Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 187 - Buying Your Way In

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Chapter 187 - Buying Your Way In

"Do you know when the compet.i.tion is being held?" I asked the group I was sitting with.

"It's tomorrow at noon, but if you want to join I think you're late. The registrations have ended," Ji Tai said.

"Oh, that would be a pity, but could you just show me where I can find the registration area? I could try my luck you never know," I said.

"Just head down the main street, once you're close to the Black Tower Pavilion, you'll find any booths next to it. try your luck, you never know what might happen."

"Thank you, brother Ji Tai," I said and left the restaurant and headed to where I was informed.

This is some seriously big news. Because not only will this reveal more of the Poison G.o.d's Secrets, I'll be able to learn more if I were to obtain another book. Perhaps they are identical, or maybe there is a difference between them. Having two copies will make it so I can learn more about the Poison G.o.d's Heritage.

I walked as hurriedly as I could, pa.s.sing and dodging every pa.s.serby as I hurried to the booths.

Only to find someone familiar there, screaming his lungs out at a man who looked utterly terrified of the man, he had the same look of a cas.h.i.+er while a customer was threatening to sue or call the manager.

The kid constantly slammed his palm on the booth, "As I said! it was some random a.s.shole who slowed me down at the gate, I could have been here ages ago! You can ask around!"

"But sir Lang, the rules say…"

"f.u.c.k the rules! Do you think this compet.i.tion will even have any value if I'm not in it? Do you know how many donations my father gives to the Black Tower, and how many annual a.s.sists he hands over to the Sword Mountain Sect? Do you?!" the kid called, and while he was at it, a large group of people stopped to watch the commotion and see what was going to happen.

Soon, an old woman came to the booths and saw the ruckus, she had a dignified look on her and seemed slightly annoyed by the behavior of the kid, yet apparently, after a few words, the man in the booth accepted the kid and handed him a token.

"Good! You should have done this in the first place and made it easier for the both of us!" the kid humphed like an angry twelve year old girl and turned.

"Can I also have a chance to partake in the tourney?" I asked once I was close enough to the same booth.

"No! Time is already up, you are late." The man said.

"But you just accepted that kid," I said.

"Don't call him that, if he hears it, no one can guarantee your life. He might be sn.o.bbish but he is the son of a very influential person." The man said.

"Junior cultivator," the older woman said, "Though this might look unfair to you, exceptions will be made because power is king. Lang Ho's father, Lang Hua Xu, is one of the richest and most powerful people in the northern sides of Zhou County, so unless you can rival him in influence, strength or wealth, don't try and ask for the same privileges."

'So basically what she means is, I can buy my way in if I have the capital.'

I pulled a small pill from my inventory and handed it over to the woman, "Would this be enough?"

The woman frowned then as she was about to speak something, she stopped and s.n.a.t.c.hed the pill from my hands.

"You…you're really something, aren't you."

"It's something I happened upon while I was traveling, I'm not interested in my looks, but I think it would do wonders to someone who needs it," I said like h.e.l.l was I gonna call out a woman ugly or old, especially someone who could decide if I could enter this tournament or not.

"Wise choice of words…" the woman said.

"Give him a token. Be here tomorrow, the tournament will take place in a separate location." She said and happily moved away to take the pill.

It was nothing too precious, but for a woman, that pill is a life saver. A beauty pill that can correct the pa.s.sage of time on one's skin, and it was of pretty good quality.

Soon after I took the token I headed out and away from ma.s.ses who also wanted to join the tournament. But since that lady left, they all had to try and convince the man in the booth, who will never take such a decision to accept them unless his superior was there.

I headed out and looked for an inn to spend the rest of the day in. And also I needed some time to do some study. And since I had a time dilation function within the Lord of Lords, I can use it to work.

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The nearest inn didn't look too shabby so I walked inside and paid ten medium-grade spirit stones for one night. It was expensive but at least the room was nice.

Then I called Y over and began by studying his vocal inscription. But later I realized that this thing is actually too complex to finish in one sitting and I still had more to do. So I had to delay X's speech inscription for a little while.

Then I pulled the reactor and inspected it, finding a few dents and bends, that was easily fixed that now I wasn't as pressed for time as I was back in the Deeps.

Then removed the bra.s.s strips that were broken and mended, and replaced them with copper wires that I got from the Ji Tai sect.

This will increase Y's functions and better transfer heat to his swords.

Done with that, I pulled the many spiritual herbs I had on me and ordered the automaton that was managing the Lord of Lords paG.o.da to bring me any spiritual herbs that were ready for harvest.

Many had grown since I last planted them, due to the time difference and the rich Qi, so the Automaton brought a huge pile of spiritual herbs to me.

I then began by refining pills using my Heart Flame.

Poison pills, attack pills, healing pills, and soul rejuvenating pills. I burnt through the herb pile with so much speed that one would think that I set the small mountain of spiritual herbs on flame.

Once that was done. I sat down and took a few Soul Rejuvenating pills to heal back the mental stress. Then pulled the Law Slab I got from the Laughing Slaughterer paG.o.da. And began studying it.

As I understood, Gravity is not a standalone law, but it is a minor part of s.p.a.ce Law. So trying to understand s.p.a.ce without having a decent understanding of Gravitational Law is pretty much shooting yourself in the foot.

And since I had managed to get to the Small Success Stage in Gravitational Law I could study s.p.a.ce Law to an extent.

But the moment I closed my eyes and tried to gain insight into the s.p.a.ce Law Slab, I was disappointed to not be able to see the Law Lines.

Sighing, I had to give up on trying to do things the easy way. So I was going to do something I might regret.

I'll be using the Egg of Delusions, but I hope it won't crush me under its gravitational weight.. But the only way to find out is to try it.

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