Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 188 - Understanding Law

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Chapter 188 - Understanding Law

Son!" a most beautiful and most exquisite looking woman one could ever lay their eyes on shouted, while, joy, confusion and a familiar sense of peace finally returned to her eye spoke.

She came rus.h.i.+ng and hugged the handsome man who was in front of her, as if she didn't believe he was really back, even after a thousand years of disappearance.

The woman grabbed her son's face and spoke, "I knew you were still there somewhere! I knew it!"

"Good to see you Mother," Zhang Tian said in a kind smile.

His mother hugged him again and almost crushed his bones, but he didn't complain a bit.

"Easy on him, wife, he is still frail from all that time there."

"Right," she said, and immediately her smile disappeared into one of the most dangerous smirks that could ever be seen in the vast expanse, "Since you're here son, it means we now know who had done this to you, please tell me, so I can pay them in full!"

"It was Master Rain, but…" before Zhang Tian could finish.

"Ah so, Master Rain! Husband of mine, this time you won't stop me like you did when the Poison G.o.d cut my child's hand will you?!"

"Wife, I wouldn't dare…the last time I tried that you almost broke all my limbs. I wouldn't want that, but the Poison G.o.d wasn't someone we could afford to offend..." the king said.

"You can't, I can easily break his bones!"

"True, but his elusive master was too dangerous to fight without a plan." The king said.

"Mother, you probably should let go of that grudge," Zhang Tian said smiling.

"How can you smile through that humiliation?" His mother said confused.

"Because Karma is really strange and works in wondrous ways."

"I fail to understand." Zhang Tian's mother said.

"Well, basically, the Poison G.o.d's own disciple was the reason for my escape from that prison. I'll tell you all about it over tea, I feel like I haven't had one in a thousand years."

"Oh, yes yes, of course. Let's go, Son;"


The moment I pulled the egg out, everything on me was forced forward, like I was turned into a pile of aquatic sludge and was going to be consumed and flattened against this purplish-blue egg.

My clothes, my hair, and even my sky pearl eyeball were gonna pop out of its place and be stuck against the egg.

I hastily used my divine sense and instead of trying to stupidly break the arm thick law lines that spread out from the Egg of delusion, which would have ended with me breaking a few fingers instead of actually dispelling the law lines

So I began by doing the same thing I did at the gate of this city. I created my own law lines, to block the offensive and ma.s.sive law lines of the Egg of Delusion.

At first, it was weak, and the moment I create da line, it instantly broke against the power of the other ma.s.sive law lines.

But, I steadily increased my speed, and used two fingers instead of one, creating two lines at once. They managed to stay in the air and protected me slightly from the effect of the other law lines for a moment, enough for me to create a third and fourth. And then, kept doing that, continuously creating more and more law lines.

And later on, in about half an hour of constant creation of law lines, I managed to make a protective barrier of small law lines that managed to hold its own against the pulling power of the Egg of Delusion. And not only protect me, but they were also able to self-sustain as a stand-alone barrier of gravitational law that could easily fend off even stronger law.

Though my law lines were smaller, there is always strength in numbers.

Once I managed to create my own little sanctuary within the heavy law lines of the Egg of Delusion. I sat down and took a moment to breathe and rest up.

A few moments later, and after a few more soul-rejuvenating pills, I began by studying the ma.s.sive law lines.

They were thick, and trying to break them is impossible. So first, might as well try and understand them.

I used my divine sense to peer into the secrets of the Law Lines and immediately was surprised to notice that these Law lines were made of smaller threads of law lines weaved into each other through some complex machinery. But this very complex mechanism was familiar, very familiar to me as I remembered I've actually seen this before.

These were the same heavenly designs that I saw when I first created the Cloud Pill at the Demon Lands.

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The symbols now that I got to study them without heavens directly trying to wipe them away were far easier to understand. But I still noticed that they were incomplete. They were the same as the method I used to memorize the heavenly design and left every piece of a symbol incomplete.

The moment the sword went through the law line, it crumpled like a piece of paper and began compressing against itself until it turned to a sold spherical marble that wasn't as big as my fist.

"Holy s.h.i.+t." Surprised at the strength of this gravitational law which pushed me to try more stuff out.

The lines I made were able to increase the gravitational field within them by hundreds of times. What if I did the opposite, and actively sought to decrease the gravitational force. Perhaps I'll achieve free fall?

Something to note.

I began trying and testing various things, and took note of everything, not even thinking about the time I spent doing this.

And in my conclusion, I understood that creating law lines in the spur of the moment in a battle is probably going to get me killed, but at the same time, I managed one of my greatest discoveries yet.

I could actually write the gravitational law on an inscription talisman, and infuse it with Qi then pull it out, the advantage of this is, that using poison Qi mimics the symbols on the talisman and I can actively extract a ready-made gravitational, s.h.i.+eld. And the talisman won't be used. And I could pull as many square law lines my Qi reserves could allow me from one talisman.

This made me so excited I began creating several talismans with different gravitational shapes. Simple lines. Spherical gravitational b.a.l.l.s, squares, and even sword-shaped laws.

Though most would probably never see the day that they'll be used, it was actually fun tinkering with the world's law, no matter how blasphemous that might sound.

Soon, the automaton that oversees the Lord of Lords paG.o.da came to me.

"Master Shen Bao, the time in the outside world has already reached noon, you should get going."

"Ah right, the tournament, thank you," I said to the automaton and immediately left the area.

If I hadn't asked him to notify me, I would have probably remained testing stuff out for days to come.

I appeared within my room, and left the inn, my direction was the area where the compet.i.tion was going to be held, and I was coming with a lot of new toys to try.

I'll have to apologize to the kids I'll be facing because grandpa Shen Bao isn't really worried about little Core Cultivators, the only ones who might push me to draw some of my little toys would probably be the Nascent Soul cultivators.

And since I really wasn't interested in whatever the tournament was going to give me, and my sole interest was to draw out the guy who owns what I think would be another book of the poison G.o.d, I was going to go easy on all of them, while investigating that person.

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