Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 192 - Heavy Metal

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Chapter 192 - Heavy Metal

"Good luck," I heard, turning it was Meng Hao.

"I thought you didn't even realize who I was," I replied.

"The name reminded me, your att.i.tude confirmed it. Your looks threw me off at first," Meng Hao said.

"Oh, good to know, where is that little girlfriend of yours?" I asked as I didn't see the girl that used to hang around him, her name was Yan if I remember correctly.

Rage showed in Meng Hao's eyes, and that was clear to me to know something happened.

"Let's talk about that later," he said, and I was surprised, the stoic, I'll do it all by myself wanted to talk about this? This must really be serious.

"Okay then," I said and walked up to the arena.

"Are you done talking?" asked an old man who stood on the other side of the arena.

"Yes, apologize for making you wait," I replied.

"Youngsters nowadays, have no respect for the elderly, you should just give up, at your cultivation level and your age, you really are too slow of a learner."

"My age?" I said, "Hmm, to be honest, I'm older than eighty," I said.

"You think that's a good thing? I have grandchildren who are at your cultivation level." The old man said.

"Yes, but I've only been cultivating for three years now," I said smiling.

"Hubris and lies, no matter, today this old man will teach you a lesson."

"Oh, please do, I'd like to learn something new-" my words barely finished before the man teleported from in front of me.

And, like always, every, single, G.o.d d.a.m.ned, time, the stupidity, idiocy, and utter lack of common sense, always make these self-supremacist Nascent Soul cultivators think that the best way to attack someone after teleporting is to appear behind them.

Earlier, I was enjoying the hand-to-hand combat with the other kids and people of the same Core Cultivation level. But here I'll start showing some secrets.

My hand tapped on my pouch faster than the blink of an eye, and Creeping Demise materialized into my open palm. I gripped it and swung as fast as I could behind me. Eliciting a pained groan from the old man.

Slowly turning, I realized that I cut through the old man's robes and sliced deeply into his chest, opening a wide gash.

"You'll bleed out if you don't treat that," I casually said.

The crowd, realizing that a Core Cultivator had actually gotten the upper hand in this battle roared with cheers and an ear-deafening uproar.

The old man immediately slapped his chest and caused the muscles on it to tighten and close the wound.

"Just because you scored a lucky hit, don't think you're winning this!" the Nascent Soul cultivator said. "Let me show you the difference between-

"Our skills!" I finished for him and before he could even act I was already rus.h.i.+ng him, with a sword that aimed for his chest.

This made everyone watching hold their breaths. Because for them, I was crazy enough to actually dare and move first against a Nascent Soul Cultivator.

The old man tried to slap away my sword, but with it shaped like both a sword and a rapier, if he were to slap a sharp edge, he'll lose his hand, he immediately stopped his hand and thought to retreat back.

I swung my sword again, to which he teleported once again. And this time, he did teleport to my side instead of my back to which I was thankful.

"Kai!" I said as I gripped my index finger and middle finger together from a closed fist.

Looking underneath him, the old man's face became paler, as talismans were all over the ground.

A continuous cascade of explosions echoed within the arena as the old man was rattled to his core from all the sudden explosions, unable to understand when did I even throw them or prepare them.

The sound and bright explosions caused many to scream in fear at first, then excitement later. Who wouldn't want to see something as flashy as this?

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Bloodied and enraged, the old man slapped both his hands and manifested a ma.s.sive sword Qi from within them, "DIE!" he called.

It was really amazing to look at as he plucked away every bullet coming his way, and ignored those who didn't.

And like I had thought, the stray bullets were stopped, not by one but by multiple other cultivators that shot up behind the old man and stopped the bullets from going to the crowd.

The strain in the eyes and actions of all cultivators in front of me grew as the rounds didn't seem to stop.

The chain of bullets that was feeding the minigun seemed endless especially since it was linked to my pouch and they didn't know how many rounds I had left.

The crowd, realizing that they were safe, actually began enjoying such weird machinery in play.

As my constant bullet shower continued, it became nothing but a matter of time before the first bullet would hit the old man, and once it did, it rattled him. A Nascent Soul cultivator's body is strong enough not to get pierced by a bullet, but he will still feel the impact, and it will leave the mother of all bruises tomorrow.

And this was only one and the first bullet. This made the cultivator realize how truly dangerous that thing was. He then decided against standing still and receiving all the bullets, as he jumped high up, forcing me to aim my gun towards him.

The bullet trajectory moved upwards as I tried to strafe and follow him as he flew around dodging like a fish in the sea as one tried to spear it.

'This looks annoying, I should probably design bullets that actually track the enemy. Hmm, this is actually a really, really nice idea. I mean, bullets with trackers, missiles even…" I grinned as I was actually more interested in all the deadly ingenious ideas, I could do with tracker heads for weaponry than I was interested in this fight.

While I was half thinking about the fight and half thinking about what I'll be creating once all of this is done. The old man teleported once again, behind me and tried to end me as I was preoccupied with shooting his afterimage in the sky.

Just as he was about to stab me, I grinned.

"Why is it always that Nascent Soul cultivators always teleport behind people and try to end their lives. It's so easy to predict where you'll be coming from," I said.

And before the old man could even realize it, a surge of electric current so powerful shot up from underneath him shaking him and causing his teeth and bones to rattle.

"So easy," I said as I placed the minigun back in my inventory and slowly placed an explosive talisman on the old man's forehead.

"You should give up," else you're dead. I smiled as I backed away from the stunned and unbelieving cultivator.

Because right now, if I wanted it, I can blow out his head with a mere command. And he knew it, but would his pride allow him to concede in front of a Core Cultivator? Well, let's find that out next time in Shen Bao's adventures!

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