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Chapter 175 Experiment

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Chapter 175: Experiment

As our group walked through the long paved road, a bell sounded in the distance, and from Wu Di's explanation, this was a gathering Bell, that once run, everyone in the sect would have to gather in the main plaza, no exception.

Then we saw disciples, sickly, almost fighting death itself to drag themselves towards the plaza, as fast as their bodies could. Some were helping each other to walk, even though the very kids who helped the others were too sickly to help even themselves.

This sorry sight caused me a bit of sadness, but there was nothing one could do about this. This whole situation was just some bad luck.

Though one of the disciples of the Tian Ji sect brought this, he couldn't be blamed as the Emrodite plague is really hard to discern without someone actually having prior knowledge of its existence.

Once we arrived, I realized that the size of the group was pretty d.a.m.n big. There were at least ten thousand disciples and elders in here. And this number isn't easy to accommodate in a single area. Yet, thankfully, the plaza was pretty big, as it led to all the different sections of the sect.

There were still few more disciples coming over, the weakest of the bunch, like water droplets streaming into a ma.s.sive pond of disciples.

'I might need to increase the strength of the steam engine if I wanted to do this in one shot.'

Soon, a couple old men came towards me, and with them was Lao Yan.

"Great Medical Saint, how may we call you?" asked Lao Yan.

"I don't care for names," I replied, "Call me whatever you want."

"Then Medical Saint it is, so please tell us, what's the need to gather everyone here?" Lao Yan asked.

"Well, I'm planning on curing everyone at once. But this will bring a lot of attention to this sect. Anyway, I should be long gone before the waves of this event start. And thanks to this," I said as I tapped my mask, you won't have any problems if problems come knocking on your doorsteps."

The elders didn't understand what I was on about, and I didn't plan on explaining.

"Alright, while I draw the formation, please stand still, also, I'll be needing a few materials I hope the sect can provide," I said.

"Whatever the Medical Saint wish for!" Lao Yan said.

I pulled a paper and began writing down a list of materials I needed, mostly some Drowsy Inkberry, a s.h.i.+t tone of virgin talisman paper, a lot of metal sheaths, copper ingots, and magnetic rocks.

The materials weren't rare, and for a sect, obtaining such materials wouldn't even be a problem.

Once Lao Yan gave the sect master the paper, the sect master called in the most healthy-looking disciple and asked him to bring the materials.

The kid ran up the sect's main building as fast as he could to get the materials I need.

I then pulled my sword, "Everyone, make sure you're at least one step away from each other." I said.

Soon the whole disciples slightly moved about, and surprisingly it looked like the total size of the disciples just quadrupled in size."

Thankfully, there was enough s.p.a.ce for me to move about.

I then began moving, while my sword was digging through the ground. I first moved around the whole group creating a deeply grooved circle that surrounded everyone in the group, then began zigzagging between the disciples, creating separate also deeply grooved circles underneath them and linking them to each other.

It took me an hour or so to finish drawing the primary circles. But if I was to write the detailed Devil Sealing Formation under each and every student, that would take me at least a week to finish, by that time most of them would already be dead.

But, the groundwork for the formation has already been set, the next part is the most important.

"Good. Now that's done, no one moves out of their circle, not even if your life depends on it, because if a single one steps out, the whole spell will not work." I spoke.

This sobered up the rest of the students.

"What's the reason for all of this? Couldn't you have asked the students themselves to draw the circle under them?" asked the sect Master.

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"I wouldn't trust anyone else with something only I can perfectly do." My reply came instantly and the old man quieted down.

"Good, then let's start," I said.

There were two large batches of talismans one under each pen.

It took a deep breath, then with both hands, I inscribed at the same time on both talismans the moment I raised my hands, Wu Di and Huang swiped away the finished talisman and my pen went down to inscribe the next one.

We did that for several dozen papers making it look like our hands were blurring, I wrote and they removed the finished talisman for me to work on the next one.

Seeing this, the sect master was baffled, as our movement was literally making dust rise up with how fast all three of us were moving.

"This is too slow! I'm increasing my speed!" I said.

Immediately, the whole speed of the operation doubled, and the movements of our hands began blurring to everyone seeing what was happening.

Thousands of mini-inscriptions were written in less than a fraction of a second. The mental toll it took on me was pretty d.a.m.n huge, but it worked for my advantage, working two tasks at the same time, simultaneously writing detailed inscriptions over and over again helps me in perfecting my inscription technique.

"More speed!" I called.

Both Huang and Wu Di were having a hard time keeping up with me as just the fact of swiping away the paper before my hands came back down became pretty daunting as I didn't even leave them time to mess about or be distracted.

Dust rose up from the movement of our hands, and the only time I stopped was to replenish the quills back with ink, then resumed the ultra-speed writing.

Less than half an hour later.

Two fully exhausted Huang and Wu Di fell on their backs as I finally blew on the tip of my pens as steam was rising from them due to how fast I wrote using them.

Well, that makes for the first half of this experiment, now the second part, and the most annoying one.

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