Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 199 - Unleashed

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Chapter 199 - Unleashed

Qin Chu struggled to get himself free, then his eyes widened, "Senseless World!" he roared and suddenly everything went quiet. And no sound came to me, nor any feeling of touch, the world turned darker and everything became dull, not even the wind blew.

's.h.i.+t, I'm being imprisoned in a domain,' I mumbled. And this wasn't normal, Domain is only for the cultivators who transcended the Nascent Soul cultivation level, and this guy is the second Nascent Soul cultivator that's using Domain after Ken, who used the Dark Age domain to get me back into a world at the stone age.

But this Domain is nasty, if I were to lose all senses I could easily be dead before I could even know it.

Yet, there was one little thing he didn't account for, not the fact that I could easily break through his domain without a sweat.

But the fact that I could easily end him whenever I wanted to.

While I couldn't see around me, I was sure the people watching this fight were able to see me raise my hand forward then snap my fingers.

The snap within the silence of this Domain, for me, it sounded loud as the following aftereffects of this snap showed themselves in a series of explosive bombardments. The very gravitational law s.h.i.+eld that was pinning Qin Chu was rigged with so many explosive inscriptions that the mere thought of him surviving upon direct contact and impact would be hard to swallow.

Immediately, with the rocking Qin Chu received, the dark and gloom domain of his dissipated, and in front of me was the hard breathing, badly wounded, and heavily burnt and seared Qin Chu.

A cultivator was already in front of me with his sword too close for comfort, as it was directly in front of my forehead.

A drop of blood slowly trickled down my face, as the sword vibrated trying to carve my skull in, while another cultivator was stopping the sword from going into my forehead by the tip of two of his fingers.

"Junior Chu, you shouldn't be this agitated, this is but a compet.i.tion." The Soul Transformation cultivator said to the man who was trying to open a new hole into my brain.

"He crippled my son! I'll have to pay him back!" the man said wrath and rage clear in his eyes. This man gave off a powerful Qi, stronger than a Nascent Soul, but less so than the Soul Transformation cultivator and one who oversaw this tourney.

"It doesn't look like it, he took damage but nothing crippling. And it was your own son's fault for not admitting defeat after being disadvantaged. Go back to your seat, old Chu, because even if we are sworn brothers, I will not tolerate someone who goes against my word. This tourney, none shall die, and you cannot interfere." The Soul Transformation cultivator said.

Sighing in defeat, the man removed his sword from my forehead and humped, loud enough that I was pushed into the floor. He then turned and slowly walked away with his son in his hands.

The Soul transformation cultivator frowned but didn't act on this blatant aggression towards a junior cultivator.

"Shen Bao, your hand was too heavy," the Soul Transformation cultivator said.

I wiped my forehead, and then and there, I was no longer in the mood to be nice, because it seems that everyone thinks that when you're nice and play fair, they can step on you.

"His fault, if I wanted him dead, he'll die in a heartbeat," I said then turned and walked towards the arena.

"I'm not done talking to you!" the Soul Transformation Cultivator said to add to it an oppressive aura of divine sense.

"But I am done talking," then turned and ignored him because like I just mentioned I no longer was in the mood to play nice.

I sat down and said, "X, Y, come out." And immediately two of my strongest, deadliest weapons appeared for the first time in this world.

Though X didn't look like he was the stronger of the two, the number of inscriptions over his body was enough to prove that this puppet was made with so much delicacy and attention to detail that it was certainly a powerful puppet.

Yet, the other puppet, the bigger one, that held two ma.s.sive strange swords, and had a ma.s.sive mask hovering around it, didn't look like it had an inscription on it. But at the same time, it still gave off a dangerous feeling of doom if one were to come too close.

"Y, if anyone tries and bothers me while I'm cultivating," I said as I looked into the Soul Transformation cultivator's eyes, "Kill without mercy."

The words were audacious, but just to confirm the danger, Y released his own inner Qi, where a wave of oppressive destructive aura shot out and pressed against every cultivator around me, causing them to shake and shudder, because they all knew, if I were to ever unleash this beast, no one here will even have a sliver of hope, not even a sodding chance at survival.

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This was a blatant, open threat to the Soul Transformation cultivator, a clear challenge to his authority.

Suddenly, I heard someone laughing. And this caused the whole arena to look at him.

I wasn't in the mood for jokes, but realizing that it was Meng Hao laughing, I waited to understand how he could laugh in such a mood.

"And you really wanted to trade me to fight him? you must be mad, h.e.l.l, even if I win, I'm giving up on the finals. There is no way in h.e.l.l I'll be able to beat that puppet of his, and it just cut off the arm of A soul formation cultivator, not to mention he has an even stronger puppet," Meng Hao said through a wide smile.

Causing the man who was going to face him to sigh, "Yeah, this compet.i.tion is now irrelevant. Since it clearly states you can bring whatever, you own to this fight, with puppets this strong, and all those strange eccentric fighting methods, I'm really not feeling like I want to face him either." Fu Zhengfei said.

Seeing, the mood slightly changing for the better, the referee took the opportunity and said, "Since both compet.i.tors don't wish to face Shen Bao in the finals, we can already agree that Shen Bao is the winner of the compet.i.tion. You two can face off for the second and third place if you wish to."

The audience awkwardly cheered for the change of event, and the Soul Transformation cultivator somehow managed to find the time to teleport back into his booth.

Seems like he didn't want to confront me anymore, and was more than satisfied with escaping the scrutiny if I were to push him a bit more.

Also, apparently, I won. And I didn't even need to fight, if I had known I could do this, I could have probably brought X and Y from the start and stopped all this annoying cl.u.s.terf.u.c.k of trouble from ever happening.

Also, I think with X out in the world, my ident.i.ty will soon be revealed… because word will soon start spreading, and the Seven Mountain Peaks will immediately link my name to the puppet I used when I visited them, then with a simple description of my face, the Three Raven Sect will find out who I was.

A lot of trouble is going to start, but like I just mentioned. I'm better off not regretting anything, and if anyone comes my way, I might as well just break it.

I mumbled within my thoughts as I once again was forced to suppress another episode of random rage that was about to start boiling within me. After a few moments of struggle, the episode ended, with me slightly out of breath.

'I also need to find out why I'm having these strange urges to go on a ma.s.s-murdering ma.s.sacre…it's getting difficult to suppress, and frankly, really, really tempting…'

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