Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 172 If It Looks Stupid but works, then It Ain't Stupid

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Chapter 172: If It Looks Stupid but works, then It Ain't Stupid

After carefully reading through the manual, again and again, and making sure that everything was perfectly set up, in terms of inscription of course, because I knew jack s.h.i.+t about the other equally important half, Thunder Law.

So we'll be using scuffed electricity supplemented from a primitive-looking steam engine. What can go wrong?

I drew the circle on the ground and added the inscriptions to it, coupled with several of my own personal inscription tools, I masterfully recreated the same circle that the Master of Chains created.

The inscription might look pretty strange and miraculous to anyone who sees it for the first time, especially with all the side and added inscriptions that were only there for decoration. Like the main objective of this restriction was exactly as its name suggested, Demon Sealing Technique. It's like a capture device that will allow a certain object to be entangled within the inscription itself and preserved in a place.

Yet this one had a lot of added things to it, mostly to hide the inner workings of the inscription.

Finally, the Thunder Law, as it seems from reading the manual, Lightning, mind you, not thunder, Lightning has the ability to restrict and suppress, and thus it works perfectly with this formation. The formation will harness and entrap, and the thunder will seal and suppress. The terms might sound similar but they are different.

The Master of Chains formation can harness either energy, material, or none material, depending on the power and understanding of the user of the formation. While the Thunder law will cause whatever was captured in the formation to remain in it, unable to leave.

And for Wu Di Emrodite Plague, this will not cure it, as he had said before and like I approved off later since we didn't have the heart of a newborn Albedo. This is the second-best 'available' option because there are other methods, but they are rather risky, dangerous, and not readily possible either.

"Wu Di, can you please sit here," I said and walked to the engine.

'I've never tried this before so I hope this won't outright shock him to death.'

"This will hurt, but be patient, and stay strong," I said.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Hua Yue asked with worry in her eyes.

"Oh, sure? I'm as far from that as possible. I'm basically adding a technical and mechanical additive to a spiritual equation, it's like putting apples and oranges together and expecting them to birth eggs. So, the last thing I'm expecting is a success."

"Then why are you doing this? You might kill him," Huang said.

"Do you have a better option?" I said and the group quieted down.

Only to be interrupted by Wu Di "I trust brother Shen Bao!" Wu Di said.

"I admire your words, but that's stupid, because not even I trust myself with this working, but as it is now, without this, you'll probably not make it to tomorrow."

I said as I pointed at his chest.

"Green Blood, last symptoms, your body is no longer capable of sustaining the Emrodite plague," I said.

Wu di then wiped the blood on his chest that he finally realized that it had dripped from his nose without him feeling it.

"Curses!" Huang Spoke and the group once again quieted down.

"Alright, let's see if this works," I said as I lowered the heat on the pot, I didn't want to start off by having Wu Di electrocuted to death if this actually works so I gave him the two ends of the bra.s.s extensions coming from the engine.

Once he grabbed on the two bra.s.s strings a few of the hairs on his head rose up.

"How are you feeling?"

"EEEENERGGGGETIC!" came the reply.

'Well, I guess the engine is working all right.' I said.

Then I began by activating the formation by putting in a few spiritual stones on it in several positions.

The formation lit up for a fraction of a second then the medium spiritual stones burst to dust.

"What the?"

"What happened?" Hua Yue asked.

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I raised a finger at her to have her quiet down, as I was trying to a.n.a.lyze why the stones were eaten up so fast.

Wu Di threw a couple of dozen High-Grade Spirit Stones our way.

"This makes a bit more than half what we need. I have thirty on me," I said.

And just as I was about to round up the stones and hope for a miracle and that they work.

The mad man threw a pouch our way.

He had woken from his meditation finally and decided to pitch in.

"Why?" I asked.

"You gave me insight on something I was missing, consider this repayment. I'll be leaving, good luck curing that disease." The man said.

"I never knew your name."

"Ken. They call me Ken," he said then he dipped away, flying at top speed toward the exit.

"Hmm, weird," I said and pulled open the pouch he gave us, finding in it several dozen High-Grade Spirit Stones. All I ever needed for this.

"Good, this is enough, now, let's get to work," I said and began placing the High-Grade Spirit Stones all around the formation.

Let's hope this works.

The Formation immediately lit up, and it stayed alight. Then the electric current began surging and further increased the glow of the formation.

Wu Di's strung expressions began changing to chagrin and pained ones, but as it appeared the paleness was ever so slightly dissipating.

'This looks like it is working, scuffed cultivation for the win!'

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