Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 164 Cat and Mice

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Chapter 164: Cat and Mice

Currently, we were at one end of a tunnel, and the middle ground was a ma.s.sive semi-sphere that held inside it numerous buildings, but since the gla.s.s making the sphere had broken, the whole area was run down with water, and after ages long, it became a playground for the fish and sea beasts. This was just the sea reclaiming its territory. But the problem was, that we needed to cross this spherical area. It was wide and large enough for the One-Eyed Kraken to fit inside it with more room than needed to move around.

With a watchful gaze on us, he waited until we went into the water-flooded area of the Sect of the Deeps. Patiently.

"How fast can you all swim to the other side?" I asked as I pointed forward.

"Without that One-Eyed Kraken here, it should take us a bit less than an incense stick worth of time," Huang replied.

Looking at our group, only Y would have trouble following my plan, so I called him into the book.

I nodded, then pulled a few pills from my pockets, then a few more talismans.

I handed each one of the two, pills and a talisman "These are all I have. You can use the pill to create a smokescreen within the water, it will hide your presence, but only for a moment, you'll need to move fast if the Kraken Locks on you. And keep the talisman on your body at all times. Once you stop moving, the talisman will hide your presence. Use the pill to move and the talisman to hide."

Huang looked back, as his face paled, "Is this your plan, a few pills, and a talisman, don't you think that the Kraken will see through it?."

"I can't guarantee he won't see through it, but this is the only way. Use the items I gave you, they'll save your life." I shook my head.

"Shouldn't we wait? I mean who knows the cultivators coming here could be friendly."

"Do you honestly think that anyone risking their lives to get to the palace of the Deeps will share the spoils with others, not to mention we're all core cultivators?" I replied.

"Wait, you do have some for your use?" Wu Di said.

"…Yes," I replied. "Don't worry about me, now, listen carefully," I said as I began explaining to them how we'll proceed.

Just as I finished my words, the first part of my plan came to action, as the plan desperately needed a couple of idiots.

Three cultivators were rus.h.i.+ng in, flying in the narrow tunnel as they approached us. One of them had several fresh burn marks on his face.

"They're here, and they're all Nascent Soul Cultivators. One of them was even a half step into Soul Formation.

I pulled three talismans and threw them forward.

"Inscription Master! That's the one who caused the burns on my face! Leave him to me, I'll grind his bones and drink his blood!"

"That's really unsanitary," I replied, "But to do that you should catch me first! Explode!" I chanted and immediately the thrown talismans lit up then blew the tunnel, causing the water to rush in and submerge the tunnel.

Cultivators have a far stronger const.i.tution than mortals, a rus.h.i.+ng tide wouldn't make a cultivator budge, but will undoubtedly kill a mortal. But I wasn't using the explosion to cause the group of cultivators to lost sight of us or to slow them down. But more to give the One-Eyed Kraken a chance at an easy prey.

'Everyone, go according to the plan!" I said and smashed the tunnel's gate, causing even more water to come in.

Then all four of us charged forward and spread in four different directions but all aiming to join back at the other side of the submerged dome.

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While I was the slowest of them, not because I couldn't out-speed them, but because I was making sure that we survive.

It had already made its way back into the dome and now was searching for me. But I've already informed everyone how the plan should proceed.

Once the One Eyed Kraken was to come back, they'll have to wait for me to move first. While they all hid within the many underwater buildings.

The watchful eye of the Kraken reminded me of a famous tower with a fiery eye. And this was exactly the same situation. Getting spotted means death.

But for some reason, this only made me even more excited I shook with excitement. I slowly looked out from behind cover, the One Eyed Kraken was still scanning the area, which wasn't great.

But thankfully I already predicted something like this will happen, and this was a good time to give the group the signal to move forward.

"Explode!" I chanted and immediately, the talismans I've thrown early on blew up causing the One-Eyed Kraken to jerk towards the explosion and shot three of his tentacles towards the area.

This was both a distraction and a signal for the group. They immediately dashed forward through the water from their hiding places and moved towards the exit.

The Kraken was still occupied with the continuous explosions, thinking that there was more prey there as we made great progress to reach the doorway to the other side of the dome.

Yet while I was das.h.i.+ng forward, a blow-fish-type creature screeched loud enough that my eardrums threatened to burst.

"What the flying f.u.c.kery is that!" I cursed as I was rattled, it felt like my brain was struck down with a hammer.

Not only was I in a half daze, but the sound was also loud enough to wake the dead, and clearly more than enough to draw the One-Eyed Kraken's attention.

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