Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 158 The Deeps IV

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Chapter 158: The Deeps IV

Looking at the impossible grid of gravitational lines in front of me, despair fell upon our group. We can't move forward, and the commotion we created earlier has pulled toward us every beast and creature that roamed the Deeps.

"Well, since we can't move forward, we'll have to hold our grounds," I said.

I then snapped my finger back into the proper position and stood up from my seated position.

"Shen Bao, the weakest of these creatures is comparable to a ninth-level core cultivator, we can't win this, let's try and go back," Wu Di said.

"Oh, perhaps, for any regular person, this might seem like impossible odds, but my specialty is against groups of enemies, watch," I said as I took a deep breath and spat a powerful poisonous gas outward that shot like a bullet at first, then upon contact with water, the poison blew up, spreading into smoke that covered the atmosphere and diluted the clear waters of the Deeps as a poison began to mix with sea.

This attack was more than enough to scare half of the creatures, as no one wanted to breathe in, or in the case of the fish-type creatures, swallow poison.

For the most adamant of beasts though, they swallowed the poison breath and continued coming towards us.

"X, come out, ready your guns," I called and X came out of the Poison G.o.d's book with his mini guns ready.

X immediately shot a torrent of lead at the enemies, which caused everyone besides me in the party to clamp on their ears from the sudden and loud explosive sound of gunfire.

I pulled eight small canisters from my side pouch, each canister held between two of my fingers, then threw them forward.

The canisters made contact with water and created a ma.s.sive explosive chain reactions, that blasted through the sea waters, further contaminating it and increasing the potency of the poison within the air and the sea.

"This should buy us a bit of time," I said. "Y, I'll need your help", I called and the ma.s.sive puppet appeared.

Thankfully, for some miraculous reason, Y didn't need to stand with us on the Poison G.o.d's flying Sword.

He had already flown above us and was able to calmly retain his flight despite the gravitational pull.

"How are you doing that?" I asked Y.

"My lord? Doing what?" Y asked.

"You're able of flight, against the gravitational pull," I said.

"It is but a weak gravity domain made by an Egg of Delusions. I can ignore laws that are as weak as this."

I had a rueful smile on my face, for what Y called weak gravitational laws were more than any of us can handle or even understand.

"Can you do something about this gravitational field?" I asked.

"Yes, but that means I'll have to leave your side," Y said.

I looked around, there were many other beasts coming our way, but keeping Y here is pointless, there are too many for him to keep fighting and saving us, the best option would be that he should go and disable whatever that Egg of Delusion was, that'll give us a good chance to escape.

"How long will it take you to disable that egg?"

"Disable is not the correct term, I can obtain it and put it in a storage s.p.a.ce, this will immediately resolve the gravitational issue, without my former core and energy supply, it will take me about an incense stick worth of time."

'So about fifteen minutes, I think I can handle that,'

"Go, we can manage for that time,"

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"As you command!" Y replied and then dove immediately into the seawater, blasting through lead-heavy water like if it was…well…regular water.

All that happened while I was inscribing the talismans as fast as I could. And the moment I finished I stood up and threw the talismans all around us.

This created an impressive barrier around us that summoned fog and smoke and hid our presence.

"This should do," I said and called X to stop his gunfire.

"What is this?" Wu Di asked.

"A barrier that works on constantly disrupting divine sense, it will hide us for a good while," I said as I slumped down and downed a few Soul Invigorating pills.

"What is that?" Huang said as he pointed forward.

As I looked at where he pointed, the sea spread open revealing a creature of nightmares.

It had a single eye that composed the majority of its body, and around it were flower-like petals but were made of rotten meat and sharp teeth, while its members were those of a tentacle.

"That doesn't look too friendly," I said

"A Demonic Kraken, what the h.e.l.l is it doing here!" Hua Yue said.

"You know about that thing?" Wu Di asked.

"Yes, I've read about it in our sect's library, that thing is bad news… really bad news. And worst of all, it has great immunity to poisons…" Hua Yue said with shuddering words.

"Ah, that doesn't sound so good now does it…" I mumbled

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