Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 171 I am the Law!

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Chapter 171: I am the Law!

"Now that's unexpected, how did you get that?" I asked.

"Luck I might say, it was on the ground, on the path you tricked me into taking. I believe you need this for some sort of agenda," the man said.

"Yes, and I believe you want something in exchange for it," I replied as I approached the man.

"Can't we just take it, he is too weak to fight back if we just take it from him." Hua Yue said.

"Depends on what he says, so what do you want for the book?" I asked.

"Knowledge, on how you broke my Domain, I have yet to fully complete it, but that was different battles of Domain, as far as I know, are done to prove one's understanding of domain against another, but you didn't even use domain, how did you manage to break mine, and almost cause me to have my cultivation destroyed."

"Well, thanks to your incomplete domain, you didn't straight up die after your domain was broken, secondly, I already explained that it was your own lack of understanding of human's need to improve and evolve that caused your domain to falter," I replied.

"That's not enough," the man replied.

I sighed, "What do you want me to tell you? That your domain is incomplete, worthless, not even worth being called a domain? If that's what you want to hear, then I said it."

"No, not that, I mean, how can I improve my domain, this doesn't feel right, my domain is weak," the man replied.

I shook my head, "There is no such thing as a Domain weaker than the other, they are all paths that lead to the Dao, they are the same as Dao no Dao can be above another, not even Ying and Yang Dao, not even reincarnation, creation, destruction and rebirth Daos are above another, it all depends on the understanding of a person of each Dao, though one Dao can be more destructive than another, it doesn't mean that it is the strongest. Same for Domains, your understanding of your own domain was too weak to have it fully reveal its power, thus you lose, wait until you know more about Law before you can improve your Domain, then try again, perhaps you'll have an even more compact and complex Domain, mind you not stronger because strength is relative." I said.

The man felt like he was. .h.i.t with a truckload worth of information, enough that he threw me the manual and immediately went into meditation.

Though most of the stuff I said was basically me speaking out of my a.s.s, as I have no idea if Domains are stronger or equal in strength than each other, but there was some truth in my words. Domains are in tight relation to one's understanding of Law, and if one's understanding of Law is weak, so will their Domain.

I picked the book and headed back to my group.

Opening it, I realized that the Master of Chains and Imperatrix of Lightning's Sealing Technique was pretty easy to replicate, but there was a necessary condition to actually be able to use it.

This Manual was the c.u.mulative understanding of the Master of Chains knowledge of seals and added to it, was the Imperatrix's own Thunder law? thunder? Huh.

The first was easy to replicate, as my understanding of formations and inscriptions is pretty d.a.m.n good. The second however was problematic.

I sighed as I looked at the group, "This will be problematic." I replied.

"What's wrong?" Wu Di said as he stifled a cough.

"I can recreate the Inscription, but I can't implement Thunder Law in it, also why is it called Thunder? This is clearly Lightning, Thunder is the sound of high voltage electricity going through s.p.a.ce creating plasma and explosive sound, while lightning is the electric current created from the clash of clouds…"

"Ah, that's just a writing style, many decide to write the letter for Thunder instead of lightning because it sounds more domineering," Hua Yue said, "You should know of this though."

"That's just scientifically wrong, and it's bothering me. Anyway, I can't do this, I don't know a rat's tail about using lighting into this, but if given time I can create electricity."

"Also what is plasma, and what is electricity?" Hua Yue said.

"Plasma… it's hard to explain, and electricity well, Its… like lightning, never mind, give me some time I'll try something." I said.

I then began by pulling a lot of materials from my pouch and from the Lord of Lord's alchemy lab. Thankfully I didn't need to be physically present to call an item out from the lab, otherwise, it would be weird to see me disappear in and out.

The first thing I needed was magnets. Which I had a lot of rock magnets. I pulled a few ingot-size magnets and attacked them in a way that their polarization didn't interfere with each other.

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Then I pulled a few stripes of bra.s.s I had left, sadly I didn't have pure copper on me, but the bra.s.s strips from the Dragon Bra.s.s cauldron I had had huge copper concentration so it would work well enough.

Now that all was done it's time to seal any areas that will allow steam to go through. Nothing too difficult with the aid of the Heart Flame.

"It should be done, I'll give it a test," I said.

"But I don't see any implementation of the law, all you did was attach metal to each other, though it looks eccentric, it doesn't feel really that powerful." Hua Yue said in a questioning tone.

"Well, science is not the same as Cultivation," I said, now watch and learn!"

I said as I poured water on the iron pot and closed the lid while sealing it completely.

Then I snapped my fingers and created a small hot flame underneath the pot.

I knew if I increased the temperature too much the Heart Flame can literally bore a hole into the metallic pot, so I kept the flame on an as low temperature as I could, but it was still hot enough to cause the bottom of the pot to redden almost instantly.

Soon, sound echoed from the motor as the water inside the pot boiled, and created steam.

The steam rose in pressure and began slowly spinning the blades, which caused the shaft to spin in place making the magnets spin also.

The mechanic rotation of the magnet began creating current, and not a second later the two wired zapped as an electric spark shot from one end to the other.

This caused the group to be stunned.

"He really did it!" Wu Di said amazed at how I created 'thunder law' from basic metals.

"Well now, how about we see if this can be used on that inscription."

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