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Chapter 173 Q&A

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Chapter 173: Q&A

The electric current rushed up and into Wu Di, his hair rose once again as he was shocked by electricity, then his body began convulsing.

"Try and keep still," I said and Wu Di grit his teeth and calmed down.

Seeing him stabilize, I increased the heat under the pot, causing the turbine to spiral faster and generate even more electricity. Creating an even more powerful surge that caused the inscription to manifest from the ground to the s.p.a.ce above Wu Di.

The symbols shot into Wu Di, one by one, and as if they had a mind of their own, they began a.s.saulting the very plague that was killing him.

As I was using my divine sense to check up on what was happening within Wu Di's body, I noticed the inscriptions doing magnificent work.

The symbols became too small for regular eyes to see and then merged with his blood, then they began collecting the Emrodite Plague, then surprising it with the aid of the electric current.

Soon, the plague was forced out of every single open meridian Wu Di had, and then forced through is spiritual veins, and into his Dantian.

The formation began gathering every piece of the Plague and coiling it into a single orb that was much smaller than his core but spherical nonetheless.

The symbols became like a prison to the plague and once the last bit of the Emrodite Plague was gathered among the rest. The inscriptions all over Wu Di's body surged back into his Dantian and locked against the Emrodite plague like a tight prison.

The orb of plague was now surrounded by multi pentagonal shaped barriers that were linked to each other like a sphere.

Then came the turn of the electric current as it dove into the barrier blockade and spiraled around the Emrodite, shaping itself into a chain of lightning that constantly suppressed the plague.

A two defensive factor formation, the electric current was constantly suppressing the plague, weakening it, and the barrier was holding it from leaving.

This was some amazing sealing technique.

Opening my eyes, I was surprised to see a not-so-very-healthy-looking Wu Di, especially with the ma.s.sive amounts of black blood all across from him.

"I was too focused on his internals, what happened?" I asked.

"He just started vomiting blood, Hua Yue almost barged in to stop the treatment though," Huang said, like a little tattle tale.

"He looked in pain, and you weren't responsive." Hua Yue said.

"Well, thank G.o.d Huang stopped you, Wu Di should be perfectly fine, the experiment worked, though it really needs tuning because others might not survive this," I said then pulled a red pill from my pouch.

"Reall? He is healed?"

"Yep, well and good as before, though it's a temporary solution, it shouldn't hinder his cultivation until we find a newborn Albedo," I said.

Tears of joy streamed down Hua Yue's eyes but she immediately wiped them."

"Thank you! Shen Bao, I don't know what else I can do to thank you for this."

"Don't worry about it, Wu Di was good to me, this is only natural," I said and placed the pill into Wu Di's mouth.

"Help him digest that Blood Pill, I'm really exhausted from all of today's events I'll take a quick break," I said.

"Yes, go and rest Shen Bao, without you I don't know what would have happened to us," Huang said.

"Right, I'm off then," I said and headed up towards the main Palace of the Deep PaG.o.da.

Once I was inside the humble-looking house, I took a few steps away from the skeleton and rested next to it, entering a meditative state to regain my lost energy and focus.

This was a good time to make a list of what I needed to do and reconfirm my goals.

I've traveled for quite a bit and quite far, I've had some encounters, lucky and unlucky ones. Some I'm thankful for, even if they almost caused my death, and some, fearful of and need to improve in order to survive the trials to come.

My current strength isn't comparable to the value of a drop of water in a sea.

There are cultivators who wield might and strength that could literally shake continents, shape mountains, and topple seas. Compared to them, I'm an ant.

Though X and Y can guarantee my survival, what if some G.o.dly cultivator decides to go on a tantrum, and decides that the very planet I'm on was not to his liking and literally went, "f.u.c.k this planet in particular," and then there goes Shen Bao's adventure.

What a morbid train of thought, though it is unlikely, if it's not 0%, it is still in the realm of the possible.

I'm strong enough to manage my own fate to an extent, strong enough to escape greater threats than my own cultivation level, but there is always room for doom, death, and chance. One cannot guarantee that their life would be led according to a plan, as fate can outplay whatever hand one has.

But even if, challenging the odds without a plan is utter idiocy, because one cannot rely on chance. I'm not some main character in some story, protected by some unG.o.dly plot armor. s.h.i.+t doesn't happen like that in real life. Real-life is scary, unpredictable and it always ends in death, it's just our job to prologue the inevitable as much as we can.

So, what should my plan be? Simple, find ways to survive my impending doom. The Primordial Dragon Snake. A threat strong enough to wipe entire planets.

But to do so, I need power, power enough to contend with the might of the Poison G.o.d. And probably even more, because he must have died to the Primordial Dragon Snake. I need enough power to remove that dangerous threat from me.

But how to gain more power?


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Then, there is a small problem. I cannot easily cultivate, my cultivation is pretty d.a.m.n hard. I can jump levels easily if I find powerful and rare poisons, but they are rare for a reason.

Yet, there is one last issue I still have. It's been bothering me since I left the Demon Lands, and I haven't had the time to think about it… no, why am I lying to myself. I was actively avoiding thinking about this…

My sons, I need to go and see them. though I would really want to give them a piece of my mind, they are still my own. I need to see how they're doing, and if by the G.o.ds, they happen to have been harmed, injured, or…

Then I swear, that I'll bring death, doom, and all the world's vilest torments on whoever did so to my Lucid Spring.

Opening my eyes, with newer convictions, set goals, and ready to face what's to come, I found the group of three in front of me.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"You…you were glowing…" Said Wu Di who looked pretty much fully healed up.

"Huh, I was? Well, I don't think that it was something worth worrying about, I don't feel any different."

The three looked at each other before Huang said.

"Is anyone going to tell him?" Huang said

"Tell me what?" I asked.

"You were in the middle of Insight, and you didn't even realize it?"

"What's insight?" I asked.

"Oh boy…" Huang said shaking his head.

Wu Di however laughed, "It's the first step one needs to take before stepping into the Nascent Soul, and you did that before even reaching the ninth level, you are a monstrous being."

"I thought I needed to understand Law for that."

"That's also a part, but without Insight, one cannot birth a soul from their core." Wu Di said.

"I need some crash course on that Nascent Soul thing, but for now we should probably leave, I doubt that Ken was the only one to come and visit this place, and I don't want to face anyone else."

"You don't want to explore more?" Huang said.

"Not worth the risk, let's move, for now, we'll need to head to the Tian Ji Sect and see how bad the situation is there."

Which was a good thing, as the Tian Ji sect was pretty close to Zhou county, where I used to live. I might find time to visit some old friends and check up on my sons.

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