Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 178 - Old Meets Bold

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Chapter 178 - Old Meets Bold

"It felt like a lifetime had pa.s.sed…" Elder Yun spoke.

"Yes, it really did, but thanks to Shen Bao we have a new lease on life. We better use it well."

"Indeed, we owe him greatly." Elder Yun replied.

"You owe me nothing, it is only repayment for your hospitality back at the Purple Cloud sect," I replied.

"Ah you're here," Elder Yun said.

"Feeling nostalgic?" I said.

"A little bit, but I doubt we can reallocate back again." Elder Yun said.

"Yes, it's still not time, we're not strong enough to fend off the three-legged raven sect." Lao Bofan said.

I shook my head, "Nope, not in the least. All the disciples are pretty weak, and most of the elders aren't much of help here, might as well just cultivate for a bit before we can show our face again."

Lao Bofan sighed, "It is a world where the strong rule and the weak either hide and cower or die."

"But its still a world where even the weak can become a dragon, might as well work hard and achieve that, then you can get all the revenge you want," I said.

"You're right Shen Bao, you've always been. Though I don't have many years in me, if I work hard I can probably increase my cultivation level."

"Then work hard, the area I've given you has plenty of Qi, it should help increase your cultivation level," I said.

"Yes, you're right, my wounds have all disappeared, now I can slowly regain my strength and hopefully increase my base strength to be of help to the sect." Elder Yun said.

"Let's work hard brother Yun, we can't have our junior surpa.s.sing us in strength." Lao Bofan said.

'I'm already pretty stronger than you are right now, but might as well not tell him that, would probably hurt his Nascent Soul cultivation pride.'

"That's good motivation. Anyway, I'll be leaving for my old hometown, what will you two do?" I asked."

"I've been thinking of traveling for a while." Lao Bofan said.

"You wouldn't want to stay back at the Lord of Lord's palace and cultivate?" asked Elder Yun.

"Though the paG.o.da has plenty of Qi, it's not good to stay sheltered forever, I'll be adventuring on my own and try to gain more strength to be of help to the sect." Lao Bofan said, "But that is of course if junior Shen Bao allows it."

"Oh, you can do what you want, just try and keep a low profile, you don't want to be identified by any one of the Three-Legged Raven Sect."

"Don't worry, I'm actually thinking of paying a visit to an old friend back at Zian Xi county, it's far away and I doubt anyone from the Purple Cloud sect will have eyes there." Lao Bofan said.

"Right then, G.o.dspeed, and I wish you the best in your venture," I replied.

"Thank you," said Lao Bofan, then he bowed and said, to Elder Yun, "Please tell the sect master where I went, and that I'm sorry for not informing her earlier."

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"I will brother Lao Bofan, please, stay safe." Elder Yun said.

Later on, a few hours to be exact, my thoughts were confirmed, and the same powerful cultivator along with another woman of otherworldly beauty flew down towards me.

The man was the same person who rudely inspected me using his Divine Sense. He was bald and dark of skin.

He had a monk-like presence about him, but all but a monk's calmness. He was clearly vexed and agitated.

The woman next to him wore thin and almost fully revealing clothes. Her face looked like it was sculpted by the hands of a G.o.d, as for her hourgla.s.s body, it would easily sway any man to her whims if she wishes to.

"You there," said the monk, with a rather vexed and irritated expression.

"Did you happen to see a man, wearing green dark purple robes, he used a great sword-type flying sword? Something like this" said the man and raised his palm forward, creating a projection of me, before I changed my appearance and clothes.

I shook my head, "Sorry fellow cultivators," I have not.

"Then you don't mind me searching your inventory, because I think you're the same person, you two had the same stature." Said the old man.

I frowned at him and said, "We have no grievances between us, why must you be so rude and ask to search another man's belongings, aren't you afraid that your arrogance might anger the Heavens?" I said.

Though the words I spoke were full of bulls.h.i.+t from my own perspective, they worked rather admirably in this situation.

"This junior cultivator is right, Dan Ryo," the woman said, "Don't worry about what this old fart said, this older sister just wants to know if you truly did see that person," she said and slightly leaned forward squeezing her cleavage, enough that her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were about to burst out of their garment.

I inwardly gulped, and immediately realized that I was being 'charmed'.

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