Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 161 Sea Dwellers.

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Chapter 161: Sea Dwellers.

As we went down, something unexpected happened. The dark elevator brightened up for a bit, and we realized that we were actually going down a tube like elevator where you could see the sea from within.

The Sect of the Deeps was apparently built underwater, and that was not a good thing.

Because I could clearly see that big monstrosity, as I was sure it was able to see us too getting down.

"Curses! We're in a trap!" Huang said.

"Not necessarily, didn't you notice, the sea beast didn't attack, I also sense a formation in action. Because it's not simple to keep this building from caving in on itself while the Egg of Delusions was constantly pulling the gravitational fields and exerting constant pressure here." I replied.

"So, there is some sort of defensive formation, that's a relief." Wu Di said.

"Master, what you said was true, but that isn't applicable to the rest of the sect, there are places that have caved, and sea water had gotten to." Y added from behind.

"Well, that's not good then. Do you have an idea on how to navigate the rest of the sect?"

"I do not, I only retrieved the Egg. I have not scanned the rest of the sect, not due to it escaping my thoughts, but because I couldn't waste more energy."

'Y is right, his core is already in shambles, I'll need to fix it soon.'

"Okay, once we get down, we'll have to split." I said to the group.

"Why is that?"

"I need to do some quick fix on Y, so I can't follow you. Without Y's strength we're like rats in a bucket, we'll be caught by the cultivators who will come here to investigate. Also, since there are areas that are broken and that sea water had managed to get into, we'll need him to stop any sea beast that took those areas as a nest. So, you'll move ahead of me, explore the area and I'll catch up to you as fast as I can."

Wu Di coughed a few times, and said, "Shen Bao is right, we'll need to head out first and cover as much as we can, let's go."

"Right, we'll need to head to the sect's Pavilion or Sect Library. There should be something on their sealing technique." Huang said.

Hua Yue nodded to them and once everyone agreed to my proposition, the elevator stopped.

We were in front of a dark large room with a single closed door.

Once the elevator's light went off, the door opened up, revealing another underwater pa.s.sage that extended forward and into an underwater mountain that had dozens of gla.s.s domes all over it.

But many of these domes were broken and had water inside them, with the exception of few that survived the pa.s.sage of time, or whatever caused the calamity on this sect.

"We'll head out first," Wu Di said.

"Take care, and don't risk your lives. Also keep checking for formations and traps." I advised and the group nodded to me.

Once they left and were away, I turned to Y.

"Open up," I said and Y's chest opened revealing a reactor that I was surprised to still be functional.

Many of the bra.s.s stripes I had on him were broken, and a few of the tubes that would transfer Qi were bent with cracks that leaked Qi like there was no tomorrow.

The core of the reactor was thanfully still intact so I didn't need to sc.r.a.p the whole thing away and start from scratch.

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I pulled my tools and began repairing. The first thing I needed to do was to stop the leakage. So instead of just plugging the tube and hope for the best, I shut down the reactor and removed the bent tube, I already made dozens of these when I first created the reactor, so I have a lot of spare.

Then there were far bigger sea creatures which swam next to each other without aggression or hostility. They didn't fight, because there was no need to fight, as the abundance of food was too much to care about territory. And in the farthest side, the one-eyed kraken looked with hostility at everything, but didn't act, it just waited as would a cat wait in front of a hole where a rat had hidden.

Once I arrived at the end of the tunnel, I saw several pa.s.sages that each led to a different area. But in one of the pa.s.sages was a piece of cloth from Hua Yue's robes, she must have left it here as indication on which pa.s.sage they left.

I followed after the rightmost path and continued onwards. So far, the whole area didn't seem to have any traps or the presence of any human, but it still stank of the smell of rotting flesh.

But I was surprised to see how far the group had went, though I spent some time repairing Y, they shouldn't have made this much progress if they went on foot.

Perhaps they also used flying treasures.

As I was deducing and thinking of where my comrades went, the hair on my neck stood up, it was a foreboding feeling of imminent danger.

Then suddenly my Sky Pearl shone bright as it fended off a ma.s.sive wave of Qi energy.

"What in G.o.d's name?" I said as I just noticed that in front of me, and laying on the ground were Huang, Wu Di and Ha Yue, all unconscious and with pale expressions.

"How come you didn't fall for my illusion," spoke something that hid within the shadows of this corridors.

As I used my divine sense to better see what it was, I was surprised to see a beautiful woman that barely had any clothes on, and instead of hair, she had algae that draped over her shoulders and covered her chest.

Then she smiled, and the beauty I had thought she had disappeared behind a shark like smile with razor teeth.

"Still, that's no problem. A feisty meal is always the best."

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