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Chapter 170 Fire of Knowledge

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Chapter 170: Fire of Knowledge

Gazing upon the skies, I saw a cloudless blue sky above me, with the sun sitting at its zenith Wind blew by, hot enough to cause one's mouth to dry. All around me was a half desert, where large rock formations rose apart each other creating a natural maze where the only wind could blow through and cross.

The ground was a mix of dirt and sand, rocks and pebbles aplenty. Where few types of the most stubborn gra.s.s grew, not caring for the heat or the poor conditions of life in this desert.

And far in the distance, I could see him, a man with a club over his shoulder that could easily match his own size. Wrath, rage, and undulated fury emanating from him like a visible aura of danger.

With each step the man took, he crossed distances that shouldn't be possible to cross with a single step.

This was a reminder of the first time I came to this world, when I saw one of the cultivators for the first time, walking and folding s.p.a.ce as they walked.

The man stood in front of me, with his pupilless eyes. Where nothing but a red aura of rage sparked. His whole body was covered in battle scars, as he wore nothing but a skirt made from the pelt of a beast.

His bronzed tan indicated that he had spent a long time under the sun, and his pulsing and bulged muscles gave him a barbaric sight, one that might cow the most fearsome of lions.

"See! This is my world! My Domain!" the man said, and every word revibrated across this Domain like an echo, honoring him, paying him piety, and bowing to his will.

"I am king! Emperor! Lord and ruler here! And you are nothing but an ant to crus.h.!.+" said the man with more vigor in his voice.

"All your puppets, tools, weapons, and tricks do not exist here, for we are in ages long before man knew knowledge, we're in a world of ignorance, where only power ruled!" the man said then pointed at me with his club.

The scene was pretty comical as the club covered my face and torso due to how large it was, "So, beg, pray and plead for mercy!"

I looked around before answering the man and noticed visible faults in his domain, the sky that was above me didn't have clouds because he couldn't create them and keep them functional, and that fact also led me to notice something else, the sky…lagged, for a fraction of a moment, I was able to notice a slight tear in the sky that was immediately mended afterward.

"Incomplete," I said.

The man astonished by my unexpected reply said, "Do you think that just because it is incomplete that it cannot kill you? That I cannot kill you, that you will not submit?!" he roared fury raising from him like steam.

"Exactly, your domain is incomplete, thus it cannot work," I said.

Compared to Zhang Tian's domain, or even one of the domains Zhang Tian used in battling the Poison G.o.d, which was mighty and powerful but still no match to the Poison G.o.d's domain, this thing in front of me was a forgery of a forgery, not even worth being called a domain.

"This excuse of an understanding of Law that you call Domain is nothing but a fake third rate attempt at making a domain. No, even third rate has more value and weight, you're nothing,"

Just as I finished my words, the man screamed and raised his club to smash it down on me.

"I don't like standing naked in the sun," was my reply to his action, and immediately I was fully clothed, back wearing my purple snake scale threaded robes.

The man's club faltered and he stopped it mid-way, "Impossible! How?!"

"You don't have enough grasp over your own domain to force me back into a stone age period, also, your whole domain can be ruined with just this," I said as I picked up a stone from the ground.

The man didn't understand what was going on and came at me with another club blow which I easily dodged.

The domain he created was really powerful, as it strips the two of their powers and cultivation base then sends them back to a prehistorical age, no one but a body cultivator can be a match to this person, but since he cannot force me to his will within his own domain, not even Zhang Tian was able to do so, I am still able to retain my cultivation base.

The rock I picked up was pretty hefty, but with a few swings of Creeping demise, I made a rough primal creation that was going to shatter his whole domain.

"Do you know what this is?" I asked the man as I showed him the circular stone.

He didn't understand where I was going so I continued, "This is mankind's first creation, the wheel. It eased their transportation, and thus planting innovation, creation, to make one's life easier, the man began to bend the world to their whims to create things that they can use and abuse to force nature under their foot!" my words sounded like the decree of a G.o.d as they came cras.h.i.+ng against the barbaric man.

"STOP!" he shouted and immediately against his will, the wheel became four, and two-axis linked them and a carriage was constructed above them.

I didn't expect this result but this gave me a good idea to test.

I snapped my finger and created a small green flame, "That was man's greatest and first invention, but this, this is fire, this is man's greatest and first Discovery. Fire scares animals and beasts, thus it is safety, fire makes meat taste better and healthier and meat no longer causes pains and illnesses."

The man's head throbbed as his nose began bleeding, he dropped his club and clutched his head with both hands, screaming as if his brain was being scrambled by a heated metal pipe.

"STOOOOOP!" he shouted.

"Then comes discovery and innovation," I said "When man made the two as one, they discovered iron, and used fire on iron, and created better tools, the better tools made them harvest more efficiently, craft, create clothes, make more tools to further ease their way of life. For no man would rather remain in ignorance if ease and bliss of a good life are in front of them."

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As I spoke, the desert began transforming, the ground changed and the sand turned to fertile lands, gra.s.s grew and wheat fields manifested, rivers spread all over the area as to chase away the drought, and thus buildings, shacks homes, and small buildings rose up all over the place.

"So boring," I said and didn't even bother slicing his neck off. It just felt, cheap.

I turned and walked toward Huang.

"Wait! Please!" the man said.

Turning, "What is it? do you really want me to kill you that bad?"

"Please answer me this, I wouldn't mind death afterward, how did you do it? how did you break my domain when you're in core creation?"

"I didn't break your domain, you did, your domain is based on the ignorance of man, based on an age that mankind had done everything in their power to get rid of, anything that you see in the world, any creation, any tool any piece of furniture or clothing has been specifically made to part us even a finger width apart from those ages, and by making that wheel, I gave your world the spark it needed to rid itself of its shameful past. The rest was all your doing, your own weak mind that couldn't take hold of your Domain and force it back into the dark ages." I replied.

"Why are you explaining that to him?" Wu Di asked, "That will make him understand his mistakes and he might come back for revenge, you must kill him now!" Wu Di added.

"No need," I shook my head, "Even if his domain becomes a hundred, no, a thousand and even a hundred thousand times stronger, he cannot beat me using it," I replied.

For not even Zhang Tian, could stop me from leaving his Wisdom of the Ages Domain. And he was a Cultivator so strong that Ascendants would bow down to and wors.h.i.+p, the very Ascendants who are the Top Cultivation stage you can reach within this planet.

The man sat in a lotus position and began cultivating.

I wondered why is he so lax and relaxed in this situation, but I didn't really care.

I walked to Huang and knelt down, I checked his pulse and noticed that took a nasty beating, though nothing life-threatening.

I pulled a couple of healing pills from my pouch and realize that I'm starting to go into my reserves, I need to create more batches, as I've been eating them up like candy these few days.

I gave Huang a few pills and asked Hua Yue to help him circulate them.

"Once Huang Wakes up, well' continue the search for the Sealing Technique," I said.

And right then the barbaric man opened his eyes, "Were you looking for this?" he said as he pulled a cultivation manual from his pouch.

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