Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 167 Rage Incarnate

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Chapter 167: Rage Incarnate

I reached my group in less than a couple of minutes where I found them all blasting through the tunnel on top of their personal flying weapons.

"Took you long enough," Wu Di said while stifling a cough.

"Yeah, I had to make sure we're not pursued," I replied.

"Good, so far we've been moving about aimlessly, hopefully, we'll find something at the end of this tunnel," Huang said.

"I have a good feeling about the end of this area, let's just keep moving," I replied and our group made way toward the end of the rising tunnel.

Soon enough, we arrived at the top of the mountain, where there stood a single house with one story at the top of a flight of stairs. The surrounding was a serene-looking garden and atop us was a ma.s.sive dome that covered the whole area, letting nothing but the s.h.i.+mmering glimmer of sunlight go through.

"This looks beautiful," Hua Yue said.

"True, it's a peaceful place, but we're not here to enjoy a relaxing vacation, let's start ransacking the place," I replied and headed out first.

Just as I arrived at the door of the house, I saw a sitting skeleton on the house's porch.

"Seems like this was the person who took care of the sect after it fell, he never left," I gave the dead man a bow and spoke, "Apologies for trespa.s.sing." Then took the first step on the house, half afraid that something might jump me.

Seeing nothing popping out, I breathed a sigh of relief and walked inside the house.

It was a simple house with simple decorations, there were vases with wilted flowers on them, and shelves and tables that had gathered so much dust that it created a thick crusty later over them.

I looked around the house and didn't see anything worth taking or the sight of a treasury.

Frowning, I walked back out, "I didn't find anything, not even Divine Sense is detecting any hidden doorways or secret pa.s.sages, could there be another area where the sect keeps their treasures?" I vocalized.

Our group looked confused before Huang Said, "I'd propose we split up and-"

His words stopped mid-way as all of us felt it, though it was far too late…

A blast of Qi surged from within the tunnel we just walked out from as a man shot forward with blinding speed.

He didn't even bother speaking as he struck Huang powerfully in the chest, causing the man to flail, spiraling in the air before tumbling on the ground for G.o.d knows how many times until he stopped still as the dead.

The man then had already jumped for Hua Yue, grabbing her by the back of the neck.


Now that he stopped, I was finally able to see his face.

He looked no older than thirty, but had a ma.s.sive burn mark on his face, courtesy of yours truly.

His whole aura was seething in fits of rage, he looked like a dragon that had his reverse scale poked.

In a situation like this, trying to calm this person is impossible, also there was no need to calm him as he was already determined to kill us off.

I immediately made a hand gesture, "Kai!" I spoke, and while the man had been grabbing Hua Yue by the neck, forcing her to gasp for breath, he never understood how she 'blew up in his face.

As a ma.s.sive load of poisonous substance shot from her side pouch and a.s.saulted the cultivator's nose.

The cultivator immediately let go the moment the poison touched his body, he covered himself in protective Qi and backed off.

"You! Inscriber, you must have been the one, so vile, a poison cultivator, I shall rid the world of your evil ways!" the man spoke as he pulled a broad curved blade.

He dashed towards me with blinding speed as he sliced forward aiming to split me in half in one hit.

Contending this man in strength is nothing but idiocy, so I spat poison at him.

"It won't work fool! I protected myself with my Qi, unless your Qi is stronger than mine, you can't harm me!" the man said as he went into my poison cloud.

'The most cliché of things, the villain's monologue before finis.h.i.+ng off the hero, sigh,'

Immediately, the man froze up mid-way, then tapped a foot on the ground and instantly jumped away from the poison cloud.

He began coughing and spat a mouthful of blood.

"H-how, how can a core cultivator's Qi be strong enough to penetrate a half-step Soul Formation's Qi?"

I didn't reply, why should I explain to him that my poison was mixed with Breath Sealing Poison? Which served to stop the body from properly rotating Qi?

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So, I pulled a pill from my pouch, placed it between my thumb and index then flicked it at the man.

"Also, so far he is not even deeming you worth his attention, so just move away from there and check up on Hua Yue, I'll keep him occupied," I spoke.

Soon enough, the dust settled, and from within the cracked ground I could see the silhouette of the man, blood all over his face, yet his expression was that of an enraged demon.

"HOW DARE YOU!" he shouted, with strength enough to shake the whole place."

's.h.i.+t, he still has so much strength,'

"X, come out," I said, and immediately the puppet shot forward from my chest.

"Oh, a puppet, and a very strong one at that, what would happen if I deny you the right to call it to this fight!!" the man slapped both of his palms together in a prayer pose, then roared.

'Deny them this fight? That doesn't sound good, not at all.'

The Qi gathering around this man was so much that the ground began cracking.

The spiritual Qi burst from his body like a torrent of power, raging in might and power he shouted one word. "LAW!"

And thus, the invisible lines of law manifested all over the place like a cobweb.

Though I didn't know what this type of Law was, I was about to find out.

"It is incomplete But you'll suffer for forcing my hand! Be grateful, you're the first none Nascent Soul cultivator I used this on! Law, heed my call! Darkest Age!"

Immediately, the Law Lines, changed, thickening and closed the s.p.a.ce between them, creating a dome of total power and control, where this enraged cultivator was master, lord, and the literal G.o.d of that place.

The law s.p.a.ce manifested, creating a Domain.

I looked around and noticed that I was in a place where there was nothing but stones, rocks, and boulders all over the place.

Not even X was here.

As I looked at myself, I noticed that I was wearing a leather loincloth and had nothing on me but a spear made from a crude stick.

"What the actual f.u.c.k?" I said as I realized I could no longer use my Qi, nor had access to Y, or X.

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