Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 176 Treatment, and Consequences

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Chapter 176: Treatment, and Consequences

"Now that's done," I said as I rose up grabbing the two batches.

"Give one to each disciple, make sure every disciple has one on them at all times, and also make sure the circles are still intact," I said and handed them to an elder.

While the elders were distributing the talismans, I began working on the turbine. The prototype I had was good for one person, but I needed something far bigger than the one I had. And with the materials from the sect, I'm more than capable of making one more powerful than before.

Another half an hour of work made its fruits bear a ma.s.sive turbine steam engine.

With the knowledge of creating the first engine, the second one was far simpler to make.

And now that it was ready I called the elder, "I need as much Heart Fire rocks you have, put them under that pot, and heat it up."

"Okay, but what are you going to do with this? And that much copper wire?"

"You'll see soon, just get me hearth fire," I said.

I will be using the less powerful flame, instead of my Heart Flame, Hearth Fire is a material used for alchemy, though it produces less heat than Heart Flame, it's suitable for this, at least it won't outright melt the bottom of the pot.

Then I began by kneading the copper into long wires and planted two of the wires into the ground where I made the circle using my sword.

Once that was done, I asked the elders to fill the engraved ground with water and make sure that the water had gone through every single circle under every disciple. I also had the disciples check if the water under their personal circle had reached.

Once I confirmed that the circle was fully functional and linked even to the separate smaller circles. I turned back to the turbine engine.

"Medical Saint, we've been here for a long while, and we have yet to see you do anything related to medicine, could you please explain what's going on?" asked one of the elders who seemed pretty annoyed with me not doing any magic or healing.

"Just watch, I'm almost done," I said.

Soon the heart fire was ready and they lit it up.

The pot began heating up and the steam within it began slowly rotating the ma.s.sive fans inside it.

This new engine was hundreds of times more powerful than the one I used for Wu Di, but it needed a lot of momentum to reach its max rotational force.

And after a while, the whole engine began shaking as its magnetic turbine began spinning and finally started generating electricity.

"I'll have to ask a few elders to make sure the engine doesn't crash on itself or shake hard enough to break, please try and steady it while I'm working on the disciples," I said.

Then I called the disciples, "Everyone holds your talisman above your heads, and make sure not to faint, an electric current is going to shock you, try and stand strong. Elders you too, join the disciples." I said to everyone.

'Not to burst your bubble but aren't we forgetting something important?' Wu Di sent me through divine sense.

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'Oh don't worry about that,' I said.

And immediately, the formation brightened up and flared as the kids in the circle were hit with the rejuvenating Qi from the saint Qi crystal.

Not even a few seconds later, the disciples, elders included, began coughing green blood on the ground.

Then the formation's job has ended. And disciples began falling on the ground, the paleness and green tone of their skin visibly removed, and their complexions were much better.

The experiment was a success.

But troubles were soon to come.

Shen Bao's successful experiment was pretty much the cause of an upcoming uproar that would soon cause tides of blood to flow.

As within several places around the planet Si Xue.

Deep within the most drakes of seas, or high above the clouds where celestial-looking paG.o.das were built. Within the darkest caves of the most dangerous of areas. And among some of the Si Xue's strongest sects. Elders and old Monsters, cultivators of extreme might and power have sensed the release of Saint Qi within a faraway country.

And with such supremely rare resources, finally present within this planet, the very material that could take them from their half ascendant stature to a full ascendant and finally allow them to leave this dirt planet to explore the outer regions, no cultivator was going to stay in hiding and in secluded cultivation.

Powers beyond what many cultivators thought was G.o.dly began moving. And their destination was the very sect where Shen Bao was on…

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