addressing everyone in the room.

Those with some light in their eyes looked up, hope returned, while many, who had realized that they've been inflicted with the Bone and Body Grinding Poison, that, not even the G.o.ds can save them, had no will to even lookup.

Meng Hao hurried towards his girlfriend and tried to wake her up, but she couldn't move.

I flicked a pill towards Meng Hao, who grabbed it Mid Air, he chewed on it, and then poured its content directly through Yan's mouth. Helping her digest it and circulate the Qi. Though there were other means to help someone digest a pill…I wasn't gonna be too picky about what a guy was gonna be doing with his girl.

I looked at the rest of the pitiful group of cultivators, and said "I'll get you out of here, all of you." I said and went to the nearest person, it was a young man, barely the age of sixteen, he was nothing but skin on bones

I touched the seal on his mouth and it unlocked, then gave him the same pill I gave Meng Hao.

Once the pill went down his throat, I placed my hand on his chest, and the pill began reinvigorating him, and replenis.h.i.+ng some of his lost health.

Once his eyes were opened, he looked at me, half afraid and half hopeful to see a new face.

"Who did this to you?" I asked.

The kid's eyes shook and shuddered before he said pointing behind me, "He did."

I stood up, turned, and realized that there was a man in here all along, the same person who was holding the whole tournament, a Soul Transformation Cultivator.

"Seems like your nosiness will cost you dearly, Meng Hao." The Soul Transformation cultivator said then charged at me with speed so fast I knew that death was inevitable.

However, before his hand could even touch me, it was swatted away, as I realized that Y's ma.s.sive arm had shot from the Poison G.o.d's Book within my chest.

This brought the attention of Meng Hao back to reality, as he realized that we'll be facing a very dangerous foe here.

I immediately, without hesitation called upon Y, and he came out with swords read, "Master, do you wish me to end his life?" the ma.s.sive puppet asked.

"If he dares make a move…end him," I said.

"As you command!" Y said and then his two mask s.h.i.+elds shot up forward and locked, creating a perfect Oni-Mask that looked with focused eyes on the Cultivator.

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My eyes tingled for a moment before I was able to see several thick Law Lines strapping the cultivator in place.

Then did a full chug of the poison.

"NO!" Meng Hao roared crying out against what idiocy I was doing.

But then, the other cultivator was utterly shocked.

"What in the h.e.l.l are you doing? Did desperation cause you to commit suicide like that?" the Soul Transformation said.

"Huh? Suicide? The h.e.l.l are you talking about, This poison is pretty d.a.m.n tasty," I said as I burped a load of poison fume.

"Seems that you're misunderstanding something, I'm not an inscriber," I said, "Or a puppet master, nor an alchemist, as you've seen in the arena. But I am, a fully-fledged Poison Cultivator."

I said as my left eye, the only one remaining shone in bright poisonous green.

"And poison Cultivators, love this kind of stuff," I said then opened my mouth then began sucking in every ounce and every molecule of poison in the air, absorbing even the poison that already plagued every kid around here all in one single breath.

I felt like I was a balloon that was about to blow but once all the poison in the air was sucked in I exhaled and looked the cultivator in the eye, "I'm not trapped here with you, in fact, you're trapped here with me."

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