Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 159 The Deeps V

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Chapter 159: The Deeps V

As the beast approached, terror prevailed in our group. The creature was just ma.s.sive in size and had a nauseating aura surrounding it. The sea parted away revealing the creature that crept upon our group with unhurried pace. It didn't need to move fast anyway, because his aura alone was enough to terrorize and shake whatever other beast that was nearby in place.

"I don't think my little trick here will work, the formation can block low tiered creatures from spotting us, but if that thing tries and scan us, I doubt I'll be able to hide our presence, so might as well drive his attention elsewhere," I said as I pulled an object from my inventory.

It was a puppet arm, one of the many spare parts I have for X, though it isn't complete, it can do basic orders.

I pulled my brush and began inscribing a few sets of instructions, then pulled a high-grade spirit stone. Usually, X's body can work well with just medium spirit stones, and using a high-grade one on one limb will cause it to malfunction in the long run or at least degrade in quality. Yet this will work fine for me because I needed this arm to give me the best It can for the short term.

I placed the top-grade spirit stone within the arm and threw it into the seawater.

Immediately, the arm surged with Qi and blasted forward through the thick waters of the Deeps.

All the creatures noticed the torpedoing arm heading toward the gravitational field, but they were too preoccupied with the Demonic Kraken to chase after that Qi signature.

Yet that was not the case for the Kraken, Since it feared nothing, and had finally located its prey, it dove down and followed after the arm.

"What did you do?" Wu Di asked after the sea waters calmed down.

"I gave it a bit to chase after, we should be fine for a while, but we can't stay here, I doubt that the Kraken will be stupid enough to not go back and check once it finds out that it was chasing a toy," I replied.

"It's just a beast it shouldn't be that smart," Hua Yue said.

"That's where you're wrong. Creatures of that strength and power are usually sentient, or at least able to understand the world to an extent, it will definitely realize that it's been tricked and once it finds out, it'll come back for us with vengeance."

"But, can you really find a way for us?" Huang asked.

"Don't worry, now I'm not so pressed on time as before, I'll just need to learn how to decipher this level of s.p.a.ce law," I replied and turned back to the cobweb of Law Lines in front of me.

The width, grit, and thickness of these liens were far higher in quality and density than the former lines. This was bound to get trickier the closer I got to the source, but now with an opportunity to study this, I'll not mess up.

I closed my eyes and sat in a meditative state, then I was able to see the lines clearly by using my Divine Sense.

I concentrated even further and understood why I couldn't break through the lines as I did before. Because instead of these lines being one single line, it was actually a group of several lines weaved within each other. A s.p.a.ce law that was too dense to severe without a powerful ability or greater understanding.

I slowly touched the line and tried to separate one of the weaves from the rest. My attempt resulted in failure.

The lines were easy to break when they were on their own, but now together it's much harder to break.

'Apes together strong!'

I chuckled at my own bad joke and continued focusing.

I was able to break the liens when they were singular, because they didn't pose much resistance to me, and Y's mention of these lines being 'weak' means that what I consider to be powerful lines are the same to him as the basic lines I cut before. So, I just have to become far stronger than I currently am to ignore their effect.

Still, this is not really relevant or possible, gaining enough strength to discard the effect of these lines in a short period of time is almost impossible.

"So, what am I to do?" I questioned myself.

After wracking my head, I had to give up, I'm not some great genius that could figure out the way out of every problem, that's just not possible, sometimes a person doesn't have the tools or ways to solve a problem, I'll need time and study, perhaps I'll find some method back in the library of the Lord of Lords. But right now, I'll have to admit my shortcoming and give up on attempting something impossible with my low cultivation level and low understanding of s.p.a.ce and gravitational law.

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I woke up from my meditative stance and sighed.

"Congratulations brother Shen Bao for finding insight," Wu Di clasped his hands.

"Right, by now the time for Y to have arrived at the Egg of Delusions should be nigh," and just as I finished my words, the world trembled and the dark sea began to boil and riot underneath us.

The sea that looked like it was calm and heavy as lead began surging and moving, as tidal waves began surging from all over the place.

The pull on my flying treasure was immediately cut down, "Everyone, grab a hold onto something, we're going up!" I said and flew up with the Poison G.o.d's Flying Treasure.

The tidal waves surged and broke away from the Deeps, and the dark waters of the deep turned to their azure blue.

"It seems that your puppet managed to take the egg away," Huang said.

"Yeah, and that's both good and h.e.l.la bad," I replied.

"What do you mean?"

"This commotion will definitely get some unwanted attention, I have no reason to believe that some strong cultivators will not come over to investigate, and if they notice the Deeps no longer forbid flights, they'll come in strong to h.o.a.rd whatever treasure is found there.

"So, what do we do, should we risk it and go to the palace, or wait for the storm out and try and negotiate with the one who gets the Sealing Technique."

"I might not have a cultivation level strong enough to contend with the strongest of this country, but I'll be d.a.m.ned if I let someone else harvest the efforts we put into this. We'll go into the palace, ransack it whole then escape without anyone being the wiser, after all we're here already, while the other cultivators still need time to figure out what happened before they make their first step." I explained.

"Right then, brother Shen Bao, we're in your care, let's head to the Palace of the Deeps then."

"Let's go," I said and dashed through the skies of what once was called the Deeps. Where now it became nothing but regular sea.

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