Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 180 - Handsome Reward

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Chapter 180 - Handsome Reward

"Oh, really? You know the cure?" she said.

"Yes, and it should be administered right now, otherwise that hand will never be as beautiful as it was. And I'm sure you don't want to have blood and pus oozing out of that hand once it's fully corroded" I said.

"No, I don't! start working, I'll reward you handsomely." She said.

"No need, I also needed some samples from this Poison, I've obtained a pill and didn't dare to test it out, I was told that it could kill a half-step ascendant if they interact with it. So, at least now I'll have some samples to test and study, give me your hand," I said.

My words were spoken with the intention of informing them of my prior knowledge of such poison, this way they won't disregard my advice.

The woman handed me her hand and I grabbed it.

"Are you mad? What kind of doctor touches that thing with their bare hands." Dan Ryo shouted.

"Only I, senior cultivator only I," I said without sparing him a glance.

As I admired the poison coursing through this very lovely lady, I had to will myself to not get overcome with the exuding charm her body was pa.s.sively releasing, so I had to focus on the task at hand and on this very poison.

Though consuming this poison might kill me, just touching it isn't enough to cause me harm.

So With my other hand, I placed it in my inventory, then frowned.

"What's the matter?" asked Dan Ryo.

"Oh, I really think I should get myself checked, some of my items aren't where I last left them in my spatial pouch."

Speaking these words caused the bald man to slightly sweat.

"No matter, anyway," I said and pulled a silver box that had a lot of hollowed silver needles.

Then I began placing them in various spots on the woman's hands.

This caused the darkening to stop, then began to gather around the needles.

"Please don't use your Qi, I don't want it to interfere with my ministration," I said.

The woman nodded.

I then pressed with one finger on the middle of her palm and injected some of my Poison Qi into her palm.

The poison Qi invaded her hand and began surrounding the Dark Flesh Corrosion poison, and immediately began ejecting it from the hollowed needles.

The blackness soon left her hand and she was perfectly hale and healthy once again. I removed the needles from her hand and let go of it.

"How did you do that without any pills?" she asked as she rubbed her hand.

"Oh, a pill treatment for that Dark Flesh Corrosion is yet to be discovered, it's the same level of danger as the Bone and Body Grinding Poison," I said.

The woman's face turned pale.

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'Surprisingly they have yet to discover I'm inflicted with the Bone and Body Grinding Poison, did something happen to me to hide that fact without my knowledge? I'll need to look into this later.'

I looked into the box's content and never was happier to have received something.

Right in front of me, within the small box, was a Nascent Origin Root. It's a really good item to consume and can help with increasing the odds to become a Nascent Soul cultivator, but the real value of this thing is if it is properly cultivated, it can give out Nascent Origin Fruits, which are the superior forms. And not only can they increase the odds of a successful Nascent Soul cultivation ascension. They can be used as Qi supplements.

Though I'm unable to harness world's natural Qi, these fruits are different, they have the same type of Origin Qi as does poisons. The Qi from these fruits, I can easily consume and I can easily use to raise my cultivation level.

"I-I can't thank you enough, this is really too much." I said and meant it.

"Don't worry about it," she said, "Now we have to leave. Dan Ryo, we should probably continue the search, we don't want to lose that Saint Qi crystal."

"Right, let's move," Dan Ryo said and flew up.

"I haven't asked older sister for her name," I said before the woman would leave.

"My name… Hei Gua Fu," she said.

"Black Widow? Huh, doesn't really suit you, you're more like a Yao Shu."

"Oh, fairy? How ironic, and mistaken, though you can call me whatever you want. Farewell, Medical Saint."

I nodded and the two left.

Now, that was pretty close…though I could have gotten rid of them if they turned hostile using Y, I'm pretty glad I didn't. These types of people will not die easily. And if they do, I'm sure they have that mugshot thing that will capture my face and presence, then send in a hunt decree after me.

This was thankfully solved peacefully, and now I can leave for Lucid Springs.

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