Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 177 - It Do Be Like That Sometimes...

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Chapter 177 - It Do Be Like That Sometimes...

"Wwwwwwas that Sssaint Qi?" spoke the sect master, shaking in utter and complete terror at what just happened.

"Yes," I replied, looking him straight in the eyes, "Why, you don't like the fact that it saved your sect?"

"Medical Saint; please, don't take this the wrong way, but using saint Qi is the same as dooming my very sect!"

"Do you know who I am?" I asked.

Looking confused the sect master replied, "No."

"Then it's all good, if you don't know who is your benefactor, you can easily speak your mind to anyone who tires to ask who used the Saint Qi, anyway, I'll be leaving. I have done what I have been paid for, I wish you all the best." I said then sent a divine sense message to Wu Di.

"I couldn't help but notice, where is Yuzehan and Xiao Lang?" I asked.

"It seems that elder Lao Yan had sent them to do something similar to what I have done." He said.

"I hope they come back safely then, I'll be leaving you the generator I used on you, get your sect to pay up the two hundred high grade spirite stones to help Yuzehan and Xiao Lang, I'll have to leave, because I'm sure that trouble will come chasing after me soon."

"Go ahead brother, as much as I wish for you to stay longer, I know that what you just did was not something with no consequences." Wu Di replied.

"Then good bye," I said and summoned my poison G.o.d's sword, jumping atop it, I blasted off the sect and back towards the Zhou County.

A few hours later, while I was casually riding away from the sect, I noticed an explosive Qi above me, with power strong enough that the clouds parted away in fear of what was moving through them.

A powerful wave of Divine Sense came to scan me, rudely scanning through me and my belongings before ignoring me completely and the owner continued moving on.

I sighed as I increased my sword's speed then soon changed my clothes and rearranged the items on me. Then I ate up a pill that slowly released a small portion of spiritual qi form my body.

Though this pill is utterly useless to me, it will help camouflage my Qi-less body from that same cultivator who just scanned me, lest he finds out about what happened and come looking for me.

I knew for sure that there was no way for the Ji Tian sect to divulge my ident.i.ty, and even if they betray their own, and speak of what brother Wu Di said, he would easily speak that he was sworn under heaven's name to not speak my name or who I was.

Though this might p.i.s.s off the cultivator, he won't bother with Wu Di, a sworn oath to heaven cannot be broken, no matter the torture one gets, or even if they try to soul search them, the heavens will acknowledge such act as an attempt against its authority and will punish the one who wishes to divulge the secrets sworn upon its name.

Heaven is jealous, prideful and merciless to those who trespa.s.s its authority.

The cultivator could probably just kill Wu Di in frustration, but I doubt that will happen. Due to how precious the Saint Qi crystal I have, no cultivator would dare waste time on the sect and would ignore them and come looking for me.

Since I doubt the sect will stay quiet about where I went, I'll soon have a few people searching for me. So might as well make it as hard as possible to identify my location.

Soon, I arrived at the borders of Zhou County, then headed to the west towards Lucid Spring. Or whatever was left from it.

As I remember, two years ago, when I was in the demon lands, Wu Di said that lucid Spring was wiped out by a Nascent Soul cultivator, now let's see what's left of it, and if it is as I fear, then that cultivator is in a world of pain.

Within less than an hour flight time I was already within the Purple Cloud Sect area, and somewhere in the distance was the gate to the sect, so I had to stop, before I go to Lucid Springs, I needed to resolve a bit of Karma.

I pulled the Lord of Lords token, "Lao Bofan, Sect Master, Elder Yun, please come out." I said.

Immediately, elder Yun and Lao Bofan were the first to leave the token s.p.a.ce and come out.

"Yes Shen Bao, what seems to be the matter…" Lao Bofan's words trailed off as he looked at the familiar forest and the sect in the distance.

"Ah, this brings back some memories," said elder Yun.

"You're speaking as if you haven't seen our sect's backyard in a few thousand years." Lao Bofan replied with words he clearly didn't believe in, he too was rather melancholic.

"Where is the Sect Master?" I asked.

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Lao Bofan and Elder Yun looked at each other, slightly embarra.s.sed, and said, "She is a bit mad at you…"

After a moment's hesitation, she shook her head, "No, it will bring nothing but bad memory, I have no need to see such place right now, not when I have no ability to avenge the disciples and elders that died there, it will only bring shame," She solemnly spoke.

"That's a bit morbid. Anyway, I'm only pa.s.sing through, so this is the only time I'm inviting you out to the sect, I doubt I'll have the ability to come back here in the near future." I said.

More hesitation was clear in her eyes, but she steadfastly refused after she gained her resolve.

"Then, I'll take my leave." I said and turned around.

"Stop," she said.

And I did, turning, "What is it?"

"Are you not going to apologize?" she said.

Frowning, "I told you, I only did what I needed to do, and I have nothing to oblige me to apologize for doing my job."

"You trespa.s.sed your limits to pear onto my body and forced me against my will to refuse."

"Otherwise you'd be dead, I've told you before, it's just flesh, I've seen it, nothing to be so prissy about. Anyway, if you still want to act like a teenager at your age, then I don't think we'll have anything else to discuss."

I turned and left.

"Infuriating man!" I heard then a blast of cold Qi splashed against a rock that I had just gone by turning it to a block of ice.

"d.a.m.n, women do be crazy sometimes," I said and left the area leaving a frustrated Sect Master to her little tantrum.

Once I was out, Lao Bofan and Elder Yun were both nowhere to be seen, but after a search using Divine Sense, I found them ahead and on the gate of the Purple Cloud sect.

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